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April 22nd, 2019
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Royal Hunt - Message to God

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Royal Hunt'1997

Message to GodRelease by: Majestic Entertainment


The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Message to God
    (Radio edit)


2. The Final Lullaby


3. Far Away
    (Acoustic version)

Message to God
(Radio edit)
The one who's watchin' over my shoulder - get a life!
I see your arms are nailed to the cross, but your eyes are so alive.
I never thought you're lying but now it's turned around,
So many hearts are dying - you let them down,
Over and over again...

Can't reach you, can't meet you,
I give you everything I've got.
You hear me, don't leave me,
It's my message to you, God.
Can't see you, can't feel you,
I've lost just everything I've got,
Forget me, you've left me,
It's my message to you, God...

We're busy burnin' witches the way we learned from you.
We're good at killing creatures, so teach us something new, come on!
One of your own creations is kind of hard to understand,
You, freak of nature - just tell me why did you create us man?

Traces on the floor, I can't hear the door closing me.
Right inside my dream, it's a sign from him - let me be.
Sunrise through the dust - future is the past chasin' me.
Shadows on the wall, voices down the halls calling me,
Over and over again...
The Final Lullaby
Silver child
Awake at night and waits for mother of time
She will feed him with glittering wine
Silver tide
Fade away to the voice of a lullaby
Strangling serpents and kisses goodbye

It's a dream of forever
And the seals are washed away
A nail for the maker
On the final childhood day

Silver pride
Fainted light as he aims at the enemy line
Showing mercy to a few simple minds
Silver chime
Is he blind the man with the empty face
He refused to get out of the race

It's a dream of forever
He's a man without a name
A nail for the maker
On the trail of greed and fame

It's the chime of the silent bell
The tune of farewell
It's the scream of a wishing well
He's crossing the final day
Far Away
(Acoustic version)
In the misty morning after darkest night,
I feel the heat, I do, and I remember,
Promises are broken now you're gone.
Don't turn me down,
I'm lost and I surrender...

Give me just a sign,
Help to cross the line,
We'll back time and starts again.

Far away - I can you're callin',
Far away - callin' up my name.
Far away - and the tears are fallin',
Far away - no one is to blame...

Some feelings won't come easy,
You have to hit them hard.
You've burned the bridge,
And I fell in a sea of sorrow.
Can you hear my prayer,
Just bring back yesterday,
I feel the pain, it makes me hate tomorrow...

Take me for a while,
Just to make me smile.
I wish I'll never ever cry again.

Far away - I can hear you're callin',
Far away - callin' up my name.
Far away - and the tears are fallin',
Far away - no one is to blame...
Donald Christopher Cooper (DC Cooper) - vocal
Andre Andersen - keys
Jacob Kjaer - guitar
Steen Mogensen - bass guitar
Allan Sorensen (Alan White) - drums


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