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April 20th, 2019
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Noturna - Diablerie

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DiablerieRelease by: Hellion Records

Noturna - Diablerie
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Requiem for a Divine Tragedy


2. Remembrance of Dying


3. Tears of Blood


4. Diablerie


5. My Last Heartbeat


6. Evil Heart


7. By Candlelight


8. Cursed


9. Devil's Desire


10. With Hands of Doom


Requiem for a Divine Tragedy
Remembrance of Dying
Living pain
Sorrowful thoughts of my impure flesh
I leave life as dusty walker leaves the desert
My lonely desert!

Don't you shed tears
For me in your demented eyelids
My solitary pale flesh will rest when my spirit leaves
My lonely spirit

My aim is to fallow the monsters
Which my hate creates
And fall from grace down into your cage
Full of thoughts that are leading me to hell

Shadows of the valley and mountain nights
Which my soul sang and loved so
Carry my impure flesh
When the midnight blooms
This is my last remembrance

Lay my lonely death-bed
On the forest oh men forgotten
By the shade of a cross, and write on it...
Was a poet dreamed, and loved (in life!)
Tears of Blood
Remember me at night
When the shadows fall/cast
And you feel alone
Eternity and now
So far from you
There's no somehow

I feel so alone
I feel you so cold
There is no dawn
To fill the ground

For all the tears that she cries
I thrust my steps on the other side
All I left her therefore my soul
The tears of blood

Forever will we keep on crawling up the night
Inside our souls we have the feeling of the times

Behold the burdensome air
The paths of ease I left behind
In eternal delight
Of empty wills, corrupting my mind

And for you I crave,
And for you I sigh,
Covet your stay, and praise the night
Petrified, far beyond the veils of sanity
Lies cursed moon

Close your eyes, join me to see the naked moon
He must forgive our lust

Immortal words, running down through walls of holiness
What's your favorite sin?

Endless night, in the hands of innocent children must remain
The last lullaby

Amaranth, fading death flower...

Thou art worm, thou art but a worm, a weak worm
Enclousered by the moral veil
Thou art worm, yet a worm, a crawling worm
Here comes the death as...

Diablerie! Feed US!
Diablerie! Join US!

"All wholesome food is caught without a net or a trap"
No scent of amaranth

The path of excess, damned for the weakest foolish souls leads to wisdom
My Last Heartbeat
I've Cried, all the raindrops that I've cried
Bloodless, Hopeless Heart
All I've denied
The deepest wounds of love
All the miseries of love
Senseless, endless life
Remembrance of dying
If could die

I'd carry a loss
The shades I felt lighting my nights
The coldest dark nights
All I left behind
Was a mortal life
Without these cursed hungry nights
Please cease my heart

In my last heartbeat I'II try
Try to live my life
By the sunshine
8 seconds of Real Life
If there is a perfect sight
It seems to be your smile
I'd taste your cold lips
Till the day I die

And I'd carry a loss...

The un-forsaken wounds
Will cease with my heart
My first innocent wishes
Rise with my death
My private unholy words
Will shout and curse my life
I shall live forever
With my last heartbeat
Evil Heart
Wings a not a sing of holiness
The stars can change their reasons
Even the purest heart may fall
'Cos before the light there was

Through the winds of time
It must remains
Bringing a chosen evil
And consciousness will break
The thin line between
Light and darkness

Shadows of temptation are here to fill
The emptiness that holiness left behind
Succumb to save your soul from pain
Darkness could take you higher

Evil hear! Evil heart!
Maybe your fate is just succumb to evil
Evil heart! Evil heart!
Cause behind your white wings lies an
Evil heart!

The semblance of pain is the glance of my soul
Is shows you the rage that runs through my heart
Scream in pain and bow to me
'Cause you're just a lost soul and I'm your way

Embrace the darkness, leave your moral decay
For all eternity we wait for a way to survive
Into the silence, we'll not search out for the light
Cause the darkness fills the light
And stops the pain!
By Candlelight
Then there is just silence
And surround me angels
Bring me the dusk
As the sky turns to black
I fall

All alone,
Candles lighting up my pale skin
Tears of Blood
The flowers bring sadness

All my dreams are far behind now
In a words from the past
I will be no more
Now my sky is always black

I can hear a silent storm from the sky
Freezing all my heart and my soul
I can hear the silent music of the night
Freezing all my heart and my soul

Break up the silence with the proverbs of hell
Burn the angels with the flames of hate
Break up the silence with the trumpets of hell
And burn the angels, burn in candlelight.
Spells leading my time, falling into darkness
The coldness is like falling in death's embrace
The winter came to me to fill up my senseless heart
There's a heartbeat that breaks up the iced wind

Winds of a new curse from this lost soul
Behind the gates of light, we don't stand along
spinning flowers push up my body to dusk
Ashes falling to lead up my soul to pain

Over the pain, the could morning rain
We're reaching out for the day
I desire your way, mother's embrace
Back to my sacred place

I want to find my
Time to break the spell,
That took off my winter
I need to find my heart
And the sunrise without shine
The shame of the fire, in times of cursed skies.

My time is far away, so far away...
In my fantasies
I'm falling down
In a land of coldness I'II remain.
Devil's Desire
I look for you in my dreams
My Helena of "Midsummer Night's Dream"
I'd sell my soul to you
My perfect Smile

I've created
Rains of tears
Unleash your fire
Turn my dreams into your dreams

So come to turn my dreams into your truth
You're salvation but (also) my ruin
So feign, lie
Turn my heart into stone, but still I crave for more

Breath the curse in Lilith's song
Tempting Lilith's curse

Take me higher
With you perfect smile
Unleash the fire
Devil's Desire
I drink your fire
Drown in your liar eyes
And Heaven's on fire
My Evil Desire

You are the only one; more pain
You are the first, the last, the truth
Once my way,
But nothing left to show me
Than a best to loose

Still I bleed my tears for you
Caught in your web of tragic fools
But my heart
Needs your blood to beast, and still I crave for more.
With Hands of Doom
I turn to dust and fall with your tainted touch
And I feel my un-life is fading away

And your tainted love stars boiling my blood
A burning flame attraction corrupting my soul

Forget your dreams on the shades of night
Drink all the tears that I shed as wine
Under my skin
Inside my mind
Ride with my blood as my secrets of life

Take my world
My winter nights
With hands of doom

Bring me darkness
As my un-life fades away.

Curse, with your daemon touch
Make dark my sky

Obsession fills me
Erupting my scars
Shows me with that are full of sins
(And the) world wants me dead

Make me dead
Make dark my sky
Cursing me with daemon touch
Cursing me with hands of doom
Vivian Bueno - vocal, back-vocal
Victor Munhoz - keys
Fabio Bastos - guitar, vocal,back-vocal
Guilherme Carvalho - bass guitar, back-vocal
Rafael Costa - drums

Silvia Bueno - back-vocal
Pamella Berzoini - back-vocal
Alzira Morais - back-vocal
Lis Carvalho - back-vocal
Oscarilton Morais - back-vocal
Francisco Simal - back-vocal
Francisco Aguilar - back-vocal
Alan Curatola - back-vocal
Antonio Marcos jr. - back-vocal
Produced by Claudio David.

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