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April 19th, 2019
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Abrasion - Abrasion

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AbrasionRelease by: Megahard Records

Abrasion - Abrasion
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Master of Illusions


2. Into the Night


3. Revolution


4. What's Destiny?


5. Merlin's Apprentice




7. Don't Run for Dyin'


8. The Last Way


9. Face Your Fears And Live Your Dreams


Master of Illusions
Back to the darkness
Now my depression is real
No more conclusions
Fear I do not feel
Back to the illusion
I wanna see the light
My mind need freedom
The years go on tonight

Run with the madness
To the end of the world
Feeling the sadness
What's fucking wrong?

Born into darkness
Don't cling on to the past
My certain feeling
Not looking to the past
Feeling like murder
I know he's just behind
The horse of evil
Please get out my mind

Oh! Lord don't leave me alone
With the evil around the world I just not so strong
Tell me what I have wrong
Who's the master of illusions?
Oh Jesus, take my hand, help me face the evil
'Cause I can't stand this mad world... Inside my head
Who's the master of illusions?
Into the Night
Wasting the tears
Wasting the time
We're so far away
But we're partners in crimes
Yes, my brother
You will be alone
You'll be king of metal
A nightmare song
Save my people 
Where do they belong?
Death of the king
He wasn't so strong
Searching for freedom
Had known before
We are the sons
Don't leave us my lord

Into the night
Please set me free
Into the night
Come after me
Into the night
I don't wanna cry
Into the night
Never let me die

For many years
The wind touched my face
But I can't be here
Walking in this place
A fallen angel
Taking my hand
We'll fly above the ocean
To the promised land

Wasting the tears
Wasting the time
We're so far away
But we're partners in crimes
Yes, my brother
You will be alone
You'll be king of metal
A nightmare soul
No more time for fire
No more time for pain
Revolution's power
Revolution is my name
Who's the man of future?
Who's the man of pain?
Who's the fucking killer?
Revolution is your name

Fight for freedom, fight for life
Scream for vengeance, scream for power
Revolution everytime, revolution everyday
Revolution or evolution? Revolution is my name

Watch out!!! watch out!!!
What's Destiny?
Merlin's Apprentice
Power of creation
Ruler of perfection
Wizard of all nations
Heart and soul you claim
Screaming in the madness
You make it go away
I'm dreaming with the sadness
You break a mellow day

You're wizard and master
Nothing I can say
Time with you moves faster
When your spells fill the day

You're Merlin's apprentice
A knower of the ways
Spices, lotions, herbs and potions
Filling up my days
I'm your metal lover
You're princes of the night
I knew before your power
Awesome with its might

My wizard and master
No much more I can say
Hearts will beat much faster
When love fills up the day
This is the time
You want your freedom
You want to fly
Fly for no reason
Watch out my friend
Look at your side
You need to play
The game of the life

Don't let your life
Be divided
Before and after a simple number
Find your conscience
And get your freedom
Don't be another slave to eighteen, the number

Now you can drive
So drive far away
But you will find
Stones in the way
Now is the time
To break all the rules
But you need to fight
To follow the rules
Don't Run for Dyin'
Some people dying
Blood on my hands
Just living crying
I don't understand
Maybe tomorrow
I might see the truth
Night full of strangers
And you're a mortal fool

Don't run for dying
I won't fight
Killing the people
I can't see the light

How many fears
Please leave me alone
After the dying I can feel so strong
Angels of darkness killing my mind
The tears of the dying walk by my side

Some people fighting hearing that voice
Just living crying they have no choice
Maybe tomorrow I might find the sky
Village of sorrow I won't look behind
The Last Way
I've seen the mistake
I can't find my mind
Looking to the sky
No more time for faith
Looking at the window
With the eyes of a blind
Trying to find a reason
A reason to my life

Another chance for my life
Some people never win
Falling down sensation
I am fooling myself

I can't see the time
I can't see my life
I can't find my mind just the deathway

You promised me heaven
You promised me truth
You promised me, darling
I cannot believe in you
Just a nightmare song
Just a nightmare life
Just a broken heart
I am fooling myself
Face Your Fears And Live Your Dreams
It's the time to reach for power
But the light's so far away
If you want to get to heaven
Here's the chance again
Time is passing, passing by
But your eyes can see the way
Run to your paradise
Make it part of your day

Time is not over
Life goes on
Come on soldier, soldier carry on

It's the time to face your fears
It's the time to live your dreams

Clean all your bloody tears
And sing the glorious hymns
You may commit your sins
There's always someone to forgive
I know you want some peace
But this war you can't leave
Alexandre Siqueira - vocal, back-vocal
Aldo Carmine - guitar, keys, back-vocal
Carlos Aleixo - guitar
Romao Valladares - bass guitar, back-vocal
Alex Melo - drums

Heraldo Paarman - guitar
Valmyr Tavares - guitar
Pablo Ussher - back-vocal
Fabio Ussher - voice
Produced by Heraldo Paarmann.

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