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June 21st, 2018
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Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics

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Dol Ammad'2006

Ocean DynamicsRelease by: Electronic Art Metal

Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Thalassa Dominion I


2. Thalassa Dominion II


3. Thalassa Dominion III


4. Thalassa Dominion IV


5. Solarwinds


6. Descent


7. Lava


8. Aquatic Majesty


9. Liquid Desert


10. Heart of the Sea


Thalassa Dominion I
Once upon a universe
A distant cry of help
Echoes in the lighthouse of life
An unprecedented disturbance
In the cosmos' oceans

Intervention is needed

Emerging into the light of the sun
Is a message requesting deliverance from the deepest evil

Illuminate us, for your ancient paths
Were misled

The deviation was repeated

And so it begins
Thalassa Dominion II
Spawn of the abyss
The ice cold abyss

Colours of sea
Where the blue used to rule
Wonderful life
But a world no more strong

Spawn of the dark
Final doom will unleash
No shelter from this sentinel

Spawn of the abyss
The ice cold abyss

Dominion, Dominion
Come from the stars
I rule the waters
And this shall not pass

Debris of sea
So much life disappears
Once they destroyed
Now they're bound to redeem

Long voyage back
From galactic domains
This ancient plague
Their mark of guilt

Dominion, Dominion
Surface and space
Summon the forces
From light-years away

Dominion, Dominion
Lightbridge of the stars
I've seen the future
This kingdom will last

Queen of the deep
In mermaid's lair
Queen of the deep
Whisper the words

Bring back the stars
Our only hope
Whisper the words
To the stars
Thalassa Dominion III
Shine, shine with us
Little star, shine
Thalassa Dominion IV
We must summon all the forces
Intervention now is needed
See the menace growing stronger
Sea and space an oath forgotten

That the precursors once spread
Now return to
Use their knowledge
Through their greed
They once abandoned
Now they come to save the ocean

This is where the moment comes
So now release the Kruug
And set us free

Dominion, Dominion
Stars and the sea
Union forever defending the peace

Dominion, Dominion
Balance restored
The ocean breathes life
Like never before

Dominion, Dominion
Kingdom of love
Fortress of freedom
A new Thalassa
Come with us oceans defenders
Trust in your soul
Come with us heroes forever
To the Abyss

Come with us never abandon
Heart of the sea
Come with us open the fortress
Use the solarwinds

Time Space Life Fire
Is this the way it should be?
I see my mother's hand
A scream
I must remove this memory

A voice, a heartbeat
Eyes closed
Finally I understand

I let the icy water burn my eyes
I accept the water's raw caress
And I drift into a new existence

We have been expecting you
Traveller of the deep
This voyage has ended
A new one lies ahead

Rest now, don't despair
The ocean protects you
Anger transforms liquid pyre
Spitting out ashes and flames

All melting stream scorch the earth
Here's the rival of the sea

All melting
The rival

So much lost, so much power
Terra's reign, now the fire commands
So much lost, none will survive
So much lost, life gets new form

Oh the lava, feel the lava
Aquatic Majesty
Hear now this tale of mystery
The slumber of our majesty
He was the ruler of the seas
But vanished in black abyss

Fallen star in sea's embrace
I've seen your fear
I'll fire your hope

No one to navigate our souls
No one to liquefy blue storms
But all the creatures held their hope
Hear how this ancient tale unfolds

Fallen star out of this world
Return your dream
I'll fire your hope

Turn your face to see
Rise from misery

Try to believe oh my king
Aquatic Majesty
Must return from darkness

Never leave us

The king of hope
Where is his might?
Will he return and melt this night?

A liquid mask, the fiery eyes
A fallen star to guide them wise

My child
Daughter and son of the light
Infinite power a lesson of time
I will ascend from the void
I will ascend, hear my voice

Rise magic kingdom
Rise all my kingdom
Liquid Desert
These stormy seas calling me
These stormy seas
Now my hall of fame

Domain of blue
That shipwrecks adorn

A past world of the dry land
Now lies forlorn, the dry land

Liquid desert calling me
To the bottom of the sea
Leave your world and you will see
A new life of blue and peace

Liquid desert calling me
To the bottom of the sea
I don't know what I should do
And I cry

Dry land, Dry land
Come with us

These stormy seas calling me
These stormy seas
Now my hall of fame

Domain of blue
Calling my name
Heart of the Sea
Thanasis Lightbridge (Thanasis Lightbridge) - keys, drums
Dimitris Makrantonakis - guitar
Nick Terry - bass guitar
Alex Holzwarth - drums, percussion

Donald Christopher Cooper (DC Cooper) - vocal
Kortessa Tsifodimou - vocal, voice
Mary Palaska - vocal
Alexandra Voulgari - vocal
Petros Moraitis - vocal
Kyriakos Chouvardas - vocal
Yiannis Tsalouhidis - vocal
Alexandros Barmpas - vocal
Themis Mpasdekis - vocal
Anestis Papageorgiou - vocal
Vicky Alexaki - vocal
Maria Stolaki - vocal
Sofia Patsi - vocal
Ntina Strani - vocal
Produced by Andy Stream and Thanasis Lightbridge.

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