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January 24th, 2019
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Thrust - Fist Held High

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Fist Held HighRelease by: Metal Blade Records

(The tracks 9-12 are live versions taken from Solidarnosc Rock for Poland'1982.)

Thrust - Fist Held High
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Fist Held High


2. Overdrive


3. Freedom Fighters


4. Metallic Attack


5. Heavier Than Hell


6. Thrasher


7. Torture Chamber


8. Posers Will Die!


9. Iron Gates


10. The Wolf


11. Feast of Flesh


12. Hard Rider


13. Destructer


Fist Held High
Get out of your seats
The show's about to start
Get up up on your feet
Got to do your part
Get down to the music
Let it take you in
Get high on the feeling
You know it ain't no sin

With your fist held high
You can take command
With your fist held high
The power's in your hand
With your fist held high
Pounding in the air
With your fist held high
You can do your share

Come on all people
Down here on the stage
Get up off your asses
The band's begun to play
Fists up to the ceiling
Get into the light
Shake them fast and wild
You've got to sweat tonite

Repeat chorus
So you want some action
Steaming in your veins
You need some satisfaction
Need it in your brain

You feel it in your body
You feel it in your heart
Feel the rush inside you
Tearing you apart

Falling into the fire
Out of control
The music takes you higher
Heating up your soul
The music feels so heavy
Your body comes alive
Getting high and ready
Shifting into overdrive
Shifting into overdrive

So get your hearts on fire
You know it feels right
Pressures getting higher
Exploding in the night

Hear the sound of power
Pounding in your mind
Feel the intensive force
Driving from behind


So you want the action
Back into your nights
You'll get the satisfaction
If you do it right

Listen to the power
The music gives to you
Let it get inside your mind
And you'll know what to do

Freedom Fighters
When the war began
Upon this land
Fire filled the air
The dead lay everywhere
In a state of shock

High up in the sky
The fighters fly
Soaring through the clouds
At the speed of sound
They shoot to kill

In the trench below
In the blowing snow
They fought hand to hand
In this no man's land
They fight 'til death

Fighting for freedom
From forces of evil through the land
Fighting for survival
For truth and justice we will stand
Fighting for freedom
Through brave bloody battles of war
And for the justice
And the honor we once had
Freedom fighters
Freedom fighters
Freedom fighters
Freedom fighters

As we battled on
To the sounds of guns
The cries of pain
Where the men lay slain
In pools of blood

As the battered town
Crumbled to the ground
All the children cried
As the wounded died
In this war-torn hell

As the end drew near
We feel the fear
Cinders all around
Ashes on the ground
The war was lost

Metallic Attack
As darkness sets on the kingdom of sin
An unholy evil comes from within
Demons and dragons fall to the crest
As black metal slayers wipe out the rest
Assassins destroy the helpless and weak
Death and disorder has yet reached its peak
Soldiers lay bloody in the gutters and streets
As Satan awaits the city of defeat

The killing is brutal, a barbaric sight
As soldiers of Satan control the fight
Warriors lay bludgeoned and fade to black
Will they survive

Metallic attack
Into the black
Metallic attack
Metallic attack
You'd better stand back
Metallic attack

They know that soon the kingdom of man
Will fit very firm in the palm of his hand
They pity the power of mighty and strong
Know that their strength won't last too long
The crashing of metal, the warcry will sound
As brave metal titans fire their rounds
In a fiery explosion the kingdom will fall
As Satan stands by and laughs at it all
Heavier Than Hell
Torture Chamber
In the heat of the darkness
The blackest of nights
In medieval England
We set our sights
The eerie castle
Upon the hill
Where terror and torture
Roam at will
Screams from a distance
Are a common sound
Of people in gruelling pain
Never to be found

Terror and torture
Pleasure and pain
The torture chamber
Will drive you insane
Moans and screams
And cries of rape
The torture chamber
There is no escape

Horrible creatures
Walk through the halls
Eddie the phantom
Is in charge of all

Come to my playroom
He says with a smile
Take off your clothes
And stay for awhile

Play with my toys
Of death and despair
Devices of pleasure
Promised to scare

Posers Will Die!
In the back of the room they stand
With their hands on their hips
Dressed up and all decked out
In their rock star trip
They follow every fad
Never on their own
You'll see how fast they run
If we catch them alone

You see them standing around
Strutting their stuff
Well I don't know about you
But we've had enough
So don't you let them walk on by
'Cause tonight's the night
The posers will die!

Chorus 1
The posers will die! (x3)
Tonight they'll cry
The posers will die!

They've never been on stage
Never played a show
Dressing up and acting cool
Well that's all they know
But you put them up here
And then you'll see
The real difference
Between them and me

Chorus 2
The posers will die! (x3)
Our fists will fly
And the posers will die!
Iron Gates
The Wolf
Feast of Flesh
Hard Rider
John Bonata - vocal
Ron Cooke - guitar
C.B. Sebastian - guitar
Price Sowers - bass guitar
Ross Cristao - drums

Reissued by High Vaultage Records in 1998 with the bonus tracks.

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