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April 28th, 2017
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Karma (Brazil)'2001

Inside the EyesRelease by: Rock Brigade Records

Karma (Brazil) - Inside the Eyes
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Intro


2. In the Name of God


3. The Snow of the Sunset


4. The Sarcastic Weaver


5. Slandering


6. World in Madness


7. The Speech


8. Chains of Oppression


9. Vega


10. Eyes


In the Name of God
Living all the holiness
Faith and blood on fingertips
The rising sun brought some shadows
Laid down on the ground
While others go with the wind

Emptiness forges other sin
Hope and fear follow into the steam
Faithfulness just fades away...

Pride and hate just make more die
Besides the father of lies
Up there he can hear their cry
They've got just six feet under
In the name of god

Oh! All for nothing
Oh! The candle is gone!

Emptiness forges other saint
Hope and fear follow into the steam
Faithfulness just fades away...
Into the sands of time!
The Snow of the Sunset
There he goes... Another day
It might unleash tomorrow's faith
Behind the hills, just carrying the past
This time I'm faithful
'Cause the feeling... It's free at last!

Sunlight at night, 'till moonlight by day
The purple victimizes the skies above your head
The paint's hue hits the dawn drowned in red
The lie is dead and the feeling... It's free again!

There he goes... Another pain
Leaving ashes, releasing her chains
The moonlight came up to toast a name
Beneath the snow's kiss, freezing my veins

The sun dies in the snow
Forever caught in time
The sun dies in the snow
Forever burns alive

The sun will be cold!
The Sarcastic Weaver
Scanning through the winter's tempest
Making prevail your wish and fade away
Blink like his plague
Eternal flight that one day others had been to

This rug just harvests the glow in the eyes
Handled by the father
The father of suns
Lie like his flag!

Living like a monster locked in the roof
Crying in front of an image shattered like glass

Now I know who's the monster
Living inside the straw's course
And lie like his flag!

Weaving words around the passengers
Leaving a brand new stage of hallucination

Just sarcasm so far...

Spreading false hope into despaired hearts
Inspiring true love from above it
Just sarcasm so far!

Eyes wide open, the blurred lights of town
Through the storm we're freezing
This nowhere maze just drags ourselves down
Through... The sarcastic pound

Escape to your crutch, easy way to test the passing luck
Clean up around the coffins of friends and wait for another one
Dancing jaws, evil thoughts consumed at the death state
When the heart is about to explode it feels the spon's taste

Sarcastic you've won!

You've won
Remind the guilt, reproach the mean
Bear the traces, making something mean
Inspiration to kill...
Into the invaluable game

Maybe the moment won't blame my pleasure
Maybe the moment won't blame my pleasure

Quicksand's repent swallows furiously
Chasing my self depression... I don't care!

The blood in my hand just remembers me
Remembers the dead screaming and asking for his mercy!

Footsteps wandering in nothing
Lies coming in the beak of crows
My mind drops my luck
Into his murder... Stabbing seven times

But I will live!

For a moment, when I saw his eyes
My rage was spilled by my eyes
Then I relieve my inner fight
World in Madness
The Speech
This day has to last forever...
Live in my mind
No games and no creation...
Just the things that we've done

You can't take my dreams and desires
You can't set your past on fire
You've locked myself in your little box
Indeed I believed

Fight after fight
Then you've blown the whole things up...
With your speech!
Now it's up to you

Cry will not help
Just take my heart
You just want to take my heart
Just take my heart back to you

Why don't we just let the future decide?
Can't you feel in my heart?
Can I decide?
Or just leave it all behind?

And leave it or love it so make up your mind
And stop to search and live it!
Chains of Oppression
Blood, sorrow... Sparks of fire in the bottom of my heart
Bow and arrows, that fly through time
Sharing secrets that keep kidding in time
Ooh! I'll get away!

Chaos, anger... Webs of hate erupt my brain
Chains, oppression... Climb on the walls
Of morality now sank words in the past
Ooh! I'll get away!

Love, hate... Live inside of my heart
Love, it seems to fade away
I'm fucked up, can you be there for me?
Love, it seems to fade away
In the chains of oppression... Unchain me!

No matter how, I'll be free, I won't die
No matter how, I will live
They won't stop to throw dust in my eyes
Nor make the pain go away!
There's no future behind this dawn
The vulture begin to glide
I see no life in the eyes of these men
The soldiers of Orion

Thalon's pride just glares like gold
His legacy is about to end
As you wish the dice are rolled

Guaranties not buying his soul
"I thought I could win with hope!"
Our fate will be sacred in blood

The curse falls in this land
Thalon lord, for Christ sake!
Vega is gone
Thalon king, show us some mercy!
Vega is gone

The infantry is fading fast
The end is just a matter of time
The smell of blood is suffocating
Thalon's head was finally raised in a tray!

Guaranties not buying his soul
"I thought I could win with hope!"
As your wish the dice are rolled
All of those eyes that spy me
Are all of these deaths that are running deep
Colored for a quick sign, when they watch the cries
Of the same eyes, then
They're going to testify

All of those eyes that kill me
Are all these deaths that are running deep
Unleash cold suns, rip signs, when they watch
The cries of these same eyes then...

You don't know but someone prepares
A murder in your name

In a tress of the ways
Along the way... All luck in a staff
They will find the five chalices
Locked in demented minds
Inside the eyes

It's pure and simple
Web of time, miracles upon a light

Spinning demons
Thiago Bianchi - vocal
Fabrizio di Sarno - keys
Chico Dehira (Chico Dehiro) - guitar
Felipe Andreoli - bass guitar
Marcell Cardoso - drums

Andre Matos (Coelho) - vocal

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