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February 18th, 2019
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Custard - Wheels of Time

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Wheels of TimeRelease by: Mausoleum Records

Custard - Wheels of Time
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Fragments of Eternity


2. Wheels of Time


3. Escape Reality


4. Chance


5. Inner Void


6. One Step Too Far


7. Sunrise


8. Shine On


9. Fade Out


10. Lost Forever


11. Scared


Fragments of Eternity
Wheels of Time
Do you know what it's like
To feel a dream inside you die
Do you know what it's like
To see that time is rushing by

Do you know what it's like
To cling to fading memories
Do you know what it's like
To count missed opportunities

Bridge I
Traces of what might have been
Lay withered all around
The magic of once cherished days
Has died without a sound

The wheels of time
Never stand still
They don't obey your force of will

Do you know what it's like
To hunt for visions endlessly
Do you know what it's like
To see aims turn to fantasy

Bridge II
Face the facts and clear your mind
The truth is hard to take
Stand up to reality
The faith you keep is fake



Bridge II

The wheels of time
Never stand still
They don't obey your force of will
Some things you have to leave behind
So face the facts
And clear your mind
Escape Reality
Tell me why
We don't feel the same
Tell me who
Who is the one to blame

Tell me when
We have lost the way
Just tell me something
We shan't live on to feign

Sometimes it's easy
Easy to break up
Often found the right point
The right point to give up

The time is right to unchain my soul
My heart is crying out

Is this the end we're heading for
Let's stop this game we played too long
Stand on the edge of broken dreams
Need wings to escape reality

With a heart of ice
I can't go on
Deep in my mind
I feel so cold and alone

New horizons
Is what I'm looking for
They're calling - can't you hear
Unable to conceal anymore




Review the past we had
Ain't it worth the trial
I lost my strength
Now it's your turn - it's your time

A long way to go
A massive rock to clear away
Get me back
From the horizons I might reach someday


Chorus (repeat)
The first years of your life
When you discovered the world
So beautiful and colourful
So exciting was your life

You grow older and older
I wish you never will forget
That you're brother and sister
And this love may last forever

In some parts of our world
Kids are little weapons in disguise
Abused for religious delusion
So many lost their life

It's a shame for me when I can see
The world I offer you
The seed of hope deep in your hearts
May grow and thrive so well

A Chance for our children
They are the ones who can make our world a better place
A Chance for our children
Their little hearts are so dear, so pure and innocent
A Chance for our children
They are our voice and our soul and hope of tomorrow
A Chance for our children
Without our kids we know our time is running out

No love is as true as the love of a child
It's so important to keep this love alive (repeat)

I know you can't change the world
But I hope for a sign
You are the reason why I'm here
Don't let it be in vain

And when I'm dead and gone
Remember my words
My only inheritance
Will live on in you

Still there is a ray of light
As long as we believe in you
It won't be an endless night
I'm sure we gonna see it through
Inner Void
I'm staring at a wall, which can't be broken
Sweat and blood an dying flesh, under these chains

I can't remember the reason why I'm here
I can't remember my own face at all

I came from far away, where are my friends now?
Smell the stench of their remains, pumped up with lead.

I can't remember my mothers' voice so I can't fall asleep
I can't remember my own voice at all

I'm a prisoner of war, haven't seen the sun for years
Never felt like this before much too proud for silent tears
What about my home, am I a forgotten man?
This is what I can't deny, I'm locked up in a cage of pain

Words of deliverance are words unspoken
My skin is hot, my throat is dry. When will it out?

I can't remember my mothers' voice so I can't fall asleep
I can't remember my own voice at all

I'm a prisoner of war, haven't seen the sun for years
Never felt like this before much too proud for silent tears
What about my home, am I a forgotten man?
This is what I can't deny, I'm locked up in a cage of pain
One Step Too Far
You can hear it in the news
You can read it everywhere
Mother nature's dying slowly
And we are the ones who stand and stare

Never had so many droughts
So many people killed by thirst
The sun is burning without mercy
And the seed is drying in the sand

At the same time endless rain
Makes harmless brooks arise
To Rivers conquer back their land
In its floods so many died

To change the channel on TV
To turn your head and look away
To say it wasn't me
It's not the way to move a thing

Our last step was one step too far
Now we pay the price - the victims we are
Our last step was one step too far
Don't you realize - there's no way to win this war

Instead of reaching out for stars
Light-years away from our galaxy
We should find another way
To escape this misery

What will be in days to come
If the world's covered with ice
What's the sense of our achievements
If there's no one who survived



Chorus (repeat)
Here we are living in this glorious time
Go on celebrating and show'em your pride
Look what we've done look what we've reached
Oh I think no one can see

And what we all do for our luxury
Raping the forests and poison the seas
I think there's nothing we wouldn't do
If the result may be good

But in the end of all
Mother Nature's standing tall
From a distance it looks still all right
Just when you get too close
You can see the overdose
And as well the marks we left behind

We all have our wishes, we all have our dreams
We don't see the signs, don't know what they mean
We close our eyes and live further on
As the world owns us alone

And so the resources are not rare enough
At war they throw bombs on the oil-springs, oh god
Is this the end, we're heading for
In anger and fear all alone


As long the world's turning, the sun keeps on burning
The greed in our hearts will keep us apart
The Chance of tomorrow is my greatest sorrow
So come on, unite and let the sun rise again


What is our aim, we're heading for
What is our aim, we're heading for

Don't lose the illusion of changing the way
Fight the insanity stands in our way
Don't follow the mainstream - resist as you can
In future they may understand

How long can we live in those glorious times
No one can say when we'll cross the line
Of no return from our point of view
And the sun hit the sea the last time


Shine On
Count the days of endless sorrow
All around me seems so dark and grey
Among the clouds the eagles are flying
Wish I could even spread my wings

Down below the world is rushing by
The hands of time hold tight the steering wheel
I'm just a passenger on this ship of fools
And the direction is unknown

Across the endless sea
Through winds of destiny
Hope for a ray of sunshine
From skies above to light my mind

No politicians, no church, no wisdom
No clairvoyant leads our destiny
The mighty storm blows in our faces
Hoist the sails - we follow the course

In my dreams burns a fire
That grows brighter and higher
A flame which will burn for eternity
Let me enlight your fire
Your burning desire
Don't bury it forever unknown

The eagles are turning
Circles in the sky
My dream is still alive
It lives on inside my mind



Fade Out
I take a look into the mirror
I can see a broken man
In the middle of my lifetime
I reached the edge of all my dreams

I gave a damned 'bout all the sadness
In this world surrounding me
I gave the best I had to give
And lived each day like it's my last

It's hard to live on with the truth in me
Before my flame of life goes out
I wish to say goodbye to all the ones I loved
I know the time is fading out for me
Just a few weeks and I will
Close my eyes for all eternity

Still I have so many wishes
But I know they won't fulfill
It breaks my heart with every sunrise
And in the night I lie in fear

Did I really took the right way
I'm not sure - or was it wrong
And when I decide to ignore it
The pain reminds me of it all




Still I look into the mirror
A tear is falling from my eyes
Try to take old of all the pictures
Running through my head - I know

My life was not in vain
And if I had a choice
I would walk this way again
Wouldn't change anything at all

Lost Forever
Crawling on the floor
Seen it all before
Like an old time movie they transmit once more

Again it was me
Who lost reality
Suppose you think that I'm a nut and I surrender to you

I know I made mistakes
Mr. Perfect is someone else
It makes me sick to hear the story again and again

My destiny's not in your hands
It breaks my spine before I bow
I'm not your property - my dignity's too strong
Something buried deep inside
Hard as granite, cold as ice
No way to break it in my endless despite

It was you who darkened my light
But I knew I'll never surrender
It might be true that something in me died
It's irretrievable and lost forever

You tried to bend me
Tried to humble me
Stick your education where the sun never shines

I think I'm old enough
Now take your hands off me
Go looking for another dog you can take for a walk

Didn't you yet realize
That you're standing all alone
Your friends are fakes because they know that you're bad to the bone
Okay, just go ahead
But call a spade a spade
I guess I never met someone who was as selfish as you


I know you need somebody who cares about the words that you say
I know it's hard to find a man like me who follows your way
A million times you'll eat the dust before you learn that your pressure
Causes counter - pressure
Sit all alone here in the middle of my room
I count the last days that I have before my doom

When will it be over?
When will he appear?

It started two weeks ago when I felt really down
I saw no light ahead I tried to leave somehow

Bridge I
Find no way out
My heart's beating very fast
Get me out of here
I want you to

Bridge II
Take my life
That I can leave it all behind
Accidental death
Will blow my life away

I'm so scared
That my time to die has come
I'm so scared
I see your shadows all around

The new love I found makes me see the light again
But I paid the bill of death no way to escape my fate

Where are you?
Can't you hear me calling?

Just like a rat I hide in holes beneath the rubbish
Give me a chance to enjoy my life again

Bridge I
It drives me mad
I'm on the way to lose control
I'll lose the best I've ever had
I'm begging you

Bridge II
Save my soul
Keep your taxes that I paid
Keep me alive
I know you're somewhere out there




Finally I swear - if I'll survive this nightmare
That I'd never run away the problems I might have
Guido Brieke - vocal
Holger Simon - guitar, back-vocal
Karsten Knuppel - guitar, back-vocal
Jens Schroder - bass guitar, back-vocal
Christian Klapper - drums, back-vocal


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