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February 22nd, 2019
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October 31 - No Survivors

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October 31'2004

No SurvivorsRelease by: Thrash Corner Records

October 31 - No Survivors
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Powerhouse


2. Rivet Rat


3. Commit to Sin


4. No Survivors


5. What Waits Beyond


6. Back Alley Murders


7. Wrecking Crew
    (by Overkill.)


8. Misfortune


The weight of the world
It pulls at the soul
Bringing you down to your knees
The faces of doom they stare down at you
Demanding and taking from thee
But now is the time to reclaim your life
We'll scream and we'll fight
To give you your right
The powerhouse set at full speed

Power, power, powerhouse
Unleashed tonight
Power, power, powerhouse
Ready to fight
Power, power, powerhouse
Comes from deep inside
Power, power, powerhouse
Unleashed tonight

The cries for deliverance
Are louder than hell
We listen to them in the night
But you now know the sign
So raise it in pride
The powerhouse stands by your side

You've torn down the walls
That held you so long
You've now smashed them
And thrown them aside
Now it's your turn to live
And your turn to give
Your metal heart beating inside
So rise from the ashes
Of what's now your past
And scream out loud VICTORY
Yes, join in our call, we welcome you all
The powerhouse has set you free


The Power we give
The Metal we live

The powerhouse unleashed tonight.
Rivet Rat
Out of nowhere it arrived, a mendes prey of fate
Grueling demon of mankind
No longer locked away
In the wings it awaits, just listen for the call
Rush of anger, speeding pulse
The time has finally come

The fist pushes down into the mind from the skull
The violent circle starts the spinning wheel
Round and round
Stay, stand your ground
As your forces become strong
Within you rivet rats come alive to take this fight

Hand of evil reaching out
Sending signals to the brain
Blood and anger tell the tale
The beast is coming home

A growing monster so alive
It's living, breeding deep inside
Taking violence for a ride in us all, the rat's alive

From the dark it screamed for life
Feeding violence to the mind
In us all the rat's alive, power and pain from inside

The rivet rat, RIVET RAT
The rivet rat, RIVET RAT
The rivet rat, RIVET RAT
Long live the rivet

Rats are growing in your brain
They multiply and go insane
In us all the rat's alive, power and pain from inside

The rivet rat, RIVET RAT
The rivet rat, RIVET RAT
The rivet rat, RIVET RAT
Long live the rivet

Rivet rat, from inside you
Rivet rat, screaming out
Rivet rat, mendes prey
Rivet rat, from inside you
Rivet rat, screaming out
Rivet rat, it's all around you.
Commit to Sin
We've always been a savage monster
Ripping through the night
And we've always wanted so much more
Than ordinary life
Inside our heart the blood is strong
As the sun goes down
The demons dance inside our veins
As life rolls on and on

With every passing hour we commit to sin
We grasp the claws of evil and commit to sin
With devils on our side we keep on flying high
In the dead of night we commit to sin

We take the stage burning hot
Always running wild
Tempting spectres of the night
For we are midnight's child
On all the fools we turn our back
And live our lives our way
We have no rules, we have no fears
It's all adrenaline

The future is in front of us
And we always shoot to thrill
We are evil on the move
And you cannot break our will
So let the devils have their time
It's best you stand aside
No sense to try and slow us down
We'll take your fucking life.
No Survivors
No one lives, we all die
Prepare yourself for the end
No survivors on this night
Say goodbye my friend
Joining hands and saying prayers
Won't stop what's coming next
When the final seconds tick away
The next station stop is death

So watch it happen, see it burn
Terror aboard this flight
Hand in hand, they know the truth
That all will lose their lives
No survivors, finally no one's left to scream
Bring the body bags
For there's truly no survivors

No survivors, no survivors on this flight
No survivors on this night

Clinch in fear, scream in pain
Accept this all as fate
The ship is sinking to beyond
No turning back, too late
Take the time to pray to God
But the master now is Death
Those final seconds tick away
Your life is fading fast

Train has come crashing down
Life for you is done
Look the reaper in the eye
Yes, you are the one
Warning lights see only red
As fate is seeing green
The only ride you're taking now
Is on the death machine.
What Waits Beyond
I once believed in miracles
Until the day did come
The day when all signs of life
Came crashing to the ground
I sadly watched as death
Did take them all away from me
With total sadness in my heart
I wondered what waits

I look into my future
I'm searching for the answers
I'd love to know what waits beyond, BEYOND
Waits beyond
Is the world a place between time
Can there be nothing to life
Does no one know what waits beyond, BEYOND
Waits beyond, what waits beyond, BEYOND

I closed my eyes and lost my mind
I fell into the pain
A neverending loss of faith
Just lingers on and on
I thought all the dreams we shared
And all the times we had
Completely scared I turned away
And knew that death would come

Please, someone tell me what waits beyond

The hell of all my fears

Now standing at the crossroads
The turning point for me
I've learned that life is what it is
And death makes it complete

Beyond what waits
Waits beyond
Beyond what waits, BEYOND.
Back Alley Murders
Waiting in the dead of night
Your mind is all but still
Stalking is a horrid fright
It's a battle of wills
Worried you will feel the end
Can you feel the force
The tension falls upon you now
It's the war to end all wars

Midnight is the time to die
As the strike of twelve brings death
Holding on for your life is the final proving test
In front of you it does stand
The sinner that is night
Darkness has uncovered you
Death turns out the light

Back alley murders
The shadows showed you not a thing
A phobia of doom within
You sense the fear, now feel the sting

Madness is what brings the kill
Will it all come down
Who will die by this twisted life
Run, you had better run
In front of you it does stand
The sinner that is night
Darkness has uncovered you
Death turns out the light

Back alley murders
Your eyes are wide but yet you're blind
Back alley murders
Insanity's alive tonight

Is it fear that feeds on you
The visions of your stare
Is it waiting to unfold, my friend you best beware

Create your fears and die from them
How fragile are our minds
Phobia of doom within, destroying us inside

The hammers smashing, break you down
You're quickly fading fast
Looking forward isn't there
Keep looking to your past
All memories, see nothing new
No future, only doom
Collapsed and fallen is your world
The victim is you.
Wrecking Crew
(by Overkill.)
Ain't no job too big or small,
Just one sweep of the wreckin' ball
Put'em up, we'll knock'em down,
Or knock'em up, then leave town
Demolition of the mind
Desolation, left behind
Light the fuse, dynamite
Light the sky! in the night!

We're gonna walk
All over you
'Cause we are
The wreckin', wreckin' crew!
We are the wreckin' crew

Wreckin' crew!
We are the wreckin' crew

Destruction is a way of life
Destruction, mayhem, havoc, strife
Crack a smile, hear the sound
Watch'em crumble to the ground
Innocence ain't no excuse,
Slip your neck inside the noose
Pay in blood I demand,
The wreckin' crew is outta hand

We'll wreck your neck!
Wreckin' crew!
Get wrecked!

Turn to ashes, turn to dust
We're the ones that you can trust
Evil smile, wicked grin,
Tear it down, begin to sin
Think that you will end it all,
There's no one left to ball or call
When there ain't nothin' left to do,
Call upon, the wreckin' crew!

We'll wreck your neck!
Wreckin' crew!
Yer wreck!
Ah! Wreckin' crew!
Wreck! Wreck!
I can feel it near me, I can feel it in my veins
I sense the presence of the darker side of life
It wants to take me, it's soon to control me
It wants to slowly bring my soul to them
Yes it does

It's in the things I do, it's in the air I breathe
It's always watching, just staring at me
It's in the basement, it's in the attic too
It never shows its face
But I know that it's there

Because all this hell is forever
As all my fears come together
It's living in my mind

Breathing faster, the walls start moving in
Heartbeats feel like hammers beating
Deep inside my chest
Sweat and fear has come alive
My nerves attacking me
My mind is racing to no end, full anxiety
Now it's closer to my soul
Than it's ever been before
All my fears confront me now
I'm truly scared to death

Misfortune, that is me
Misfortune, that is me
I am misfortune

There was no one to turn to
To save me from my mind
It came alive and summoned me
And now it has my soul
Darkness beckons me, it eats me alive
The day has come, it's taken hold
It's finally become me

So now I am its victim, misfortune, that is me
I'm all alone without a hope for all eternity

Because all this hell is forever
As all my fears come together
It's living in my mind

Misfortune, misfortune, misfortune.
Kingsley Fowley (King Fowley) - vocal, back-vocal
Brian Williams - guitar
Jason Tedder - guitar
Jim Hunter - bass guitar, back-vocal
Dave Castillo (Scarface) - drums, back-vocal

Chris Tucker - back-vocal
Jessica McDaniel - back-vocal
Les Snyder - back-vocal
Shane Fuegel - back-vocal
Jayla Richards - voice
Produced by King Fowley.

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