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February 24th, 2019
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Axemaster - Death Before Dishonor

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Death Before DishonorRelease by: Unisound Records


Axemaster - Death Before Dishonor
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Mystic Maze


2. Bed of Nails


3. Death Before Dishonor


4. Deliver Us from Evil


5. Known


6. Carnival of Fear


7. Tombs of Madness


8. Heart of the Damned


9. Masque (of the Read Death)


10. Living in Fear


11. Wasted Souls


12. Warrior


13. Destiny


14. Yesterday's Here, Tomorrow's Gone


15. Axemaster


Mystic Maze
Bed of Nails
I am the chosen one
So this torment I must face
To see those I love
Abandon me in disgrace
It was prophecy
And it was meant to be
Now I accept my plight
To die for the light
My wounds and the blood that I've shed
They just can't compare
To the pain that I feel for the souls that are lost
Now I die in despair
You damned fools
You're murdering the most high
This bed of nails
The cross on which I die
Hate, fear, jealousy, is killing me
Crucify him, crucify him
A bed of nails

Death Before Dishonor
We all live to die
In our own fantasy
No place to hide
It's your destiny
Keep your dignity
Never lose your soul
Your honor can't be controlled
There's a blessing in the skies
That will make you free
So don't lose your sight of the dream
Death before Dishonor
Living a lie isn't life at all
Just a masquerade before the fall
Take a look at the way you are
Take a look through the eyes of death
Did you go the right way
Were you twisted into blasphemy
Did I hear you say
Death before dishonor
Deliver Us from Evil
It's real to him he feels it inside
It's known to him as he takes it upon himself
It's his world that seems so unreal
Will he and this world ever have peace

Is it known or unknown
Why can't the world be free
We see this hate
Why can't eternal love be the answer to me

Just like a love. I once knew
Like him, I thought she was true
She was there, so was he
When she left she's still there, so is he
So if you find it known in either way
Hold on, it grows stronger every day


Carnival of Fear
There's a dead end street on the horizon
Where the sun sets and fades to black
Is this our final hour
And do we have the power
To attack, to attack
Do we understand that the end is near
And the life we live is just a carnival of fear
Can you feel the pain
It's the torment of the sacred rite
We must fight to persevere
The master reappears
From the light
It's a carnival of fear (repeat)
Tombs of Madness
Heart of the Damned
The blood on our hands
Given to one
Sacrificed his soul he had no control
The deed must be done
His betrayal of the light
Was the ultimate sin
But do we know what lies within
The heart of the damned (repeat)
Cast down to the pit of flames
So now nothing remains
Of the heart of the damned
Was he a victim
Of a point in time
A desperate man he didn't understand
The truth had passed him by
Eternal damnation
Just sentence for his crime
What evil possessed him
What did he feel inside
The heart of the damned
Why do you curse me
Master, my heart's in flames
Now I burn in hell, for all of you
Masque (of the Read Death)
And so they acknowledged
The presence of the red death
He had come like a thief in the night
And one by one
They dropped the revelers in their blood
Each died in their despairing posture
The light of the ebony clock went out with the dead
And the flames of the tripods expired
Darkness and decay and the red death
Held illimitable dominion over all
Living in Fear
Calling to you
The word from above
Stop the hate
Before it's too late
Can't you see
The prophecy
Your destiny awaits
Second coming
Back from the dead
Hear the thunder
Feel the rumble
The parting of the skies
Don't fear
The time is near
Why do we live in fear
Living in fear (Repeat)
Wasted Souls
Long ago and far away
The witches of Salem
They come out to play
Day after day
We can't take any more
Their souls are wasted
Let's say no more
Die, watch them die
They all must die
You will die
Yes. as they creep to their death
As they creep on to their death
All their lives they pass away
As we bow our heads and pray
In the west
Blood in the streets
A world in rage
Warriors strike out
And then security dies
The victims battle helplessly
Because the warriors rule
They are supreme
Feel the pain
It's a new dark age for the warrior
A new dark age for the warrior
The warrior (Repeat)
A new dark age for the warrior
Until the second coming
There will be no peace
Only blood in the streets
The warrior (Repeat)
Death to all
The world in flames
How the warriors lived
They'll die the same
You always get it for nothin' baby
You always get it for free
I want to tell you something baby
it wasn't meant to be
Can't you see
I'll set you free
All this time, your disease
Is I will be, destiny
The time begins now baby
Just don't believe
Come any time now baby
I'm gonna make you see
Yesterday's Here, Tomorrow's Gone
I've been sentenced
For the crime that has no law
I'm immersed in the darkness of time
And the loneliness has left a scar
Without feeling the love I need
Living in, in a fantasy
I can see you from yesterday
But my dreams seem so far away
So yesterday's here
Well tomorrow's gone
Seems like an eternity
Before I see the break of dawn
Am I just fooling myself
Do in my dream I belong
Have I lost the war with life
Are all tomorrow's gone
I'm just a fractured mirror
Reflecting all desires
But I must pick up the pieces
Or live my life in myre
Why must I always be strong
When I don't know if I can go on
No, you take me away
Because when I'm with you I steal away the night
When I'm alone I face a stolen life
Can I do it
Will I ever get through it
Oh all my life
Is just a waiting game on the edge of the knife
Am I asking too much
To be satisfied
I need your answer
Before my spirit dies
I can see you from yesterday
But my dreams seem so far away
I'm living from yesterday, yesterday's here
Tomorrow's gone (Repeat)
Off with your head, die
He can take your life
He can bleed your soul
He wants to see you burn
He can take control
From his pit of flames
He'll return to play the game
Evil is his middle name
Can you feel the pain
Can you run and hide
Can you stop the feast
We will give you, help
We can revoke the beast
We will make him see
The power of supremacy
You will soon be free
From his audacity

Just call
The axemaster, now he can run but we are faster
Axemaster, for he's the slave and we're the master

It is not too late
This will be his fate
We will stop his hate
Our power is much too great
Though his evil looms
We can steal the womb
Life will be his final tomb
We will bring the doom

Just call
The axemaster, now he can run but we are faster
Axemaster, now he can't escape this disaster


Don't deny, you can't hide
Don't be deceived, just realize
The beast must die
Terry Wilson - vocal
Christopher Michael - vocal, bass guitar
Joe Sims - guitar, keys
Jim Newcomb - bass guitar
Brian Henderson - drums

The lyrics were typed by FaST.

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