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March 24th, 2019
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Valiance - The Unglorious Conspiracy

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The Unglorious ConspiracyRelease by: Black Lotus Records

Valiance - The Unglorious Conspiracy
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Betrayal


2. Swords Made of Me


3. Sleepers' Reign


4. Search for the Cross


5. Ocean of Thoughts


6. Clouds of Insanity


7. Sandful Eyes


8. Livin' Through the Time


9. King of Toys


10. Ancestral Quest


11. Towards Silence


Swords Made of Me
Marblehead, respect for nobody I follow my path everywhere it goes
I'm diggin' it out, mowing down the obstacles
Though I want vomit I don't need helping hands

It's like feeling sharks devouring your head
And you can hardly float on the blood-red bed
It's like a migraine, a vice on your heart
The point of no return was passed from the start

You are uncovered and it's only your obstinacy
That makes you go on this timeless road
Crash up on crash nothing had stopped your little body
Any kind of disease did not affect you

Against the God of Time, that's looking into my eyes
Beyond the physical and logical I will survive
I'll never give up, I'll never submit
I'm here to fight with swords made of me

Carry my body beyond the enemy lines
Tenacity that wasn't before now makes me live
Carry my body beyond the enemy lines
Tenacity is the only thing that is pumping inside
Sleepers' Reign
I hear the sound of waves callin' my name
And breathin' wind in my cradle
Sunset points at my raft
Lyin' on the sand, reject by sovereign
I am survivor in this unknown land
But I'm awake, at last
I have the courage to choose
And to break the chain of the sleepers' reign

Enchanted by a voice I lived my life in a belljar
And I slept but now I have to shout

I don't want to feel my body
Covered by the shadows of my dreams
I don't want to be the victim of the fate
'Cause the time to choose has come

Water can sweep away tears rainin' down
But it can't cover the prayers
When helpin' hands were denied
I was dumb, I saw my friends sleepin'

Enchanted by a melody
I slept for a century
My eyes are opened now I see
Search for the Cross
I search for the cross of my way up on this mountain vein
I need a sign for my return

Time is goin' on I'm losing my place: my home
A strong wind blows in the heart, a sad air takes control
Will I find the right way?
Is the answer by my side?
The journey starts today for the mountain into my brain

Victories and mistakes white rocks around the lake
Like pearls around a mirror that reveal the man' sorrow

I search the cross of my way up on this mountain vein
I need a sign for my return
The loneliness of my soul it's a dark truth never said
I've got to find it or I'll be dead

Dirty rain made of lies
Wash down the mask of my past life
A quite atmosphere all around
My legs collapse on the ground
Now my face reflect my essence
My frightened eyes without defence
This real image on the water
It's dumb like the greatest answer
Ocean of Thoughts
While the cobalt blue is fading to white passing through the land of gold
The lake wears a new bronze mantle
That waves in the wind while it listens to the sound of the snake

Weakness is painless, eyes are kept open by apathy

It's the loss of every landmark, the spaces don't close my mind
And the clock now doesn't move its hands
Time and space are defeated in the lasting war

Weakness belongs to men and I'm a stone in a world of rocks
And a lake, as big as an ocean, now stirs up my endless
Ocean of thoughts all my dams are giving way
My walls of gypsum are crumbling away

Our lives are only drops in the lake of which I can't see the bottom
Like an ocean I can't touch the horizon
But I'm too bothered by my insignificant pain

Weakness belongs to men and man are only part of the flow
While the ocean as small as a lake, now stirs up my endless
Ocean of thoughts we are all linked in consciousness
It's the life of the world that flows in our brains

Emerald green now covers the water, the endless lakes is asleep
And the consciousness of men rests with it
The only sound in the night is the sound of the snake
Clouds of Insanity
Sandful Eyes
My candle has burnt too rapidly
No rain soaked my barren destiny I want it all
In a moment but now... it's me...
An hand full of sand... falling God I can see

Majestic castle my life looks like
Weakened by the waves of "Blind men sea'.
No flags, no ideals my eyes have seen I took the aim and stroke

His eyes still blinded
Speedin' right to the end life is wasting away
Refuse the way to understand
So many voids on his back he left filled only by
These tears made of sand

Every grain is a missed emotion
Every tear seems a lost daybreak
"Line" is the only destination while there's no turning back I can take

Majestic castle my life looks like weakened by waves of "Blind men sea"
No flags, no ideals I'm ready to strike

His dry tears flow now faster lookin' like a cryin' jester
Livin' Through the Time
Wagin' in a whirlpool made of mud
Shaken by the mortal rules
In my time of "choose or loose"
Rip me, black lady, pull my flesh away
Free the tired man of yesterday
Now only a memory, wind of tomorrow
That will blow among the future fallen

"Tears will be rivers where memories will sail"

I was a man on Earth when she swallowed me
And my closed eyes cryin' conscious tears
End of strength will be the mother
Of a new existence of mine
For the secret about livin' throughout time

Maybe we'll reopen new eyes or have lymph in our veins
"We'll need some manure
Will we be made of this?"
Feel I'll return to live again

By eternal passage of the "parts of the whole"
I'll be an ocean where that people drift
End of strength will be the mother
Of a new existence of mine
For the secret about livin' throughout time
King of Toys
An endless story has ended
Trying to become all that I have never been
I know you're right, I'm false
I've never masked by my real face
But you don't know
How much wind blows in my soul where
Is fought the fight between
The real essence and the false appearance

Screaming through my voice
The King of Toys doesn't give me choice
"No, don't ask for something else
'Cause I gave all that I have"

The tears are just sharp axes
Thrown by fighters
When my ego's tired out
Don't leave me when I'm weak
Stand by my soul and help me
To win the war
First he whips himself
And with a weak breath he calls me "Sir"
Then he stops my hands and kindly
He makes me prisoner
Ancestral Quest
Your body like a battle field (without heroes)
Kneelin' down your soul to the fight
Between egoes (rational, animal)
Blood spoutin' from their wounds
Will irrigate the ground
Look the seed of lunacy sprout
Before your sight then it's unrelenting growth
Your thoughts (will be) the flood (visions of sovereignty)
Illusions real world subdued
So many times melin' worlds
Paint our animal essence strokes of the brush
Sound like lashes and we show no defence
Look the stoppin' world, become its only ruler
Set your double-egoes free Look them fight closer
Behind their own decision

Behind their own decision real world is layin' to rest
Destiny of mankind depend on this
Inner ancestral quest
Stop your race, let bodies paralyze
And the souls soon realize
Yield the mind to unrest
By the mightyness of the ancestral quest
Will you turn, once more
Deep visions to reality?
When towers of your mind ruins fast (into the sea)
After all your own almightiness has turned, now
To regress
Towards Silence
Carmine Gottardo - vocal
Ciro Esposito - keys
Marco de Angelis - guitar
Mario Esposito - guitar
Gian Paolo Costantini - bass guitar
Alessandro Romano - drums

Produced by Stefano Casanica.

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