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February 20th, 2019
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Angra - Hunters And Prey

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Hunters And PreyRelease by: Atrheia Records

video-clip 'Rebirth' includes)

Angra - Hunters And Prey
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Live And Learn


2. Bleeding Heart


3. Hunters And Prey


4. Eyes of Christ


5. Rebirth
    (Acoustic version)


6. Heroes of Sand
    (Acoustic version)


7. Mama
    (by Genesis)


8. Caca E Cacador
    (Hunters And Prey - Brazilian / Portuguese version)


Live And Learn
Remember the first time you've faced the dark
Why were you so afraid?
Hiding so many secrets inside
When fears have got to be tamed

I promise I'll still be there
To keep my promise
I'll still be there

To watch over dreams at night
And follow you through the day
You shot the doors but I'm right behind
Where shadows remain

I promise I'll still be there
To say I promise
I'll still be there

Don't ask me why we'll be like brothers
Skating on the ice of mortal loneliness

Live and learn with your mind
Find a way out of madness
You dream on (of) paradise
Who's gonna take you there
Bleeding Heart
Now I know that the end comes
You knew since the beginning
Didn't want to believe it's true
You are alone again
My soul will be with you

Why's the clock even running
If my world isn't turning
Hear your voice in the doorway wind
You are alone again
I'm only waiting

You tear into pieces my heart
Before you leave with no repentance
I cried to you, my tears turn into blood
I'm ready to surrender
You say that I take it too hard
And all I ask is comprehension
Bring back to you a piece of my broken heart
I'm ready to surrender

I remember the moments
Life was short for the romance
Like a rose it will fade away
I'm leaving everything

No regrets, war is over
The return of a soldier
Put my hands on my bleeding heart
I'm leaving all behind
No longer waiting

I've waited for so long!
Hunters And Prey
Fly from the haze
Jump on the prey
Scaring away
Capture's in vain

Daring the hills
Mountains ahead
Roaming and stare
Lonely again

Perish the heat
Succumbing breath
Last but not least
Die or slay

Hide on the field
Perceiving eyes
Hunting the prey
In paradise

No one is to know
Secrets of your soul
No one knows for sure
Still wonder why

I'm waiting, just waiting
Answers to return
Don't let your dreams deny you
When it's time to learn
I'm standing, I'm waiting
Time has no reverse
Can someone see them falling
Bones will feed the dirt
Hunters and Prey

You got to run away!
Eyes of Christ
Demian poor child was raised on the gutter
Digs in trashcans to kill the hunger
When your mouth is so full of promise
All I see is one empty hand

The world may turn but some things may never change!

Uptown princess a life inside cages
Wearing diamonds around the neck
I know the bibles are full of fair words
But nothing's worth more than what you care

The world keeps turning (and) still things stay the same!
You look away while I see the...

Eyes of Christ on a devil's face
Eyes of Christ on a devil's face
Wait for your heart to show you the way
Turn your old mind from flesh to clay
I beg for a miracle

We've made'em heroes
We've have made'em warriors
We've made their mothers cry

We got our defence
We got our difference
We're playing differente sides

You die someday and still the world wii be the same!
Now you understand when I see the...

Eyes of Christ on a devil's face
Eyes of Christ on a devil's face
Driving a knife in your despair
May become blind the ones who stare
Look to the
Eyes of Christ on a devil's face
Eyes of Christ on a devil's face
Setting on fire those who pray
Blinding the eyes of human race
Please beg for a miracle!
(Acoustic version)
Cooling breeze from a summer day
Hearing echoes from your heart
Learning how to recompose the words
Let time just fly

Joyfull sea-gulls roaming on the shore
Not a single note would sound
Raise my head after I dry my face
Let time just fly

Recalling, retreating
Returning, retreaving
A small talk your missing
More clever but older now

A leader, a learner
A lawful beginer
A lodger of lunacy
So lucid in a jungle
A helper, a sinner
A scarecroow's agonyzing smile

Oh! Minutes go round and round
Inside my head
Oh! My chest will now explode
Falling into pieces
Rain breaks on the ground-blood!

One minute forever
A sinner regreting
My vulgar misery ends

(And I) ride the winds of a brand new day
High where mountain's stand
Found my hope and pride again
Rebirth of a man

Time to fly...
Heroes of Sand
(Acoustic version)
Sealing light
Nothing to see
Like a miracle life
Starts with the pain
Forever this will be

Close my eyes
Thunders won't cease
Crawling down to the edge
I break down and weep
Tears on the river deep
Oh! Back to the sea

Shout loud
Moving ahead
Ride the horses of justice
Virtues of men, yawns!

Down and out
Losing my head
Like a dream you're returning
Back from the dead-awake!
Shadows will fade some day
All the heroes go down
Shed their blood on the land
Dreaming somehow
The divine will now stand
Heroes go down
With their hearts in their hands
Building their castles on the sand

Haunted by the heavy clouds
Thunder scaring away
Howling like a mountain wolf
Warriors are leading the way
(by Genesis)
Caca E Cacador
(Hunters And Prey - Brazilian / Portuguese version)
Vai como um rei
Voa na presa
Espanta de vez
E a fome vem

Cruzando rios,
Montes e ceus
Vaga no ar
So outra vez

Morrendo o dia
Respira exausto
Estoria sem fim
Matar ou morrer

Atras da trilha
Olhos de aguia
Fitam coelhos
Fogo de palha

Nao sei bem se sou
Caca ou cacador
Hoje e amanha
O rio vai e eu vou atras

A esperar resposta
Pro que vou dizer
Se o dia foi da caca
Quem ira saber?

Espero que o tempo
Faca-me entender
Que o corpo cai na terra
E ela ha de comer, tudo outra vez!

Nao sei bem quem sou
Nem pra onde vou
Hoje e amanha
O rio vai e eu
Vou atras

A esperar que o vento
Traga-me o condor
O dia foi da caca
Ou do cacador?

Espero que o tempo
Faca-me entender
Que o corpo cai na terra
E ela ha de comer,
Tudo outra vez
Tudo outra vez
Tudo outra vez!!!


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