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February 19th, 2019
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Doernberg, Ferdy - Just a Piano And a Handful of Dreams

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Doernberg, Ferdy'1995

Just a Piano And a Handful of DreamsRelease by: SPV

Doernberg, Ferdy - Just a Piano And a Handful of Dreams
1. 88 Keys
2. Over the Edge
3. Just a Piano And a Handful of Dreams
4. Alone
5. Heroes And Villains
6. Another Rainy Day
7. Underwaterworld
8. A Bible And a Gun
9. Night And Day
10. Tomorrow, the Sorrow, the Lies And the Dust
11. A Telephone Operator Love Story
12. That's How My Song Was Born
13. The Organisation
14. River of Mud
15. Australia
16. Not Enough Love
17. My Home

88 Keys
Over the Edge
So welcome another clown
When the world comes down
On you every single day.
I won't be the cryin' one
When the fightin's done
I just turn my feet the other way
- Over the edge - over the edge

Alone in the avenue
With a heart as blue
As the island's north-Italian sea
I need no more alibies
When the reason dies
It's the only place to hide for me
- Over the edge - over the edge

- Over the edge - over the:

:..Edge of the reflection zone
When you're on your own
And you're tryn' to swim against the stream
And into the endless night
When your daily fight
Has turned to dust so many dreams
- Over the edge - over the edge

Over the edge and alone beyond yesterday
Out where the problems stay right by you side
Over the edge and in chains of insanity
When your life used to be over the edge

I walk over stoney ground
While I'm human-bound
And your prayers turn slowly into sand
Away from the cryin' ones
- Long forgotten sons
Reaching out to find a helping hand - over the edge - over the edge...
Just a Piano And a Handful of Dreams
Where the lies were filled with silence
And the seas were full of dust
All the tears we cried for nothing
All the greed and all the trust

We're getting closer to yesterday but away from the night
We're getting stronger and silent but afraid of the night.
Traces of time like wheels of reaction
From the dark side of heaven - nowhere left to hide!

88 keys when you're on your knees (getting better - yeah!!!)
An empty bar and your fantasies (glory days)
Like the world had swallowed extremities
- It's alright when the music plays...

Just a piano and a handful of dreams - just a piano and a handful
Of dreams

We're holding each other as tight as never before
Take me back to the wings of the rise and I ain't gonna cry no more.
Lonely the hunter with a heart of darkness
Holy the rambler who's tears they all ignore

88 keys...

Just a piano...
There's a dream that died on the other side
There's a world beyond and a mother cried
- Alone.

There's a nighttrain rolling through the morning air
There are people tryin' to be fair
- Alone

There's a big whale swimming through the sea
This is you lyin' next to me
We're together but alone
- Alone

There's a big dog barking at the moon
There's a young man who came too soon
- Alone

There's mystery all along the way
But I can't remember yesterday
- alone

There's a place in life for the good and the bad
There's a ray of hope where strangers met
And left - not - alone - not alone anymore!!!

When you're alone
And on your own
Hold on and maybe soon you'll be (on your own) - not alone anymore
Heroes And Villains
Time is like the wind in the sails of destiny
And life goes on and on just like now or zen.
Tears may turn your dreams into reality
And it seems like heroes and villains again

Heroes and villains are never the same
Just like fire and rain used to be.
Winners and loosers are part of the game
But I still hope you'd come back to me

One o'clock in the morning and they turn off the light.
Neon signs promise everything - cold and dead
On the silent edge of the night there ain't no place for me to hide
I'm thinkin' 'bout your face and what we had

Heroes and villains...
Another Rainy Day
The day is done - the sun sets down
Another king without a crown.
The world keeps spinning 'round and 'round
But today it comes down on you

I'm standin' in the summer rain - wet but not cold
The sky is cryin' - tears are fallin' down
I'm thinkin' 'bout misunderstanding - you left me alone.

Sittin' here alone, messed up and nothing left to say
The game's called : "gone, done, out!"
Streetnoise, citylights - now it's much too late
To swim in vain in this sea of doubt. And I know now :

You shot me - I'm wounded but I ain't gonna die
- Felt like sitting in a falling plane as you said goodbye.
They say the world will keep keep on turning
But time will extinguish the fire that's still burning
But I know I did everything for you and you went away
It's just another rainy day

We were flying to the stars and back again
- We were restless and wild
I never thought it would end this way
I'm tryin'to get strong by singin' this song
Times are getting harder - news from the trail
All we did was right but sometimes what's right goes wrong

It's just another rainy day - it's just another rainy day

We were breaking the chains together
We were restless and wild
We were flying to the moon and back again.
And memories are chasin' through my head I'm sure they won't go
And I know and I know and I know and I know
I need you to come back to me

It's just another rainy day...
A Bible And a Gun
Once I passed the station - there was a man all dressed in black.
He asked me for some money - I'd get half-a-story back
In one hand he had a bible - in the other one an old rusty gun
Now these are the words of that stranger on the run

"They call me the loner - they call me black priest
They went to the court to banish the beast.
They gave me absolution and stuck me into jail
And tried to burn my obsessions with a prisoner's tale

So I went out walking
- Alone and on the run.
And I walk with nothing
But a bible and a gun

In my darkest dominion - I prayed for release
I prayed for deliverance to cure my disease
I've burned my confession - I've burned my father's house
And I've learned that my aggression can be controlled by applause

So I went out walking...

I've lived on the edge of insanity and pain
I've cried a million tears - but most of them in vain.
I went to the church - the institution of to believe
But they sent me away like a goddamned thief

So I went out walking...

So I know I'm a sinner and maybe I'm a fool
But I've learned my lesson - I've learned the golden rule...
Nobody cares what you think but everybody wants to know
What clothes you wear - and there you go...

So I went out walking..."

And after these words suddenly he was gone
Just like he had never been there - so I walked on.
Was it just a dream 'Or was he real'
But his words - they remain like a spinning wheel...

"So I went out walking..."
Night And Day
Once an old stormbringer who's true love had just died
Met a bar room singer who used to live by night.
They shared some wine called loneliness - they shared some beer called pain
The singer said: "I sing for those who's tears are cried in vain

I am the one to sing the blues and, man, I know it well
I got a million songs to sing and stories I can tell.
Another serenader and still there is no end.
I am the entertainer and the piano's my best friend

Time takes it's toll as the years go by when illusions and hopes fade away - dreams decay
But I'll always find new ones again and: "je ne regrette rien!"

Love hurts - love kills - love heals and thrills.
Love dies and sometimes gets reborn again
Lady love can make you cry - lady love can make you fly
Lady love can give you shelter or steal your heart away
Love - is a game of night and day

The old man smiled and said: "I know - this tune, I know it well.
I've travelled far and I've seen too much and I still can't break the spell
I've broken hearts - got lost in lust - I've been restless and alone
I played my part and I kicked up dust just like a rolling stone.

Time takes it's toll...

Love hurts...
Tomorrow, the Sorrow, the Lies And the Dust
Take me away from the big city lights
Where neon signs welcome the nights.
Take me away from the streets and the noise
And the ruins of all human rights

They come from the hills and they come from the beaches
And bury their greed in the sand
They light up a fire at T.X.-desire
And it's nobody's fault in the end

We separate men from the boys and we banish
The teardrops that fell from our eyes
Alone in the darkness we gaze at the stars
And hope they'll remember our cries

For freedom - the truth and for love and for peace
And for lightning and thunder and rain
'Cause you and me - fantasy - glory and destiny
Extasy, hope and in vain (tomorrow, the sorrow, the lies and the dust!)

Tomorrow, the sorrow, the lies and the dust
And the wastlands - the kingdoms that fell
The wheels of fortune, the price and the rust
And a handful of stories to tell.

So watch out, my friend, it's delivery night
It's the right time, the day and the hour.
We're waiting for reasons to carry on slowly
Again and again - passion flower

Whenenver you count on me - don't be afraid
I'll be restless and fast as a shark
Another parade and another crusade
And a cradle of light when it's dark.

So take me away from here - sing me away
From the winds and the trust and the words
Silence is loneliness - traces of time
And wisdom is down where it hurts

Well, they come from the cities - the country - the skies
And they wait for their lifes to begin
Again and again it's the dream that just dies
In the years and the rivers of sin in the years and the rivers of sin...
A Telephone Operator Love Story
I'm gonna tell you my story: I was down and all alone (x2)
So I took all my grit together and picked up the telephone

Operator, operator, give me somebody to love (x2)
See - I'm just a lonesome rider but it's really - it's really getting tough

So I was a very lucky person - the operator was a sweet and pretty girl (x2)
She had a brain, too - mama, and she was alone in this cruel world

So I met her in the morning after talking all night long (x2)
And from this day on we're together I never had a love so strong. Never had a lover so strong...
That's How My Song Was Born
I ain't a graduated teacher and this may be a simple rhyme
I ain't a doctor or a lawyer and I'll never get you home in time
And it's a mean old world but to live really ain't no crime.

I've been up and down - kissed the blues
Lost my crown - got nothing to lose
I've been left alone on the run
A rolling stone in the rising sun
The iron curtain once got torn
And that's now, honey, how my song was born

That's how my song was born
That's how my song was born
That's how my song was born
That's how my song - that's how my song was born

Up all night - sleep all day
A few years later I'll be passed away
And when it's time to say goodbye
Baby, baby, please don't cry
Mourning dresses won't be worn
And that's now, honey, how my song was born

That's how my song was born...

Gimme a honky tonk piano and a rhythm & blues guitar
Just need a whole lotta lovin' and a stage in a smokey bar
And I'll get your motor running like nothing ever did so far

I'm dressed in black - that's my style
Never look back on the endless mile
Kicked up dust and the rhythm of the street
Kept me alive and a'dancin' to the beat
- Sometimes I feel like the last unicorn
And that's now, honey, how my song was born

That's how my song was born...
The Organisation
River of Mud
Ashes to ashes
- And dust to dust
When your tears fall to peaces
Your wheels turn to rust
Over the mountains
And into the mud
On with the rivers
- Let me see what you got!

River of mud

One stormy night the devil woke up tired of his job
To be the lord of god's damnation means no chance to reach the top
So he stumbled to his TV-set just to see what's goin' on
And watched an old time movie 'bout how the west was won...

Welcome to the dark side - the dark side of the night

River of mud
His wild days in Australia have all gone
Now he's livin' here without troubles like his father had done
He's got a wife and a little kid and a boring job
He's still talking 'bout the old times but they ain't coming back

But when he's sitting in his car
Loud music and rain in the streets
And it seems like a flash of light in a dark and lonely night...


He's still wasting all his time - day by day
But his dreams 'bout Australia never fade away
He's still waiting for something to happen - but it never does
Ain't it funny how time flies and which way the fate goes

But when he's sitting in his car...

Not Enough Love
Downstairs cries the master
And upstairs lies the beast...
"Yesterday the planet earth
Was bounded and diseased!"
The rains were green and yellow
The Sunday news were grey
And some darkhaired priest
From down the street says:
"The devil's on his way!" - and here we go

Mr. Exitus and brother k.
Took the powersoak and went away.
The sidewalk preacher met the pretty young blonde
And the little coward felt like James Bond.
The good die young and the problems stay
Tears belong to those who get away
The blind man says: "it's time to pray!"
And me - I feel like judgement day

My blood is like a river - my sweat is like a tear
I come from the waters not far away from here
My heart is like a suitcase
- There's not enough love in this world
Oh no - I'm shakin' like a nutcase
- There's not enough love in this world

So men will come and men will go and men will fight and still not know
Why men must always rise and fall and take the gun and want it all.
Men will run and men will lie - but we all know that men don't cry
Men of hatred - men of greed - men of pain nobody needs now

My blood is like a river...
My Home
End up in this lonely bar
- smoke my last cigar
Piano man - again - deja
Vu won't take you far from here
Just whisky and beer
Won't make it disappear

Left with the blues
But I refuse
To stand up and go - oh no!!!

So it can't be wrong
'Cause it feels so strong
Only in this song I get along
Wherever I may roam
This tune's my home!
Ferdy Doernberg - vocal, keys, guitar

Rolf Schneider - guitar
Michael Ingo Joachim Weikath - guitar
Roland Grapow - guitar
Markus Grosskopf - bass guitar, guitar
Bauke de Groot - bass guitar
Marc Hothan - guitar
Hilmer Staacke - guitar
Olaf Crosser - guitar
Kai Steffen - guitar
Jan Barnett - guitar
Henjo Richter - guitar
Martin Huch - change, lap steel, dobro
Herbert Hartmann - drums
Curt Doernberg - drums
Heiko Heike - drums
Andrea Schwartz - back-vocal
Anca Graterol - back-vocal
Ecki Hudepohl (Honky Tonk) - keys
Dete Kuhlmann - vocal
Marco Rosenkranz - oboe

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