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April 29th, 2017
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Brocas Helm - Black Death

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Brocas Helm'1988

Black DeathRelease by: Gargoyle

(includes demo'89 Helm's Deep - tracks 9-13, and video Prepare for Battle, live at Old Waldorf SF, CA early 80's. )

Brocas Helm - Black Death
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Black Death


2. Prepare for Battle


3. The Chemist


4. Hell's Whip


5. Satan's Prophets


6. Fly High


7. Prophets Scream


8. Fall of the Curtain


9. Drink And Drive


10. Crazy


11. Blood Machine


12. Juggernaut


13. Helm's Deep


Black Death
Black death on the water
Black death in the air
Black death on the insects
Who nest in my hair

Black death all around us
Black death coming fast
Black death is the reason
That your kind won't last

Ring around the rosie
Pocket full of posie
Ashes, Ashes
We all fall down

Black death all around us
Black death at my feet
Black death is the reason
It's unsafe to eat

Don't you come around here
If your want to last
If you don't like it
We'll kick your bloody ass

Around every corner
In every town
The feeling of death
It won't get me down

I'll fight to the finish
I'll fight till I die
Black death is the reason
You all shall die
Prepare for Battle
Demons arise
Your dragon's fire is dying

A blood red wind is crying
Demon armies
Fill the sky

Kings and Princes
In you power
Make laws to keep us chained

Deaf and dumb
Now look, now listen
Your beasts have gone insane

War is coming
Killing thunder
With lasers and with steel

The whip you hold
Has lost it's bite
Revenge shall turn the wheel

Bastards arise
We bring you death
Touch our lightning

Take our metal
Take our dreams
Into a sleep
Of endless screams
The Chemist
There's more to the story
We hope that you listen
The Chemist will soon take control

The Chemist sent Preachers
Prophets, and Teachers
To tell tales of the Darkness
Before the new dawn

So many won't listen
Won't look to the sky
The curtain is falling around you
So many must die
That's why I cry
Hell's Whip
Sound and Fury
Smoke and flames
How can all this be

Studs and leather
Hell's whip flashing
Coming down on me

I've stayed one step ahead of time
But now the cracks of doom
Snakes across my back like lightning

Burning bright
My soul is dying
Watch out for the thunder

Throw the lights upon me
Like diamonds on the sky
Music is my magic
And magic is my high

But still they keep on striking
Those flaming whips of steel
Won't you tell me
What you want from me?

I'm running
I'm screaming
I'm fling like a fallen angel for you
Can't you feel my thunder

And there's no rest for the wicked
No sleep for the metal demon
No rest for the wicked
'Till the Black Knight comes
Satan's Prophets
It starts with the evil
In all of the good
Doing good things
That you know that you should

Never have to worry
About ever being free
Satan cast his spell
On you and me

Lightness is his darkness
Darkness is his magic
If you don't listen
You'll wind up
Something tragic

Starts with the evil
In all of the good
Doing good things that
You know that you should

Satan's prophets
Satan casts his spell on you
Satan's prophets
Satan casts his spell

You played with your magic
But you dropped out of school
Learning bad things
Never did nothing for you

You idle hands were
The Dark Lord black tools
Now the Reaper will harvest
And leave nothing for you

You could have walked the white line
The straight and narrow road
Pledged glory to Jesus
Sanctified your soul

But no you took a gamble
For that pot of gold
You came up a winner but
You still lost your soul
Fly High
Looking for answers
Searching to find
Is it more than a nightmare
Or is it my mind

What I've seen in my dreaming
I know we must flee
A black cloud from a dark world
Has cast it's spell on me

Away from here
I want to fly high
Away from here

Ready for action
Ready to roll
The plague of the Dark Lord
Has taken control

Let's find a rainbow
And climb on it's light
Soon we shall battle
With the armies of the night

Search for answers
Search to find
More than a nightmare
In my mind

What I've seen
I know we must flee
A dark cloud
Hangs over me

End of a nightmare
I rise to find
I am not sleeping at all
And there's no place to hide
Prophets Scream
In your eyes you've clearly seen
A shadow of what time may bring
The end is near the prophet screamed
So you no longer chase that dream

All our days the end's been told
A bomb won't let our rage grow old
Hope is gone our future sold
That feeling has the fatal hold

If the dream is sacrificed
I fear the end will be the price
Of the prophet's scream
Fall of the Curtain
The fall of the curtain
Brings a tear to my eye
The fall of the curtain
A reason to cry
Release your prisoners
Release them all
Tear down your curtain
Tear down your wall

The wall of death surrounds you
The answer can be found
You will find your new beginnings
From dreams you left behind

A new day is dawning
Leave yesterday behind
Tear down the curtain
Unleash your mind

You have the knowledge
Realize you hold the key
You have the power
To set your people free

Soon the wall will shatter
A better life for all
Free to live your dreams
In a world with no more walls
Drink And Drive
Blood Machine
Helm's Deep
Bobbie R. Wright (Dark Rider) - guitar, vocal, back-vocal
Tom Behney (T-Bone) - guitar, back-vocal
Jim Schumacher - bass guitar, back-vocal
Jack Hays - drums, back-vocal

Produced by Brocas Helm.
Reissued by E.M.R. in 2005 with the bonus tracks.

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