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February 20th, 2019
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Rosae Crucis - Bran Mak Morn

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Rosae Crucis'2000

Bran Mak MornRelease by: demo

Rosae Crucis - Bran Mak Morn
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Justice of Roma


2. Bran Mak Morn


3. Escape from Eboracum


4. Worms of the Earth


The Justice of Roma
Drive those nails in to the cross, my soldiers,
And let the whole world see the justice of Rome

Upon the hills of the sacred Vallum
He was giving order just like a king,
Average height, aquiline nose, he was the power and the divine law,
Under his mantle a golden armour,
He wore a plumed helmet on his head,
Inside the body of a governor
Abomination was burning like fire... like fire... abomination was burning like fire
He came on earth to execute
And he fought in the sign of Rome: Titus Silla.

I will burn, these desolated valleys
And I'll destroy, whoever opposed my will
I will sack, the fools in their village
And I will kill for my power
This is the law,
Take it or die for a dream leave your pride,
And come to fight with me

Fight fight for Rome, old lady of war
Fight for the empire or die by thy sword

In cold moor's swamps
The icy wind, scared the pittish warriors' faces,
And like mountains at the horizon

Roman's standards
Were, standing proud and fearless they
Advanced, destroying, in the name of governor

There was no mercy for those, who opposed and spared life to those who joined.
Fight with us in the sign of Rome or you will face the divine justice.

Now that you know, this is our low
You can chose, take it or leave it
But keep in your mind, that I'm your liege
I'll be your king, for better or worse
Fight by my side, you'll get women money and glory
Honor pride or death, if you'll defy me

Fight fight for Rome old lady of war
Fight for the empire or die by thy sword...
Bran Mak Morn
He'll fight for us he'll kill for us
Making the oath with the unknown
We'll live for him our blood for Bran
This is the land where the king is born
He is the king of Caledon

Born with the blood of the wolves in the veins
You'll be the king
Try to units the tribes on the land
The empire is near
Try the fight with the hammer and the brain
And wait for the sign
Warhammer are running in the night
For Caledonian's strike

I'll not rest till the end of the war
Crom I'm your son
I will crash Roman steel with my stone
Tonight the king is born


Look in my eyes and you'll see all the pain
For brother lost on Roman cross
Soldiers are drinking the wine for your blood
But the Worms will spill out their lives

Escape from Eboracum
Hiding in the shadows of the walls
Finding time to strike and go
Till your heart will stop to blood

Ambush the soldier at the gates
Silent victim of my hate
I'm berserching out of rage

Blood for the king of blood and steel for a throne of skulls
May your head be on your shoulders
Till your sacred dawn

Bran can't forget the eyes of brother die
His hate that's growing stronger
But the cross burning inside

Run away from Aburacum
All Roman's stendar's are few miles away
Run away and grab your honour
Stone, blood ,and pain you are stone you'll survive

One by one I'll tear you down
With my hands on putrid ground
Run Bran run for Caledon
Crash the steel with bow and stone...
Worms of the Earth
Cold is the steel I have by my side
It soon will by red stained with blood
Along the way among the moor
I can smell those who will die
The earth is shaking nothing of human
Hate is growing inside of me
I hear the screams behind the fog
I fling the steel with no mercy

Bran Mac Morn

We'll destroy helmets and armours
Finding the way beneath the ground
Unnamed forces of a nature
So many years hided from sun
Reminiscence of golden era
Raise the hate for human race
We are gonna scatter the cold bodies
Among the mist of winter day
Years and years below the ground
Witting the time to awake
God forsaken is our pact
Only glory honour and steel

Lead us through valley and woods
Bran the foolish king of pittish
Who negotiates his sacred soul
For the pride of Caledon
Through the Roman luxury cultures
And the people who are feastering
Together will destroy the false
That is lurking on the earth
Blood and steel honor and glory
Can you hear our battle screams
We are fling our hate
We're the worms of the earth

Running through the people dying all around me
I can feel the steel flowing through my veins
Flash of blades and gleam of blood around are blind my
Attacking, kill and screaming all my hate the wind

No, mercy I'll have not
Not until your head will be buried underground
And I will scream Titos Silla is dead
And this was his heart
From now on I'll rule Caledon
Giuseppe Cialone (Ciape) - vocal
Andrea Magini - guitar
Max Salvatori - bass guitar
Mirko Lai - drums


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