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April 23rd, 2019
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Lightmare - Vampires

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Vampires (demo)Release by: demo

Lightmare - Vampires (demo)
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Darkness


2. Crusader


3. Vampires


4. Bachtro


5. Master's Call


Darkness in my mind 'cause closed my eyes so I am blind
Tried looking for a better life but didn't find
In the nights I cried spent all my love in vain until it died
Lived in dreams, stepped by the side I missed the light

All my hope seemed gone felt so alone
Had no sense of life 'til I realized got to change my way to make a better day
Took a turn to God now I feel His love

And whenever now bad moon is coming up though
God's hand reaches out leading me
I was born 1040 as a son of a Southern Sire
Believed in Jesus Christ, my Saviour
Tried to live His rules
Wanted to show my love to my God
Wanted to live for my Lord

When Urban II called up for the Holy War
I took my Bible, sword and shield to die for the Lord

The trumpets are calling to the fight
When enemies army came in sight
My sword was stained with blood
Was this he will of God?
The battle was won, noone escaped
Children were murdered and women were raped
My conscience stained with blood
Was this the will of God?

I realized it is false to build up God's kingdom with blood
My God is love, not anger and hate
I shall turn back to teach mercy and grace
Back at home I saw starvation, Misery and pain
I faced this war and started helping to change this cruel world
Now I show my love to my God
Now I live for my Lord
My God is love, not anger and hate
I want to teach you all mercy and grace
In our world of cash and business
Lives a species of mankind
But behind their friendly faces
Lurks a cruel and greedy mind

An awful greed rules the nations
Founded on great empires
Men not lying in black coffins
Are acting like vampires

Vampires - They seemed to be
Like vampires they look to me

Hearts grown hard by fights for power
Sacrifice man's dignity
Kicking down from self-made tower
Sucking out man's fluency

What's the way to make them vanish
Still creation is in pain
Takes more than just a wooden plug
To end their vicious game

They walk down the road to ruin
Listen to the moneytalk
Feeling good! But what they're doing
If their bonds fall out of stock?
Master's Call


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