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December 17th, 2018
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Synasthasia - Ocean of Dreams

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Ocean of DreamsRelease by: selfproduction

Synasthasia - Ocean of Dreams
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Seven Seas


2. Ocean of Dreams


3. Reincarnation


4. Evermore


5. Dreams Beyond Imagination


6. Everything Has an End


7. A Bards Tale


The Seven Seas
Ocean of Dreams
Distant skies
In distant times
Ancient tales
Arouse our fantasy
Deep blue seas
Bare secret places
Ivory towers
Show natures passion

Don't waste your time, use your mind and you'll find
A journey through time, leave your soul behind

The oceans of time
We just leave them behind now
We'll follow the light
On the other side
Forever we'll fight
For a human delight
The oceans are twisted in twilight

Burning fires
Of your desires
Winds of hope
Point on our path
Deep iced mountains
In a valley of shadows
Birds of prey
Take our breed away
Sweat is in your face
But you freeze
You wish you could erase
Your night decease
What is in your dreams
Can you tell me
Is it the evil

Tryin' to bring me down
Is it the beast, in your head
Tortouring you, with primal fear
Is it the beast, under your bed
Making you scream, every night

Every night
The same game
You are the victim
You feel the strain

Reincarnation - for your soul
Reincarnation - get out of your hole
Reincarnation - for your mind
Reincarnation - don't look what's behind
Reincarnation - you will find

Is it a true image
Is it a dream
You have to fight it
Reincarnation for your mind
We are divine soldiers
We are from heaven send
We spread the light
In your hearts

Darkness fades away
Eternal fate is made today

We will stay here for evermore
Till we reach our final destiny
We will prevail until eternity

We search for sacred souls
We are their guardians
We spread the light
In your hearts

Day defeats the night
It's the end of a timeless fight
Dreams Beyond Imagination
Is truth in you
Falling into
Mysterious tales
Just lies not hails

You kill the dragon with your hands
You're heavenbound with fateful plans
You fight on holy batllefields
Your gazing steel runs through the shields

Again you take a trip into

Dreams beyond imagination
Your life is as close as you are
Pass the gates of eternity
And you'll be forever free

Devine blood is on your sword
A killer instinct of a lord
Two worlds without a border
Reality is in disorder

Eternal mirror let me dive into
Everything Has an End
Do you remember me
There was so much for us to see
But now after all
In front of me this wall of sorrow

This summer was our time
You were the only thing in my mind
You completely drove me wild

Everything you did for free
Was like a rainbow inside of me
And it was shining on the horizon of my mind

What is morality
When just set me free

But everything has an end
Now you are not my only friend 
Unfortunately something passed my way
Now I've got less to say

Our relation broke because of me
I had a different view of morality
But I've paid for my mistake
Now I'm a prisoner of my dreams though I'm awake
A Bards Tale
Down in the dungeons of sunken memories
The flashbacks of time show fallen centuries
A man in the background his hidden face is death
The devil spreads his fateful disease

A flash in the dark
The demon appears
Bounded by blood he is ripping souls apart
Leaving seas of tears

Fly away - rise up high into the sky
Fly away - in distant lands dreams never die

Into the desert of truth
The hero is send out to pray for our souls
With braveness and courage he strives
Through the unknown for mankind and for gods holy crown

Time passes by
The fallen angels cry
The heroes journey ends
In the arms of Gabriel

Fly away -rise up high into the sky
Fly away - in distant lands dreams never die
Fly away - rise up high into the sky
Live your day - where the fallen angels cry

He sacrificed his life
Brought back light and faced the devil in despair
He died a million deaths
Banished hate and wrath conquered devils lair

The forces of hell
Cursed his death with the neverending spell
Dennis Philip Schunke (Sly) - vocal
Dennis Marschallik - guitar, back-vocal
Martin Jun - bass guitar
Kristof Becker - drums


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