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October 20th, 2018
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Holy Dragons - Dragon's Ballads

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Holy Dragons'1997

Dragon's BalladsRelease by: Centre Records

Holy Dragons - Dragon's Ballads
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Rainbow's Gold


2. Mighty Warriors


3. Midnight Sky


4. Silver Mountain


5. Dragon's Eyes


6. L L L


7. Christmas Song


8. Living on the Edge


Rainbow's Gold
Your sky is cloudy with sorrow,
Your heart is aching with some pain.
But after yesterday comes tomorrow
And sun comes always after rain.

Oh! Rainbow's gold
You will get
After rain.

Get rid of fears and nightmares
And doubts, that posses your heart.
And kick away the creepy shadows
You hear them whispering in the dark.

Wake up and set up for your treasure
Look at the rainbow in the sky.
Your pot of gold is hidden there
If you have heart enough to try.


So go ahead and walk the rainbow,
The clouds will be at your feet.
You'll see the place where the rain grows.
And see the house of the winds.

Mighty Warriors
The sun is set in the autumn sky,
The twilight of the gods,
The stars above are guiding me
And glittering like swords.

My hands are strong,
My legs are fast,
And friends are standing by
The arrows of warriors
Like eagles flying high

Mighty warriors! Living on the edge of the times!
Mighty warriors! Evil is gonna pay for the crimes!

We had a lot of bloody fights,
We saw the face of death.
But for the truth and peace on Earth
We'll give our final breath!

We are enchanted warriors
Living in the magic wood.
We're fighting for the force of light
And victory of good.

Midnight Sky
I wake up at midnight time,
Sky is dark and full of magic.
Twinkling stars are whispering
Silent ballads of world's creation.

Old legends of the night
Come to life in moonlight shadows
Images of past and future
Passing by my eyes.

World's asleep and watching dreams
Listening moonlight lullabies
Wings of the night, so soft and warm
Take me to the sacred places.

I see the forests of unicorns
I hear the voice of Lord Of Thunder
I see the heroes of enchanted lands.
And the mighty magic dragons.

Midnight sky takes my breath away.
Midnight sky, oh-oh-oh-oh!
Midnight sky, my magic spell!
Midnight sky, oh-oh-oh-oh!

I wake up at midnight time
Sky is dark and full of magic
Twinkling stars are whispering
Silent ballads of world's creation.


Night! It's a kingdom of moonlight.
Diamond stars are shining bright.
It is quite a different world. Midnight!
Night! Join me in magic ride
On the winged horse of the night.
I can show you the wonders!
Silver Mountain
I spread my wings and fly away
Million silver stars guide me on my way.
To the diamond of enchanted lands,
To the old wizard and old wise man.

He lives in the silver mountain home,
He knows everything and many more.
He reads the future by the wise magic books,
His crystal ball shows the world when he looks.

Silver mountain!
Is keeping the secrets of enchanted lands.
Silver mountain!
Knows the words that will be never said.
Silver mountain!
Is the ray of light in the darkness of mind
Silver mountain!
Is telling the stories from the other side.

He says: "Life time is never short."
For everything quite enough you've got.
Your destiny is in the hands of fate,
To live and to win is never late!

Dragon's Eyes
I hear a voice like thunder
Over the hills.
Looking in the eyes of Dragon
Hear what he says:
You are the fighter, blessed and chosen one.
Marked by the runic sign,
Here's your talisman!

Now, take your sword,
Find your way,
Find your way.
I'll be with you
Every night,
Every day.
Go, take my sword
Dragon eyes
Day by day.
Listen my friend.
Remember it, like a pray:

Fight till the end
Strong like steel.
Ride the skies
Chase the dark
Evil hides
Flash in the dark
Dragon steel
Dragon eyes see my way,
Guide my hand through the time.

And now I wonder through the lands
And sail the sea.
Fighting the evil creatures
Dragon stays with me.

Now, take your sword,
Find your way,
Find your way.
I'll be with you
Every night,
Every day.
Go, take my sword
Dragon eyes
Day by day.
Listen my friend.
Remember it, like a pray

You say, you don't wanna stay
You don't wanna see me now.
Take my hand and forgive mistakes
I'll never let you down.

Don't leave, baby, just believe
I'll never hurt your feelings.
Baby, don't cry, give a chance to try
I can really make you happy.

Please, wait don't go away,
Don't go away, not now!
Please stay, don't go away
Don't go away, not now.

You say, you don't wanna stay
You don't wanna see me now.
Take my hand and forgive mistakes
I'll never let you down.

Baby, baby, please let me say a word.
I'll never tell you lies.
Baby, be with me; look and you will see
We will be in paradise.

Christmas Song
At Christmas, fairy-tales are born.
The spirits of wonders will come.
Snow is falling down on this
Glorious land.
Candles burning in the night.

Bright, X-mas star is shining on
In the night of Christmas!
Time, X-mas time, magic time...

At Christmas, you fell like a child.
Sweet dreams come true at this night.
Giving hope to everyone!
X-mas star is shining on!

Living on the Edge
You're sad and lonely
Every night and day,
So, that's the price you
Have to pay.

You're feeling empty
Waiting for the night
You know that dreaming
You can fly.

Living on the edge
The game is very strange
No more ace to play this time.
Living day by day
Wanna fly away
Through the darkness to the stars.

And you are crying,
Tears in your eyes.
Reflecting only
On the past.

And you are trying
To forget mistakes
But it will pass
You'll live again.

Daniel Throne (Daniel Throne) - vocal
Jurgen Thunderson (Jurgen Thunderson) - guitar
Chris Caine (Chris Caine, Thorheim) - guitar
Dmitriy (Stephen Dreico) - bass guitar


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