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February 22nd, 2019
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Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath

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Mercyful Fate'1984

Don't Break the OathRelease by: RoadRunner Records

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. A Dangerous Meeting


2. Nightmare


3. Desecration of Souls


4. Night of the Unborn


5. The Oath


6. Gypsy


7. Welcome Princess of Hell


8. To One Far Away


9. Come to the Sabbath


10. Death Kiss


A Dangerous Meeting
Tonight the Circle is meeting again
Who will be the First to fall in Trance
In here nobody is sensing the Rain
Tonight a Spirit will glance

So as they're approaching Ghostly Hour
Seven People here are joining Hands
They think they know the Spirit to appear
Contact, the Table starts to dance

Time is standing still
It's a dangerous Meeting
They're gonna get themselves killed

Solo: Denner

Tonight the Circle is broken Forever
Seven People dead within a Trance
In here nobody is sensing the Rain
Tonight seven Souls are reaching Hell

Time was standing still
The Meeting is over
Their Journey is on

Oh, they should have known
Not to play with the Powers of Hell

Some People have lost their Way
Some People have lost their Mind
Am I awake or is this just a Dream?
I had a Nightmare, some Sort of Vision
I was stuck in an empty Room
When the black Book appeared
The Lights were dim, but the Face in the Book was in Daylight
Eyes of Fire staring at me
It's the Eyes of a Woman
And I see, On her Spirit
Steppin' out of the Book

Solo: Denner

I hear her callin' for her Coven to come
There's a Light in the Doorway
Entering Shadows whose Number is 13
They do the Sign of the Devil's Seed

I'm in the Middle of a magic Ring
Somebody tell me, what's goin' on
"Only we know the Secret of the Curse that you bear"

Listen, they sing, the Coven sings
Night after Night I hear them sing
No, they're still here, I can hear them again
Night after Night I have this Dream

"You're only living on borrowed Time from your Fate"

Solo: Shermann
Desecration of Souls
Stay away white Magician, young Lovers and mourning Wife
You're not welcome on our Land
So I speak for the Dead

Solo: Denner

Magic Circles drawn after Midnight
Around Graves to be opened
He'll use the Wand to raise a Body
He'll ask the Questions and he'll burn the Remains
It's Desecration of Souls in their holy Lair

Solo: Denner

Copulation in the Night
Two Shadows upon a Grave
Screams of Pleasure and Screams of Pain
Young Lovers, you must be Insane
It's Desecration of Souls in their holy Lair
So I say again: Stay away, it's Desecration of Souls

Solos: Shermann - Denner

Dyin' Flowers upon the Grave
Of a Husband who's lost his Maid
She's there on Duty, and the Tears she cries
They don't belong where the Flowers lie
It's Desecration of Souls in their holy Lair
So I say again: Stay away, it's Desecration of Souls

Solo: Denner
Night of the Unborn
Solo: Shermann

I forbid you Entrance here, you step on hollow Ground
Don't you see this Chapel
Shut up! Hold your Tongue, they must rest in Silence
It's the Rebirth of the Unborn
Tonight is the Night

The Spirits of the Unborn will play tonight
The Unborn will play tonight

They will dance around the Chapel
It's a Feast for the Dead
They will Make a Fool of the Priest
And the Dead Boy's Choir will sing
A Song for the Dead to whom Life has just begun
Life of the Unborn
This One's for the Unborn

Solo: Denner

Did you know? 13 Days have come and gone
Since we had the First of June

The Spirits of the Unborn will play tonight
Forgive them, they didn't die

Solos: Denner - Shermann - Denner - Shermann - Denner
The Oath
By the Symbol of the Creator, I swear henceforth to be
A faithful Servant of his most puissant Arch-Angel
The Prince Lucifer
Whom the Creator designated as His Regent
And Lord of this World, Amen.

I deny Jesus Christ, the Deceiver
And I abjure the Christian Faith
Holding in contempt all of it's Works

Solos: Denner - Shermann

As a Being now possessed of a human Body
In this World I swear to give my full Allegiance
To it's lawful Master, to worship Him
Our Lord Satan, and no other
In the name of Satan, the ruler of Earth
Open wide the Gates of Hell and come forth from the Abyss
By these Names: Satan, Leviathan, Belial, Lucifer
I will kiss the Goat

Solos: Shermann - Denner

I swear to give my mind, my Body and Soul unreservedly
To the Furtherance of our Lord Satan's Designs

Do What Thou Wilt, Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

As it was in the Beginning, is now, and ever shall be
World without End, Amen.

Solos: Shermann - Denner
This magic Winter Night I see a Light
Again I hear that Tune, some Sort of Croon
Oh No No No, Oh My Brain

I see them Gypsy Wagons left in the Snow
Oh I must see that Lady, I have to know

Gypsy Woman let me inside

Solo: Denner

They say you know the Secret, Secret of Time
So gaze into your Crystal and tell me All you see

Gypsy Woman let me know

"Oh my Son you were never Gone
You are the Devil's Child, and so am I"

Solos: Denner - Shermann

Gypsy now I know you're not my Mother
You are a Part of my Soul, it's clear for All to see
Oh No No No, I Am You
Gypsy You're Inside of Me
Welcome Princess of Hell
I turn off the Lights, we like Darkness
Now you call my Name, you finally came
Even in the Night I see the Light shining bright
I'm alone with my Friends

Now I see you clear, we raise our Glasses
Welcome to my House Princess of Hell
Even in the Night I see the Light shining bright
I'm alone with my Friends

I will bring in here my Crystal Ball
I will gaze, you will know what is to come

Solos: Denner - Shermann

I'm amazed of what I've seen tonight
I won't tell a living Soul, they would not believe
Welcome Princess of Hell

Never will I break the Oath I gave
I hail you again in Satan's Name, Princess of Hell
Even in the Night I see the Light shining bright
I'm alone with my friends

We will be back, we will be back
To One Far Away
Come to the Sabbath
Come come to the Sabbath, down by the ruined Bridge
Witches and Demons are coming
Just follow the magic Call
Come come to the Sabbath, down by the ruined Bridge
Later on the Master will join us
Called from the Heart of Hell

At first we light up a Fire, and then we hail our Lord
Two Candles, a black and a white, are placed upon the Altar
North, South, East and West, and so we clean the Air
High Priestess invoking the Devil, infernal Names are spoken

Come to the Sabbath... Sabbath... Sabbath... Sabbath
Come to the Sabbath

The Ceremony's proceeding, it's Time to grant your Wishes
An Evil Curse on the Priest who took the Life of Melissa
Now we must close up the Ritual, read the Enochian Key
And so it will be done, Amen... now come

Come to the Sabbath... Sabbath... Sabbath... Sabbath
Come to the Sabbath... now here we come

Solo: Shermann

If you say Heaven, I say a Castle of Lies
You say forgive him, I say Revenge
My sweet Satan, You are The One
Death Kiss
Dark lady coming out at night
Still glory
Let's those legs on fire
She's going to take away your life
And there's a mess beyond the killing fields
A shock
Bells ringing from the city tower
It's a woman
People running
Girl haunted
Death kiss walking down the long road
And now she's big enough
The world is gonna die
The time it slips away
You can't stop oh no
She may give us death kiss
She may give us a kiss
Everything is turned upside down
There's a child there divine
Dark lady taking care again, yeah
Now she's walking back to hell with just her hands
The time it slips away
You can't stop oh no
It's death kiss
Ah a little child
Ah she's gonna die
The child has lost its way
The child is dead
Oh oh oh she's dead
Kim Bendix Petersen (King Diamond) - vocal
Rene Krolmark (Hank Shermann, Hank de Wank) - guitar
Michael Denner - guitar
Timi Grabber (Timi Hansen) - bass guitar
Kim Thyge Jensen (Kim Ruzz) - drums

Produced by Henrok Lund.
Prepared by: Pawel Wiecek

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