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April 23rd, 2019
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Scanner - Conception of a Cure

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Conception of a CureRelease by: demo
1. Upright Liar
    (Equipped with the instruments of evil and an enermouse increase of power Boris returned as a young man from the eternal fire. His pollitical ambitions were immense. I listened to his famous speech he held in front of thousands of people on PLAZA DE PAX. I did't want to believe what my eyes and my ears hand to endure. People were celebrating the... Upright Liar)
2. 20th Century Crusade
    (One year later I found a job at eddy's chiprepair. The work was not bad and many people brought whole data-consoles to our service center. One day I recognized Albert Twostone on the screen of a data-station I was going to repair. Although I could not understand what he was talking there was no doubt that he was candidate of the next election for governer. The new governer was Albert and within a period of 3 month our city lay under an embarge of all other cities. He brought on a crisis which was accompanied by his campaigne to selve this problem with the weapon he had developed himself: the quarks-streamer. It was a hot sunny day when I started the engine of my small jetbeat and Albert started his first quarks-streamer to begin the last... 20th Century Crusade)
3. After the Storm
    (Boris made his way. Nothing seemed able to stop him. The situation became extreme. We were at war 7 nations. Boris expanded his territory to the double. It was a nuclear inferno. And there was an unbearable silence between two waves of an revenge - attack. Hopes were blown away and our souls had burned out. What was left... After the Storm)


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