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February 22nd, 2019
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Edenbridge - Shine

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ShineRelease by: Massacre Records

Edenbridge - Shine
Edenbridge - Shine
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Shine


2. Move Along Home


3. Centennial Legend


4. Wild Chase


5. And the Road Goes On


6. What You Leave Behind


7. Elsewhere


8. October Sky


9. The Canterville Prophecy


10. The Canterville Ghost


11. On Sacred Ground


The night is drawing on but all the strain not told on him
And he won't fall into the sleep of the just
To be a tumbler or a lonesome intruder
He is as good as gold and searching for trust

(Be), to be the harlequin who shines in dead gold
To kill those idle thoughts about this stronghold
(See), see the evening star in this sunset glow
Sailing the splendour ships straight on the port bow

Strike the sands of ever
The lingering sound of dreams
In harsh reality
Turn over a new leaf
Ardently desired
And forever

(Shine), it fired his imagination so far
And he gave rise to hope
(Shine), this true ring of conviction will leave a scar
(To) the dancer on a rope
(Shine), so where's the difference between man and machine?
And who will draw the line?
(Shine), the game is worth the candle, always been
May all the ways then shine

Sometimes he's worlds apart and elsewhere lies his dream
And he won't never shift the blame on you
Sometimes a parting kiss speaks louder than action
When life turns suddenly like a bolt from the blue

(He), he's not the silver slave supposed to be
He's on the rise to fame out of this tragedy
(Free), so now the odds are even, literally true
There is no limit to it all, there is no taboo



Don't clip those wings of a flying
When wearing your heart on your sleeve
But still there is life among dying
The far cry off and make-believe

In this palatial hallway
Should all be null and void?
Between the tricks of fortune
In years that he enjoyed
He is the one enigma
High-flown beneath the sun
Is he the last resort?
When future has begun

Move Along Home
In this illusive game
Latent worlds are waiting just for you
So won't you join?
Don't ponder over things that might be new

It's stronger than a vivid dream
It is the venture you esteem
The art of make-believe
When holding life in your own hand
And there is no way to withstand
Unravel what deceives

So where are you now?
When there ain't no key
To doors so unknown in this reality
Your aim out of sight
What's wrong and what's right
Is this never-ending?
(Way out)
Way out of, we move along home
(Way out)
Way out of, we move along home

It's do or die
Does someone play with loaded dice in here?
One withering glance
Can lure into the trap that's lurking near

Beware of getting tripped up blind
And strange encounters of third kind
A gallantly show
It was a close shave overall
So make a graceful exit's fall
Back to reality


Centennial Legend
He was named nineteen hundred 'td'
In the ship's belly lies his cradle
Had no birthday and no land of home
The ocean has no bounds
Virginian sounds
And he faced the world from inside
The ball-room of splendid skies
And on the grand piano
His hands light as butterflies
He played for the rich and for the poor
Thrilling the hearts of all
The world could have been beneath his feet
Searching the call
The voice of the sea

Old chandelier tells a story
Old piano still echoes in here
Old ship lies rusted in the port
And the best years fade away
The splendour has gone
Not what he saw could hold him back
It was what he didn't see
There was no end in this town
Keys so eternally
But this was god's piano
He heard on the gangway there
He couldn't leave forever
The sea to somewhere

Bow and stern
All the wishes between
(Wishes to yearn)
The world outside is a dream
(A lone dream, lone dream)
And when the whole world's leaving
The music will always stay
And if a story's worth to tell
The end will be far away
The final notes lie mute upon the sand

When land is a ship too big
A woman out of reach
A journey too far
A whiff too strong
He didn't exist for anyone


And in this lonesome end
Final notes lie mute upon the sand
Wild Chase
The dew-drop of dawn
Are glaring in morningly light
The silver clouds gone
The Indian summer so bright

I hear the piper so nigh
The westerly wind brings his tone
The tree-tops so far in the sky
I follow those traces unknown

And over the valleys I ride
The wild chase a-glow
Cause my restless heart's in a constant flow
The bliss of the moment in me
It is like ambrosia
A dovelike temptation for me
The wild chase is my endless symphony

I'm gathering force everytime
When sylvan deities smile
Time seems to be out of joint suddenly
And I want to roam for a while

Wild chase, this trace
It's calling me
Your grace, embrace
A raving beauty


And the Road Goes On
Here, I can hear a pin drop, silence is my friend
Have not found a helping hand
And I, I can paint in gloomy colors that will stain
But will one of them remain

We are searching for the answers
Always take a bearing on
We're dancing 'round the golden calf until the crack of dawn

The limelights fade away
On this revolting stage of our dreams
We're just about to leave the scene
Though we're still in between
On the chessboard square of life, the pawn
So tell me where the road goes on

I, I'll be waiting for a long decisive turn
When remoteness makes me yearn
And I, I'm clutching at a straw, I'm left out in the cold
Ain't there noone to uphold



It's my tinge of blue
It's my superstition that blocks my machine
A slip of the memory is less what we feel
With senses so keen
It's striking my eye
It is the balancing-pole in my hand
Have trust in the thin rope that's under your feet
And you'll understand

When pushed to the wall
I will stand firm and follow my way
'Cause I'm pressed for time and I keep an eye on
Before I will stay
Shrouded in darkness
My heart is tired I'm racking my brain
And with the crack of a whip I break out
And break the chain

Now, pull all the stops you can
Hold on to your masterplan
This peal of thunder will roar
Find all the answers wherefore
One pious wish under the moon
Only a fair wind to heave the balloon
When all seems in vain and bygone
Then the road goes on
What You Leave Behind
As sure as fate
As all draws to a close
A momentous weight
As an era goes
Homeward bound am I
But will my heart ever be
The sands have run out

Woebegone the face
The parting hour is near
The beauty of this place
This flame of passion here
A bitter errand waits
In the wake of memories
The sound of my fate

The end
We could all be heroes then
When things may take a turn
And all boats come to burn
What have we got by it in the end?
The end
Casts a lurid light on me
The eyes of friend and foe
When all was touch and go
It's always what you leave behind

If wishes were horses
And hopes were butterflies
The span of life forces
Our thoughts to memorize
But it remains to be seen
If we are bound for any way
When the die is cast
Is cast

The big pond of the scalding tears
The flicker of a smile
A mode of motion keeps us holding on
When all is said and done
And time is striking sails
Scattered to the four winds we'll be gone

A glassy heart is crying
And for all the dreams denying
Never smiles
Always on the move

By the years it's raked with fire
And the heyday of desire's
Far to reach
Down and out it lies

The inner fallow land
In a tight spot I demand
The young bliss of eternal dawn

And when all the skies would fall
And a single chance is small
I'll still toe the line

My heart is like an ocean
When the rain is lashing down
And if all fails and the waves are rising frown

My soul caught in a whirlwind
Like the embers in the fire
If not elsewhere, then where is the desire

If not elsewhere, where is the desire
October Sky
Through this old skylight our eyes are open wide
The sky bespangled in the rain
And we feel called upon but interests collide
Not much to lose, a lot to gain

Don't lose your line of sight now
And raise the barricades somehow
It's time to leave the lores so blow them sky high
In sound and fury they will fly

We're sparing no pain, we're launching a dream
It's blazing a trail when the rockets will gleam
We harness the air cause we let them fly
The town had turned out under this October sky

"There's nothing to it" and "stick to your last"
Shorn of all romance their life spans
The charm of novelty or adoring the past
No more among the also runs

It spread like wildfire in a day
"And there'll be crash-land" so they say
Well-proven patterns so it must be vertigo
But we will give them quite a show


We harness the air and we let them fly
Under this October sky

The Canterville Prophecy
When a gentle girl can win
Prayer from out the lips of sin
When a child gives up tears
And the barren almond bears
When the silent chapel bell
Sounds the ghostly sinners knell
Then shall the house be still and
Peace shall come to Canterville
The Canterville Ghost
Time stands still in Canterville
For ages this curse lays upon
Pass the night walking for four hundred years
Longing for this liaison

The barren almond once shed the leaves
The splendour has crumbled away
This harm was done and the green-eyed one
Once it had led him astray

Here in the absence of light
Let a willing ear roam
And far into the night
A ray of hope will lead you home

So will you stand beside
Among those evil-eyed
Voices will whisper into your ear
So believe you're immune
So will you beg and pray
To leave this endless gray
Once of his age he was boast
The Canterville ghost

Bathing in tears and swim in delight
Yearning for feelings long gone
One sorry sight, one fly by night
As this girl in her prime came on

But love will be stronger, than life and death
When Cupid's dart has hidden you
As if by magic the almond will bloom
The beginning of something new


Tears for my sins
I have no more
Now pray for me
I know what for
Angel will you
Have mercy now
And the house shall be still

On Sacred Ground
Downstream the river
The boat is moving on
Passing fields of silence
Long time gone
A paragon of beauty
A sacred, holy ground
Gazing at in wonder
Safe and sound

Eternal bliss is reaching in
The valleys of the soul
The spirits of your fondest dreams are here
The purple patch of memories
In ruby letters carved
The archway of forgotten worlds appear

The wind dies down in this eve
In a wide land outward bound
Cast the anchor, roam a while on sacred ground
Flow on time forever
As if there was no yesterday
Roam on sacred ground right on your way

This land blooms forever
In amenity
The flare path of existence

The chalice of the purest wine
The cryptic colonnade
The spirits gone to glory know the rhymes
Prevail them from oblivion
They're relics of the past
In a waking dream of former times


I can see the light
In the priming of a day
I can see the dawn
From the crest to golden bay

I am all ablaze
I was once lost now I'm found
I'm not lonely here
Roam a while on sacred ground
I have seen the light
I was once lost now I'm found
I have seen the dawn
Roam a while on sacred ground
Sabine Edelsbacher - vocal, back-vocal
Arne Stockhammer (Lanvall) - guitar, bass guitar, keys, buzuki, saz
Andreas Eibler - guitar
Roland Navratil - drums

Dennis Ward - back-vocal
Astrid Stockhammer - violin
Produced by Lanvall.

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