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April 24th, 2019
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Brainstorm - Downburst

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DownburstRelease by: Metal Blade Records

Brainstorm - Downburst
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Falling Spiral Down


2. Fire Walk with Me
    ("My words are like a fire", says the Lord [Jeremiah 23:29])


3. Stained with Sin


4. Redemption in Your Eyes


5. End in Sorrow
    (Those truly fear God, among his servants, who have knowledge: for God is exalted in might, oft-forgiving. [Fatir. 35:28])


6. How Do You Feel


7. Protect Me from Myself


8. Surrounding Walls


9. Frozen


10. All Alone


11. Crawling in Chains


12. Hold Tight


13. Breathe


Falling Spiral Down
All the dreams they once were mine
Like shadows they passed me by
I wonder how god can resist
Try to taste the sweat on his lips
If only for better I float in fear
He forgot to remember I can never get out of here
I'm falling spiral down
Falling six feet to the ground
Do anything to hear me scream
Falling spiral down in my dreams
These wounds are bleeding his hate for me
But he leaves his marks all over me
No need to feel so tired and sick
He'll paint me red all over it
I ain't worth a cold thin dime
He's so damned sure that I'm a waste of time
Fire Walk with Me
("My words are like a fire", says the Lord [Jeremiah 23:29])
As fire hits the corner of your mind
Where illusions reflect and dreams collide
You never do anything in between
But the fear you hide burns here within
Your charred and darkened soul, burned by the flame
It's bursting out in rage and all in your own name
Fire in the middle, fire to your soul
You know what it means, you're damned to flames
Fire is (no) salvation, closing on me
Nothing will remain
I'm on fire... so walk with me
Fire consumes and annihilates
Fire sheds light and warms your hate
You're walking into realms of light
It heats up your fear until you can clear your mind
As you reveal the truth of your inner views
You surely won't regret the self respect you lose
Stained with Sin
I'm weighing out what I've done
I'm beginning to dwell since I'm the only one
So I choose my way for all to see
No time is lost; you seek my trace
I free my soul from all the haze
The voices speak where the hearts will meet
But still I wander through the dark
I have heard and seen these dreams
There's no use to hold'em back
I only have myself to blame
I'm stained with sin in this world I'm in
When will pleasant dreams arrive?
When do I lose my alibi?
But I have no name, still it's all the same
You forced me to wake at night
To live the dream and hold on tight
My enemies are falling down to the ground
Though everything is black with me
Redemption in Your Eyes
The future hides your history
When it comes to the end
Like a dream, it fades away
You're too tired to defend
You stood there waiting for the dawn
Searching inside your haunted soul
The brightest light will shine so strong
You better do what you've been told
I see your soul got torn apart
I seal the pain in your heart
Stay alive and close your eyes
As you fall from the sky
Your soul is lost, the hope has died
Let the stars be your guide
I see redemption in your eyes
Your flesh and soul are only mine
To search for answers I can't find
I had to do it by myself
You gave me love, you gave me hell
These wounds are bleeding my love for you
Damned to the end, it's coming through
Tortured and tangled, I still remain
Heaven's burning once again
Again your soul got torn apart
I'll seal the pain in your heart
End in Sorrow
(Those truly fear God, among his servants, who have knowledge: for God is exalted in might, oft-forgiving. [Fatir. 35:28])
Along the lifelines you've got me surrounded
With your face and the hollow of your soul
Because of this disease that you've confessed
Poisoned tears will fall and my body feels so cold
Like someone who sits unaware
It could be me but I'd beware
So I'll set this world ablaze
And blow apart the place
It's always the same, an end in sorrow
Maybe I am wrong but I will follow
The depths of my soul, the wall of despair
In my heart I know there's nothing there
Feel no remorse for what I've done
'Cause I'm the guardian angel banished from the sun
I'll meet the passion and the pain
I will fight and I will hate them until my dying day
The smell of death lies in the air
My father's struck but no one seems to care
Can't find my way home to you
'Cause I lost the faith in you
How Do You Feel
Don't be tricked by what you see
There's nothing left for you and me
I've been right but you've been wrong
That's why I'm back
There'll be no hope and no relief
You changed your mind and changed your dreams
Under a dark polluted sky
Nothing is for certain when we die
See the days float through your eyes
Still I don't know what you were waiting for
How do you feel, show me how to breathe
With ice in your veins you scream
And you get what you need and whatever you want
You're lying to yourself again
Why everything is still the same
I don't know what you're getting into
But now you feel me
You should give back, these wounds are deep
For those who paid the price and suffered for your needs
Protect Me from Myself
Where no one hears your distant cries
Where you end up, there you stand
Your life has passed before my eyes
A crime of passion once again
I curse my fate, but know too late
I will leave by night and leave by day
I pledge my heart to serve the truth and reinvent my life
I am the echo of your past but leave no trace behind
I'll disappear without a trace
Protect my from myself
The truth upon which I agree
I'll open up and breathe
Unable to escape my life
My heart is split in two
I'm left with nothing to survive
My scars remain, the pain comes through
With all the wreckage of the past
Where all my dreams are built to last
Or what it seems to be or what your eyes just cannot see
With these reflections all around you leave here without a sound
Surrounding Walls
I am the key to unlock your door
Ask yourself what's worth living for
Whispering voices will fade to dust
You put an end to all your fears
I'm beggin' in my knees
Can you tell me right from wrong
I think you know which side you're on
Surrounding walls are killing me
My head vibrates and begins to bleed
I'm thinkin' back on my memories
I curse the heaven above me
The loneliest feeling is hiding inside
And either way you changed your mind
You hide yourself as making weaves its silent end
I'll suffer on and hold your hand
Where life turns cold, you hold me tight and bury me inside
You never let me see the sun, keep me away from life
My heart stops beating, you close my eyes, I was lost but now I'm dead
I'm scared to death, drink blood like wine and fire burns my head
But everything remains out of reach
Your smile and laughter makes me cry, to dream is what you teach
Now I'm frozen inside my mind
When I'm frozen to ice
Now I'm frozen but I'll arise
'Cause my hope is alive
Now let me wake up in your arms and let my spirit die
The sound of laughter, dead and gone, memories eat me alive
This time I'll burn and taste the pain, feel my destiny
The end is near; I drift away within a thousand rays of light
Remaining thoughts of you don't let me sleep
I'll pass and stride on till the end, but now I'm falling deep
All Alone
Heaven's no place for me not even hell
You burned all the good things again
I walked the earth and crossed that line to find
A place to go a place to dwell
Where do I run, where will I hide
I'm warning with my fears
You see the blood drop from my eyes
But still you'll return and take back my tears
I would do anything just to hear you scream
Now you will make me fall but only in your dreams
Despair is just my part of life
I'm cryin' all alone
I thought I'd left it all behind
But I feel like my hope is dead and gone
Not looking back again I'll start a new
And cast a shadow of myself
I read between the lines and save it for the cruel
It's my tale I have to tell
I'm on the road to nowhere, I don't know what's true
Crawling in Chains
Hold Tight
Andy B. Franck - vocal
Torsten Ihlenfeld - guitar, bass guitar
Milan Loncaric - guitar, bass guitar
Dieter Bernert - drums

Produced by Sascha Paeth and Miro.

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