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March 20th, 2019
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Smolski, Victor - Majesty & Passion

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Smolski, Victor'2004

Majesty & PassionRelease by: selfproduction

Smolski, Victor - Majesty & Passion
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Majesty & Passion


2. Suite 1 - Courante


3. Suite 1 - Gavotte


4. Suite 1 - Forlane


5. Suite 1 - Menuet


6. Concert for Violin & Oboe with Orchestra - Chapter 3


7. Suite 2 - Borree


8. Suite 2 - Menuet


9. Suite 4 - Sarabande


10. Concert for 2 Violins with Orchestra - chapter 1


11. Concert for 2 Violins with Orchestra - chapter 2


12. Concert for 2 Violins with Orchestra - chapter 3


13. Rocker-Rider


14. Day without Your Love


15. Destiny


16. Longing
    (Dedicated to my family)


Majesty & Passion
Suite 1 - Courante
Suite 1 - Gavotte
Suite 1 - Forlane
Suite 1 - Menuet
"You know I just finished reading a book about Gottlieb Biedermann,
the Semitist. You know he believed that music lessons where bad for science.
Bad students are actually interested in music! Music is a distraction,
it takes the student's minds away Christian doctrine!"

"Enough of this madness, this is the idle chatter of a deaf man.
Siedermann is an overeducated buffoon! Someone needs to clean his ears
so that he can hear the beauty of music:
I would do it personally, but I prefer to let my music speak for itself."

"Hmmmm... Not quite sure about that, you cannot heal deafness with cantate!"

"Where have you been Mr. Bach?
I haven't heard back from you in a very long time."

"Well I left Arnstadt and walked on to Luebeck.
I went there to hear the genius organist Ditrich Buxtehude play and I must say,
I learned quite a bit from him!"

"But you told me that you planning to stay away for only four weeks.
You were gone for nearly four months!"

"So... What's the matter? Was my substitute not good enough for you?
I thought he was a satisfactory replacement and I heard no complaints
from the others. To be honest, our choir would not sing any better
if it were conducted by God himself!"

"Mister Bach, you take your work too seriously!"


"I heard that you threw your wig at one of your student."


"He said that you told him he was too stupid to make good music and
that he would be better off studying another subject!
I've also heard about some of your strange experiments with our choir.
No one really understands what you are trying to achieve there."

"Young lady, I set no limits to my music. Musicians are not servants!"

"Bach, your problem is the music has grown beyond the understanding of the
masses! If you do not show more respect for our church,
you we will be forced to seek employment elsewhere!"

"Ha ha. ...Well then my friend, it looks like I must go.
My only regret about leaving this place, is that I will miss the new organ!"

"Wait! How did you aspire to such a high level of musical excellence?"

"Well I worked very hard! If you work as hard as me,
then you too can reach the same level!"

"But I know many musicians who work hard. No matter how much they practice,
they'll never reach your level of technical excellence."

"Well, I have no special secrets.
You just have to push the right key at the right time with the right finger.
Then the organ makes the sound without effort."
Concert for Violin & Oboe with Orchestra - Chapter 3
Suite 2 - Borree
Suite 2 - Menuet
Suite 4 - Sarabande
Concert for 2 Violins with Orchestra - chapter 1
Concert for 2 Violins with Orchestra - chapter 2
Concert for 2 Violins with Orchestra - chapter 3
Day without Your Love
(Dedicated to my family)
Victor Smolski - guitar, keys, bass guitar, cello, sitar

Mike Terrana - drums
Jurgen Knautz - bass guitar
Dirk Zimmermann - drums
Frank Itt - bass guitar
Andre Zubrich - keys
John Roth - guitar
Alexander Beyrodt - guitar
Bernd Aufermann - guitar
Stephan Lill - guitar
Sascha Gerstner - guitar
Stefan Leibing - guitar
Marcus Deml (Markus Deml) - guitar
Michael Sagmeister - guitar
Steve Smyth - guitar
Uli Jon Roth (Ulrich Roth, John Arangel) - guitar
Mischa Blum - guitar
Adrian Eric Weiss - guitar
Alexander Rastopchin - guitar, mandolin
Peter Wagner (Peavy) - bass guitar
Armin Alic - bass guitar
Christian Stocker - bass guitar
Sabir Salkic - drums
Martin R. Doughty - vocal
Stephanie Klco-Brosius - vocal
Special Russian Bonuses: 1. Victor Smolski's introduction speech
2. Set This World on Fire - riff
3. Living My Dream - riff
4. Lunatic - riff
5. Dies Irae - solo
6. Down - riff
7. French Bourree - solo
8. Flesh And Blood - riff
9. Soundchaser - riff
10. Secrets in a Weird World - riff under verse
11. Secrets in a Weird World - riff before solo
12. Orgy of Destruction - riff
13. Death Is on It's Way - fill under verse
14. War of Worlds - riff
15. War of Worlds - solo
16. Human Metal - riff

Produced by Victor Smolski.
Distributed by Drakkar Records.

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