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March 24th, 2019
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Valiance - Wayfaring

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WayfaringRelease by: Black Lotus Records

Valiance - Wayfaring
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Less Beaten Path


2. Immaterial


3. The Secret (Melting Snow)


4. Gates of Winter


5. Neverending Flame


6. Vicitim of My Pride


7. Recall


8. Free Men's Cage


9. Valiant Day


The Less Beaten Path
Burnin' card, is hard to play
What happens after upset, and make everything bitter
Reason seems so far, barred is the door
Clench your fist, in a thick darkness

While feelin' that your soul doesn't root into lie (into lie)

Our freedom has golden wings, and make us sacrilegious
Two paths I found through the wood
And I chose the less beaten one

Choose the damned path, you'll be damned too
Banished by temporal power
Cutting your wings, annihilating your soul
Choose the damned path, and you'll be damned too

Watchin' an ancient dawn a man saw his truth
And showed it to a world which had eyes into lie
He was called liar, and his spirit was stoned
Hurt but still alive his spirit survives

That spirit survived throughout ages (and now live in us)
A life still living, it's energy coursin' within
But in a single day destiny turns the page
And I become just a leaf in the wind
That day my cage door closed. I felt so alone

That day when I began to turn within me
Shapes no longer remained inside

Tell me my name so I'm no longer empty
I need someone else's power
Give me a rhythm to melt what I cannot see
What will I become if I don't leave anything behind me?

I have sunk into a no eternal statue
If I've still got a heart, I can't use it
I talk in signs but I don't know I'm doing them

Faced by my tired and weary heart I shed a tear
That doesn't blind me, I don't feel it running down my face
But I know it's there, it's not visible
It's not even real, but it's inside me

All around goes on livin', but I've left my body
And I don't know where I am now.
The Secret (Melting Snow)
Dolly's searching for its father or its maker who built a life without life
Who can't stop who tries to open us the door but they should wonder: "why?"

Every time we are close to an answer the snow falls

A secret stands unknown, covered by perpetual snow
While scientists have no rest replicating human life

All I need is that hot sun shine
And that spring let the snow melt
Once and for all.
All I want is to understand
Why a life's got a dawn
And an ending point.

We have heard the hurt Giant imploring its blind anger giving off
We have seen any riddle solved any truth disbelieved

Every time we are close to an answer the snow falls

A secret stands unknown, covered by perpetual snow
While scientists have no rest replicating human life
Gates of Winter
Rain has just stopped,
Biting wind come
Mark of a changing season.
Sun to its den gets
With no prey caught
And a tear runs over its mouth

My skin is naked
Ice stings my body
And night is ready to fall
I feel so weak now
My wings so heavy
I'm falling

Memory is a child
Fallen from his golden could
On the separating line between
Freedom. Jail.

Fly away, if you can change the law
Gates of winter are wide open
To snare your little soul

Mankind will be
Grateful to you
Shined by dreams and illusions
If you don't want to grow up
And loose your power
Hold out! Don't come in

Memory is afraid now
One step on would make him a man
But the gorge one step behind is a
Black hole.

Sacrifice would save the whole mankind
And you would stay, you would stay
A child forever
Fly away, if you can change the law
Gates of winter are wide open
To snare your little soul

Gates of winter get closer
And the sound become louder
Memory's doubt to be solved
"Go ahead" or "game over"?

Neverending Flame
I believed in afterlife, it was an undisputed law
I believed in a destination, for all souls' journey

An eternal wind starts to sweep all away
I feel like walkin' the middle of an infinite breath

Neverending flame of my life
Endless river that will never dive into the sea

Now I'm enemy against death, enemy against life
Sky is only a vault, the flame's burnin' no one
Vicitim of My Pride
That's the way I'll follow

After losing future, I've got to walk through darkness
Embers of dying passion in my hands
Phoenix rising out of ashes, I'll rejoin the flames
Fearless to burn my wings once again

Words can wound me, like nothing ever did
Rage whirling like a vortex, lead me down to the abyss
I tried to make my spirit wake up from this
Sleepless nightmare, engaging a duel to hypocrisy

How can i react now?
in this tearing loop
The will to create it's far from here
You want destroy

Angel, won't you try
To hide this sorrow? Cannot hide this sorrow
Under tons of words and lies,
I'm the victim of my pride

Am I an angel, or just am I a fool?
Riding an endless journey along the ways of doom
I can feel my heart cry
The echoes, the stabs
You can mend broken mirrors
But the brake will never fade
I'm walking alone, crossing the wood of my mind
My bearings I've lost, my memory is naked and blind

Dark trees stand in front of my eyes now are getting taller and taller
I feel so cold...
I'm looking for fire, a small house trying to find a rest in my endless way

I should learn to hate who stabbed me in the back,
To stand to the siren, like Ulysses did.
I should learn to get away from your eyes

I have never had any lesson by my memories:
But, like the North Star, their light is the guide on my path

Nothing right, nothing wrong
I have always followed my drive not wondering why
I'm searching for a place where I could stay with my past contemplating foes and mistakes

I should learn to hate who stabbed me in the back,
To stand to the siren, like Ulysses did.
I should learn to get away from your eyes
I should wipe out all my footprints in the sand;
But no one will be able to
Not even you, not even you.
Free Men's Cage
Claustrophobic walking search for my own treasure land
Mystifying visions
I try to break this gloomy spell

Feel like suffocating
Caught by all these airy bars
Grab my last emotions
Inner whispers turn to cries

My rage increases more and more
I find myself as prisoner
The free men's cage has locked its door
Gotta try to make my way home

Conventional environment
Belongs to me no more
Proclaiming your own judgements
Spreading as the "Holy Words"
Valiant Day
I can't watch this sky
It screams a silent word, without face, cold and bright
I can't watch this sky
Stone up on my soul, waitin' nevermore

So come mighty storm, blow me away

Never watch this sky
Little child of war, leave your winter behind
Never askin' why
And wait the saving call, the last nature's dawn

So come mighty storm, blow me away

Feel the spirit crumbles down

So come mighty storm, blow me away
I will return... valiant day
Carmine Gottardo - vocal
Ciro Esposito - keys
Marco de Angelis - guitar
Mario Esposito - guitar
Gian Paolo Costantini - bass guitar
Alessandro Romano - drums

Produced by Salvatore Salierno and Valiance.

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