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February 22nd, 2019
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T.A.R. - Fear of Life

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Fear of LifeRelease by: Heathendoom Music

T.A.R. - Fear of Life
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Authority Lies


2. Jesus Is Dead


3. True Violence


4. Broken Dreams


5. Kiss of Death


6. Living in Hell


7. Stained Shadows


8. If


9. Choice


10. In Control


11. Ten And a Half


Authority Lies
Blood on their hands, lies in their eyes,
When they speak they talk about sacrifice
Men in black suits, women with ties,
People in uniform
We're their alibies
We keep them alive
They control our lives
Then all of us die

People in control they're few
Pulling the strings attached to you
Lies are told until they're true
Taking what little is left from you
Liars, liars
Destroyers of us all
Liars, liars, liars
Revenge, revenge

Stand up tall, fight them all
Fight the system or prepare to fall
No retreat against the heat
Kick them in the meat
Resist the wrong, it won't be long
Before they're gone
Time for death is set so don't forget
This is your life
You have the right to your rights
Don't throw your dice
They'll put out your lights


Don't accept betrayal
Stand up to authority
And let the truth prevail

When our future is our own
We build our own homes
So stand up young
Destroy the guns

Jesus Is Dead
Down underground a mothers only son
Hides from bastards who hunt him down
He steels or borrows for tomorrow
Why, tell him why
Jesus is dead, Jesus is dead

No future no life
What he's lost he will never find
Only the blood inside him keeps him warm
Is this news to you?
Jesus is dead, Jesus is dead

In the city of pain
Nothing looks the same
In the city of pain
He cries today again

Down underground he's not alone
In his sanctuary away from home
Away from home
A thousand faces
All strangers
But who?
Well, not you
Jesus is dead

True Violence
He settled the score when he pulled the
Trigger on his magnum 44
Insane to all
When he ran for his life they tracked
Him down and kicked his ass
Insane to all
They broke down the door and dragged
Him outside
Insane to all
They kicked him in the face and in his
Head until he bled
Insane to all

Hail true violence x4

Shot of poison in your vein
Take a round of lead only blood is red
Electric chair but who cares
It's all the same only stiffs are dead

He spent a year and a half behind bars
Waiting for his trial
Insane to all
He was convicted and thrown in jail for the rest of his life
Insane to all
He tasted hell when he was used and
Abused by his inmates
Insane to all
He could take no more when they found
Him hanging above the concrete floor
Insane to all

Broken Dreams
She, she's a queen
In silence her nightmare begins
In a limousine her body shakes
And then her heartbeat is just a memory

In the middle of a dream
Tears in the night
In the middle of a dream
He cries as he hangs up on the phone

He drove on the night turned to day
And when in the morgue his
Eyes were turned to stone
Then the man in white pulled
The sheet over her eyes...

Chorus (x2)
Kiss of Death
Walking like a dead his blood boils cold
His pace is quick but his steps are old
His prey is young and it's soul is pure
And if it fights is nothing new
But it got to be too much then the kid was dead
Something snapped 'cause he lost his head
One was not enough he wanted more
One and one and one lost track by the count of four

Scream he walks free again
Hate hang him high or let him fry

We want them dead
The kiss of death

Lies he controls and manipulates
Why in his head his love is great
Sick to the core but kids don't score
Like a shark that tastes blood wants more
And the tears fall silent to the floor

When the face of love is the face of pain (x3)

Did you see the news today
Something's wrong
Did you know did they say
Smell the shit you breathe
And taste the crap you eat
Close your eyes the crime satisfies
You ask me do you believe

Living in Hell
I, I've read a book
It tells a tale
About to places we can go to
Heaven or hell
The choices two
We make them me and you
We, we sell our souls to a demon on a cross
But in-between the lines there is reason to

Must we live in pain
I find it all insane
We're living in hell
True there is love in hate
This is our fate
We're living in hell
Living in hell

Why if there's life
Life after this who can resist
Confess and tell the truth
Not a lie to win the youth
I hear voices
Telling me this:
Only the strong survive in hell
Living in hell

Murder, genocide
The rape of a crippled child
Torture and pain
Here in hell, we're all insane
While the devil laughs on his throne
We're living in hell
Stained Shadows
Father, mother, look at who I am what
I've become
But don't bother
Brothers, my sisters walk with
Pride don't crawl and hide
Like others

You don't want to be here in the shadows
You don't want to walk in my footsteps

Here in the shadows with me
Black, my soul is black
Like shadows in the rain
Shadows that are stained with blood


Give me, give me, give me, give me the key to death
Tell me, tell me, tell me what to believe in next
Can you see my hate it grows in the shadows
The shadows inside my head

I, I am the lord of dirt
With scars in my face cracks in my bones
And all the darkness of the world
Trapped in my soul
Don't be like me don't follow me don't
Try to see what I see
Don't try to be like me never try to be like me
Never try to be like me
Never, never
Never, never, never
If I could look into the depths of my soul
How will I know if there are stars in the sky
If I would search for all the answers in my mind
How will I know if I will see the sun arise

If I would climb the highest mountain top around
How will I know if I will reach to touch the moon
If I would sail across the seven stormy seas
How will I know if I'll escape my greatest fears

Liberame de esta sombra sin fin
Yo ya no puedo vivir asi
Liberame de esta sombra sin fin
Yo ya no puedo vivir asi

If I could walk by a poor man out on the street how will I know if he will live to survive
If I would walk by a child in someone's arms
How will I know if she will grow and if she'll feed on love


Through tears I see myself
My reflection in the mirror it sees my disguise
It knows what I'm thinking about
What I'm about to do don't stop me too soon
Take a look outside the answer is why
It must be suicide silence my life

Liberame, liverame
I can't live like this anymore
Liberame, liverame
I can't live like this anymore

If I would cut the deepest cuts into my wrists
How will I know if I will have to live again
If I would tie the strongest rope around my neck
How will I know if I'll be free from the pain

No hero
I fell the same way I did before
My chances are zero
But I don't care anymore
Come tomorrow
Will it ever
Do you see me
I'm one no one
The devil
Leaves it to me
Will he feed me
To the hungry crowd

Where is the love, where is the hate
Desperate for anything
When do we love, when do we hate
Is this my only sin?

My thoughts are filled with darkness
Will they be for eternity
I am no one at all

With no will to live where do I go
I believe in nothing at all
Who will cry for me I don't know
When I stand here all alone

I feel my rejection
No attention
And I put myself inside this place
Hoped it would be
A bigger space
And it's my choice
You bet it is
To step into the

Places filled with darkness
Where you lose your sanity
Something to fill the dark days
Something inside this black hole
I am no one at all...
In Control
I'm a fly on the wall a bug on the floor just a worm in the ground
Like a cry in the night that one one hears still no one cares
I'll turn the key in the lock and open up the door
And I will reach out it won't come true if I promise to

Pull the plug
To the heart that pumps my blood
Can't turn back now
When did I lose my mind

A simple move and it's all over soon
I'll break the walls of captivity and set my soul free
Because life is a pack of lies
The same as the knife that cuts your throat when
You turn out the lights

How long
Is the time it takes for death to call
How long
Is there time enough to think at all

Heart of stone
That would stop the pain from going on
Writing in the sand
Would help me understand

Dig a hole and dig it deep
My bones in a pile laid to sleep
Fill it up to the top
Place no flowers there
In control
Place no flowers there
So far below down in the dark
Raise no stone no kind of mark
Cry no tears over me
Place no flowers there
In control
Place no flowers there

Because life is a pack of lies
The same as the knife that cuts your
Throat when you turn out the lights

How long
Is the time it takes for death to call
How long
Is there time enough to think at all
So I ask myself
How long
So I ask myself
How long...
Ten And a Half
Torbjorn Sandberg - vocal
Juan Gauthier - guitar
Stefan Sjoberg - guitar
Osten Johansson - bass guitar
Perra Karlsson (Perracide) - drums

Produced by Rex Gisslén.

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