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January 20th, 2019
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Sacred Steel - Hammer of Destruction

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Sacred Steel'2006

Hammer of DestructionRelease by: Massacre Records

(includes video Maniacs of Speed)

Sacred Steel - Hammer of Destruction
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Hammer of Destruction


2. Where Demons Dare to Tread


3. Maniacs of Speed


4. Blood And Thunder


5. Impaled by Metal


6. Descent of a Lost Soul


7. Black Church


8. Generally Hostile
    (by Jag Panzer.)


9. Plague of Terror


10. Sword And Axes


11. The Torch of Sin


Hammer of Destruction
Axes - like Sirens - Slicing through the Air
You run for shelter - this hell you can not bear
Pounding Inferno - Pure Steel inside black veins
Where demons dare to thread - heavy metal reigns

Death falls from the Sky
There's no escape - you die

Hammer of Death - Hammer of hate
Bloodhammer of destruction - pound to desecrate
Hammer of war - Hammer of Sin
Bloodhammer bring destruction - carnage victory

Obey the Law of the hammer of destruction

We are free to do just what we will
Our destiny - charge into overkill

This is the law - no compromise - no fucking way
Just truth - no lies - it's judgement day
Now choose your side - there's just one way
From death comes live
Now bang your head and go fucking insane

Steel bolts of lightning shooting through your hearts
Impaled by metal - it's that the burning starts
Enraged by anger you raise your fists to the sky
Bonded as brothers we'll remain - until the day we die

Obey the Law or the hammer - or the hammer - falls on you
Where Demons Dare to Tread
Raging inside me - Demons of the past
I am a madman - spells can never last
Possessed by rhythm - metal in my blood
No exorcism an heal me - in hell I will rot

You can not save me from my demons

There is no hope no more
I'm more addicted than before
There is no hope no more

Music inside me - echoes of my dreams
I am forlorn - you know just what I mean
A lifetime of metal - I can - I will not change
I'd do this all again - there is no other way

In hell I must pay for my demons

There is no hope no more
25 years of metal war
There is no hope no more

Demons haunt my soul - they speak to me
Spirits take control - don't set me free
Metal made me whole - it is my god
It is my soul - it is my blood
Maniacs of Speed
Behold the writing on the wall - skeptics watch in awe
Scriptures ancient and forbidden - unveiling the law

It's the dawn of fate - forever you are now enslaved
It's the dawn of fate - forever - you can not be saved

Mass destruction - Mind corruption
Architects of Death and Fear

Yield to hell - succumb to horror
For your soul - no tomorrow
Hail to them - spread the seed
Maniacs of power and speed

Signs of death - apocalypse - in doom's face you stare
You can see them fast descending - the new gods are here

Arise - Merchants of Deceit
Arise - For the Gods you bleed
Blood And Thunder
Trapped in hell and purified by pain
High above the witches ride again
By the wrath of the unborn we rise
Unfettered from the bindings of Christ

Victory of Black Steel - Iron Legions march
Open wide the brimstone gate
Break the Spell of death by blood and thunder

Blood is on my steel - for more I lust
My dark pagan heart blessed by the gods
When I fall then lay me to my grave
In life and death - master of my fate

Victory of Black Steel - Iron Legions march
Open wide the Gates of hell
Break the spell of death by blood and thunder

Crucified in heaven is their king
Pierced and torn by sacred bloody steel
Priests perform the rites of sacrifice
The oath of blood is sworn to let them die

Crush the holy - save the damned from hell
Carnage rules the battlefields itself
Dethrone the tyrant king who reigns supreme
You darkest saviour's slaughter prophecy

Victory of black steel - Iron legions march
Open wide the brimstone gate
Break the Spell of death by blood and thunder
Impaled by Metal
Maniacs of speed and power - gather anxiously
Come together - sons of metal - warriors of steel
Celebrate our hymns of iron - shout out from the heart
Raise the horns - show your devotion - led the madness start

Storm up to the front row - join your brothers in the pit
Get high on adrenaline - the fires of hell are lit
Through and through the metal flows - the mighty gods we hail
Sacrifice you blood to them - by metal impaled

Rise up legions - from the grave
Rise up legions - strong and brave

If metal's dead - the dead walk the earth
Straight out of hell into rebirth
We're reborn into the light - impaled by metal
Passion born out of despair
We don't fucking care what you believe - it's right
Impaled by metal we're tonight

Metal rules tonight

Listen children of the spirit to the truth we speak
Loudness - Energy - Aggression - It's all that we need

We're reborn in steel - united and strong
We're reborn in steel - let the wargods guide us ever, guide us ever on

Join us in the fight!
Descent of a Lost Soul
Black Church
Each sinner a nail in the myth of the grail
I can not forget nor forgive - don't forgive
I spit on the lie - I spit on your Christ
If now I must burn - so be it

Black is the well - the black soul of hell
I hear them calling my name - come join us here
Enter the lair - they're waiting there
In this nocturnal domain

The Black Church - welcome neophyte
Become one with the night

Hell is my home - hell is my throne
I am a soul in the pit - don't forgive
Detached from God - I fell unto Satan
My pyre of damnation was lit

No need to bow - no need to repent
I roam in here with my friends
The fools of the grail - yes - they have failed
Their lord of hosts - nailed again

Aeterne rerum conditor, noctem diemque qui regis,
Et temporum das tempora, ut alleves fastidium

Hoc excitatus lucifer, solvit polum
Generally Hostile
(by Jag Panzer.)
Town clock echo splits the night,
The witching hour moves even closer to the brink of time that is at hand.
Sound of heels pound the street from the curse that rules the town.
Chill of death has come to reap the damned.
For years ago he went away and now he's back to claim the unsuspected souls to justify his death.
Oh, foolish one, you'd best make haste.
There is no time to contemplate.
The hammer brings the twelfth and your last breath.

He's the one who holds the night in the hollow of his hand.
Evil reigning ruler of the dark
Striking with a furious urge, a thunderbolt from hell.
Everything he touches bears his mark.
Seeking no amusement in any lovers foolish games but go ahead and let them all begin.
He lives his life in malice, not a single night in shame.
Burning bright the everlasting flames of sin.

I'm a man who shows no mercy for the weak.
No mercy! (Repeat)

Dangling at the end of your rope, can't you see it's 'round your neck
Desolation of another kind.
Your head's in heaven flying high. Your heart's in hell burning lust
Infatuation's always in your mind
You're the perfect sinner, yes, the one who stabbed me in the back.
You've got no guts, just like the rest.
Thrust my blade in, give a twist, tear a scream from your lips.
One o'clock takes your final breath.
Plague of Terror
Can you feel the cold chill in the air
Damned souls - They have risen from their lair
Can't you read the signs - They're clear to see
Death immortal claims mortality

Come forth - Break through from the depths of hell
Mortals - Beware - Hear the demon bell

From the land of the dead we rise to fly
Plague of terror
To the land of the living - Prey in sight
Plague of terror
Your judgment day it has arrived
Plague of terror - Rise

Darkening the sky - Black legion's wings
Loyal to the crown of their dark king
Falling from the sky - Hell's plague of doom
Mankind dies - The earth it's silent tomb

"Ladies and gentlemen. This will be our last broadcast.
Evil incarnate has conquered our world.
It seems like there's no way to escape the wrath of the undead legions that have emerged from hell.
May God be with us! Harris Johns for CNN network."
Sword And Axes
Sword and axes - Until we die

Striking force - Uncompromising steel
An entity born of conviction - Oh so real
An entity born out of dedication pure
Come watch us play - See what I mean for sure

You all shall be hacked or slain or torn
Submit to mutilation - In the carnage be reborn

Sword and axes - Raise the banner high
Sword and axes - Into the sky
Sword and axes - Let our banner fly
Sword and axes - Until we die

Metal horde - We are part of thee
We're all the same - Knights bound by blood and blasphemy
We're all the same - For in our hearts we bear the grail
Black grail of steel - Thy power we hail

Heart - Soul and mind - Hellbent for metal
Metal is life - Metal's alive
The Torch of Sin
Born within the heart of Rock 'n Roll - Heaviness
Implanted in a horde of hungry souls - Starved to death
Torn out from the dark into the light - A force revealed
Torn apart the lies you've had inside - By black steel

It is done - The plague is unleashed
It is done - We broke the seal

We bear the torch - The torch of sin
As hymns of praise to steel we sing
We bear the torch - Black fires rage
The torch of sin - It burns to light our ways

Have you heard the voice of steel within - It is there
Have you ever felt the touch of sin - Tempting - Fair
Are you sure you have not seen the light - See it shine
The torch of sin is burning in the night - Heed the sign

Does Satan hold the future of us all - I think not
Who pulls the strings - Are we doomed to fall - Damned by God
We don't care - We just do what we please - In this hell
Don't need a cure for what you call disease - Fuck yourself
Gerrit Philipp Mutz - vocal, back-vocal
Jens Sonnenberg - guitar
Jonas Khalil - guitar, back-vocal
Kai Schindelar - bass guitar
Mathias Straub - drums

Harris Johns - back-vocal
Janni Thrasher (Janni Thrasher) - back-vocal
Chris Carl - back-vocal
Produced by Harris Johns and Sacred Steel.

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