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April 25th, 2019
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Royal Hunt - The Watchers

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Royal Hunt'2002

The WatchersRelease by: Frontiers Records

Royal Hunt - The Watchers
Royal Hunt - The Watchers
Royal Hunt - The Watchers
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Intervention


2. Lies


3. Flight


4. Message to God


5. Epilogue


6. One by One
    (new version)


7. Clown in the Mirror
    (new version)


8. Day In Day Out
    (new version)


9. Legion of the Damned
    (new version)


10. Intervention
    (radio edit)


11. Careful People
    (It's a fake track of unknown Japanese edition.)

Would you believe if I said that all what you know is gone?
Nightmare, which you never thought could come out of your dream...
It's done, I tell you
Purposeless rage came down from the skies
Counting the end of your world - open your eyes.

Fire is eating your house, erasing the word "tomorrow"
Time's standing still and your mind is about to explode of pain and sorrow
Help less and weak you look at the skies.
Horror of capital crime's in front of your eyes.

Wishes and hopes in the mud, under their boots, are fading away

Leaving you out in the cold - lost and alone, unwilling making nightmares and fears
To something you feel - like they're real
Pieces of led for your life - it's part of the deal

Out in the rain, here I am, down on my knees for you, father
Tell me just what have we done one to another
Out in the rain, here I am, praying and begging you, father
Look what you're letting us do one to another

God, how can you let me see...
My eyes are tired of watching betrayal and lies
Up there, beware - we build the cross you were once forced to bare.
Quiet and cold you look from the skies.
We are your tragic mistake - so open your eyes.
Feels like I'm covered in lies
So turn off the light, I'm closing my eyes
Flying back - ages ago
Curtain is down and I'm ready to go
Back to the day when I looken into your eyes
Straight to your heart - when I knew
You've been telling me lies

Even the day when we met
I'll always recall with the deepest regret
Tell me what keeps you awake:
Talk of the angel or soul of the snake?
How can you live in your shadow from within
Hiding away from the light in the river of sin?

Lies, neverinding lies, I see it in your eyes
Did you stop believing?
Lies always cold as ice, even heaven cries
For you, but not forgiving
Lies - the way to paradise you're gonna pay the price
On the field of growing lies
Neverending lies need a sacrifice -
You're the one who's going down

Dealing with you on my own
Loosing my faith so I have to be strong
Crossing the sea of mistrust while
Looking for gold which you covered with dust
Eyes of the night, keepin' me right
Engine's roaring like hell
Wing on my side, shakes of the light
Ready to go - I can tell

You better sit upright or you'll fall down
No one's gonna help you miles around

There's no place for tears or fear of heights
Nothing - just the thunder of flight

Fly forever and try -
Cross over the sky -
Feelin' the wind blow.
Cry for losers who died
They're watching you fly -
Over the rainbow

Scary how fast you're down in the dust,
Watching the sign in the sky
Kill or get killed, glory and thrill
Waitin' for one who'll survive

I had a dream last night and I say you burn
Right on the edge of the point of no return
No more excuses and no more comin' back,
Light of the sun - it's turnin' black
Message to God
The one who's watching over my shoulder - get a life
I see your arms are nailed to the cross but your eyes are so alive
I never thought you're lying but now it's turned around
So many hearts are dying - you've let them down over and over again

Can't reach you, can't meet you
I gave you everything I've got
You hear me, don't leave me
It's my message to you, God
Can't see you, can't feel you
I've lost just everything I've got
Forget me, you've left me
It's my message to you, God

We're busy burning witches the way we've learned from you
We're good at killing creatures, so teach us something new, come on!
One of your own creations is kind of hard to understand
You, freak of nature - just tell me why did you create us man?

Traces on the floor,
I can hear the door closing me right inside my dream, it's a sign from him - let me be
Sunrise through the dust - future in the past chasing me
Shadows on the wall, voices down the hall's calling me over and over again
Sailin' away - alone on the ship of time
Wandering 'bout the past - stayin' lost in line
Never endin' story of both night and day
Everything's been lost along the way

Over the years all the friends I've had
Rushed to settle down before they died
In the darkest hour - scream into the night
Everyone who's never seen the light

Someone's lost and someone's found
Someone's movin' 'round and 'round
Someone's pushin' all the way and hits the ground
Someone came and someone's gone
Someone's livin' on the run
Someone made it, someone not
To see the dawn

Minute by minute, hour by hour's gone
Left me alone, kept twistin' me 'round 'n 'round
Every single piece of me will cry for help
Do I have to take that final step?
One by One
(new version)
I've always been the perfect man for fightin',
I've always been the one who'd never lose.
Get up'n'play - it used to be exciting,
A chance to win - but there's no excuse.
But now I feel I've spent my life for nothing,
No chances left - confusions like a rain.
One step ahead won't help - I'm loosin' something.
Another victory will bring another pain...

And I feel like a stranger - lost and found,
In the heat of the danger - another time around.

One by one - we're fallin' on the burnin' ground.
One by one - keep movin' round'n'round.
One by one - just fallin' like shootin' stars.
One by one - we'll just rust behind the bars...

I'm on track, no matter how I'm movin'
From light to light - another dusty place.
No one around - aware of what you're doin',
Forgotten hero - an unknown face.
Straight through the heart - no pain, cos there's nothing.

Back to the past - just injuries insight,
No way to stop - watch out, cos' evil laughin',
No use screamin' - it's sinkin in the night.

Take a look in the mirror - see if you're blind,
Keep chasin' the hero - in another time...
Clown in the Mirror
(new version)
Our circus closed, and the midnight ghost,
Comin' out as light's gone down.
Old and tired clown, no one is around,
Staring at the mirror - now listen...

Oh, show must go one,
Lived in the crowd, dyin' all alone...

Clown in the mirror - glitter and scars.
Here's the pleasure and pain looks as one...
Clown in the mirror - touchin' the stars,
Flyin' in dreams to the sun...

What a mask can say?
Cry the night away!
Askin' mirror - "tell me how long?"...
Wrigglin' all those years, through the laugher'n'tears,
Don't believe in hearts of stone...

Oh, show must go on,
Lived in the crowd, dyin' all alone...

Clown in the mirror, glitter and scars.
Here's pleasure and pain looks as one...
Clown in the mirror touchin' the stars,
Flyin' in dreams to the sun...

But the sun will rise, evil took the prize,
Something will remind you...
Sign of disgrace - this paint on your face...
Day In Day Out
(new version)
Another fight - another story,
I can not choose,
I'm always payin' too much
Days runs to nights, turns off the glory.
Somebody looses, somebody looks out of touch

The colours are dark, but I hope I got luck on my side

My spirit's lost -
I cry my heart out,

10 000 years have past - and what have we learned?
We're doing worse - illusions all 'round.
My life's the same as many lifetimes ago.

Day in, day out -
I'll be alright.
Day in, day out -
I feel like shouting it out.
Legion of the Damned
(new version)
I'm back in town where I was born
Where street's are so cold and heart's of stone
They told me, kid, you'll see the sun
I did! - through the barrel of the gun

Day one, I understood the game
So much to loose - so much to gain
I'm not the one to leave behind
I know I'll make it - through the night

Somebody's gonna die in a desperate fight
No use to hide away the light
Get paid to go so far - no matter who you are
Nobody's gonna run and there's no one to blame
We're under the gun and feel no shame
It's never gonna end - the legion of damned

I've listened to preachers,
I've listened to fools'
So many saints, so many rules
It's gonna be - cold day in hell
If ever reason'll break the spell

Somebody's gonna die in a desperate fight
No use to hide away the light
Get paid to go so far - no matter who you are
Nobody's gonna run and there's no one to blame
We're under the gun and feel no shame
It's never gonna end - the legion of damned

They don't understand
I know who I am.
(radio edit)
Careful People
(It's a fake track of unknown Japanese edition.)
John West - vocal
Andre Andersen - keys
Jacob Kjaer - guitar
Steen Mogensen - bass guitar

Allan Sorensen (Alan White) - drums
Maria McTurk - back-vocal
Kenny Lubcke - back-vocal
Produced by Andre Andersen.
Japanese edition: Teichiku Records TECI-24091
The lyrics were typed by FaST.

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