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April 29th, 2017
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Sleepy Hollow - Sleepy Hollow

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Sleepy Hollow'1991

Sleepy HollowRelease by: Iron Works Records

Sleepy Hollow - Sleepy Hollow
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Darkness


2. Last Rites


3. Freedom Condemned


4. Hazardous


5. Eighth Wonder


6. The Final Conflict


7. Children of the Sea


8. Darkness


9. Iggy's Audi

Last Rites
Freedom Condemned
Oh mother, release these chains from me
Oh father, don't banish me to hell

The truth shall set ye,
The truth shall set ye free
Then why am I to die?
I've never told no lie

Send to me all your dreams, bring me glory
Will the lights shine on me
Will the saints set me free?

The cry for justice, has fallen to deaf ears
The cry for freedom, has not been heard in years

I walk the last mile
Into my death I go
There hang the gallows
Where I will swing from tonight

My god! Is it you? The little killer! Yes it's true!
You're such an animal hungry and fierce
You ripped my heart out all of these years

I can't believe, you're still alive
Am I the victim next to die?
You're such an animal hungry and fierce
You ripped my heart out all of these years

Am I insane? Lock me up
Throw away the keys now
I'm insane lock me up
Throw away the keys now!

You've got your hands, around my neck
Please let me go! Now!!!
You're such an animal hungry and fierce
You have not changed after all these years

Eighth Wonder
Can you feel the rumble underneath you?
See the shadows growing, it's getting bigger by the mile

You won't believe your eyes!

See the blue lit heavens burn straight into hell
Stomping on the victims, he casts them down the well

You won't believe your eyes!

See the land in ruins, dead bodies all around
You're looking for your savior? I've been here all the while

You won't believe your eyes!
You won't believe your eyes!!!
The Final Conflict
Oh sinner man you've gone too far
Your violence has left many scarred
You and I will meet one day
For now my children let us pray

Oh man of peace up above
I once lived a life of love
I once was your favorite son
But times have changed
We see differently

So here we stand eye to eye
The opposites of life
Yes you are good and I am bad
That's why I need you and you need me
Children of the Sea
Iggy's Audi
Bob Mitchell - vocal
Steve Stegg - guitar
Steve Brink - bass guitar
Tommy Wassman - drums

Produced by Sleepy Hollow.

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