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February 22nd, 2019
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Obsession - Methods of Madness

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Methods of MadnessRelease by: Metal Mayhem Music

Obsession - Methods of Madness
Obsession - Methods of Madness
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Four Play / Hard to the Core


2. High Treason


3. For the Love of Money


4. Killer Elite


5. Desperate to Survive


6. Methods of Madness


7. Too Wild to Tame


8. Always on the Run


9. Panic in the Streets


10. Missing You


11. Waiting for Your Call


Four Play / Hard to the Core
Torture's the pleasure
And pain's a delight,
Clawing with passion...
She knows you like it tight,
Crazed to a frenzy, lusting to score
So force it, through her corset,
Now both pair of lips, are begging
Begging for more

Hard to the core, pulsating for
Penetration and more, hard to the core
Craving what's coming
The bondage delivers a scream,
A spread so inviting
She's splitting at the seams
From meeting the thrust
Then burning between the thighs,
Drenched by the heat
It's a thrill, she'll never deny

Obsessed with the pleasures of pain
She's pleading for more
To know she is willing to take what
She can hard to the core

Hard to the core, pulsating for
Penetration and more, hard to the core
High Treason
Branded a traitor
My covers never blown
My Swiss accounts are building
From the secrets I have shown
I have one lust for living
It thrives upon my green
It can't be called blood money
For money doesn't bleed

It's high treason

I care not for the outcome
I don't bother with the names
I'm satisfied to profit
For wealth is worth the shame

Everything has its price
And I've no need to hide
I've been plotting my schemes
From the inside'.

It's high treason
For the Love of Money
I'm a corporate general, with five star greed
I take all of the chances
I force the deals, I make the plays
I take advantage of the circumstances
I make the most, the most of everything
To bleed the system dry
I'll take what I need, to get what I want
From this my fortune thrives

And compels, my lust for the green
I owe one loyalty
To this ruthless life I lead
I bleed with greed

For the love of money
I wheel and deal for money

I have the power, to do what I please
I'm obsessed with the game
A padded payroll, donations, campaigns
I've bought the lawyers and the judges the same
I have a coldness, I feel no remorse
For the weakness of fools
My need to profit, it has no end
I use the judges to own the rules

I'm compels, my lust for the green
I owe one loyalty
To this ruthless life I lead
I bleed with greed

For the love of money
I wheel and deal for money
Killer Elite
No desire to be forgiven
My actions grave to say
I need not answer to anyone
I survive on what I prey
My choice is not questioned
As they die with ease
My hungers demanding
My thirst will not cease

The targets been delivered
Detailed where and when
A payment and secrecy
Assures the termination

Killer elite when I slay is when I feast
Killer elite am I man or am I beast

I'm eager to show you my 5 blades of steel
I live for the day I can show you I'm real

My perfection kills the danger
The odds lean to me
For I hold the edge
With no chance to disagree

Repeat Chorus

I never miss a hit I plan, my sight works to abide
I stake out all my sanctions, then I trigger the prize

Repeat Chorus
Desperate to Survive
I am shadowed by what seems to be the end
Aware my hopes will only pretend
To silence the voices I hear calling me
And forcing me to face the truths to be

I refuse to accept my fate and not believe
There's no escape' I'm desperate to survive

For I'm alone and a captive of my past
Solitude my penance is cast
For vicious memories, taunt my piece of mind
I feel helpless and despair, a victim of time

I just have to stay alive there's nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide I'm desperate to survive
Will time stand still for me I'm desperate to survive

I can't take this torment
I can't take the thought I have to stay
Forever inside my terror
There lives all the sins I must repay
I'm trapped by suffering, so tragic
I can't take this pain
So lost in my sorrow, so endless
It's too hard to maintain

I'm desperate to survive will time
Stand still for me I'm desperate to survive
Methods of Madness
Verse I
Ca you explain why so many people
Have labeled me insane
Is there a reason you call me a freak
And hopelessly deranged

Is it because I bought forth and created
A new kind of life
You scream about god and yell
That I will reign tonight

Methods of madness

Verse II
I give command to throw
The switch to the right
Light cracks from the heavens
To give my creation life
The time has come to increase the power
Beyond the threshold of pain
I've taken what you call dead
And gave it life once again

Methods of madness
Too Wild to Tame
Wild looking lady, does she
Know that you're alive
She's got what you're wanting
It'll waste your mind
On her love you thrive
So used and abused
Is there no end to this girls attack
She'll tell you, she needs you
Look out for that knife in your back

She's got fire in her eyes
Are those lips of steel
Could she be machine
Street wise city girl
She'll take on all the world
Can't you see, she'll say what she means

She'll take all the good things
And turn them bad
But that's nothing new
With her teeth marks still in you
Can't you see, she's evil right through

If you try to stop her
Teach her right from wrong
You'll be playing her game
It's a losing battle
To teach her right from wrong
She's too wild to tame
Always on the Run
It's too late, to right what's wrong
I can't change what's done oh
It's been too long

I got to keep moving on
For times not on my side
The pressures been mounting
With nowhere to hide

I'm always on the run

I can't leave you to doubt what I knows near
For what I regret
Is what feeds my fear

I can't help myself
Without an option to choose
There's no room for error
I got it all to lose

I'm always on the run

I'm always on the run
My life been on the line
And under the gun

I'm always on the run
Panic in the Streets
Caught without an option
No time to understand
A desperate situation
With no one to command
Terrors on the move
No futures in our sight
Now torments call us
Like dogs in the night

We're taken by surprise
For madness holds the edge
Rebellions on the rise

Panic on the streets

Chaos running rampant
We're all in disarray
We flee beneath the smoke screen
To hide and find a way
We salvage what we can
To overcome the strike
To lick our wounds in haste
And pray for the night

No chance in fighting back
We can't withstand another attack
With mayhem rising fast
We cheated so far
We know we'll never last'.

Panic in the streets
Panic in the streets
Panic, Panic on the streets
Panic, Panic on the streets

Missing You
Waiting for Your Call
Michael Vescera - vocal
Art Maco - guitar
Bruce Vitale - guitar
Matt Karagus - bass guitar
Jay Mezias - drums

Reissued in 2000.

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