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March 21st, 2019
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Grave Digger - Live in Sao Paulo

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Grave Digger'2003

Live in Sao Paulo

(Live at Directv Music Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil (04.10.2003))

1. The Ring (Overture)

Three Rhinemaidens are swimming in me depths of the river Rhine, as the night-dwarf enters. The Rhinemaidens tease him as he tries to catch them. Then a ray of sunlight shines on the pile of gold. The Rhinemaidens tell the dwarf that if someone should forswear all love, he would be able to forge an all- powerful ring of the Rhinegold. They tell this to the dwarf because they think, he would never forswear love, as he was so lustily chasing them. But they are wrong: mad with despair, the dwarf forswears and curses all love and he steals the Rhinegold and flees before the shocked Rhinemaidens can take any action.
Wotan (king of the gods) bargains with the Giants to build the glory of Valhalla and risks the God's immortality. To appease the Giants and ensure eternal youth, Wotan steals the Rhinegold and the ring from the evil dwarf and gives it to the Giants.
In a fury, the dwarf bitterly spits forth the ring's unforgiving curse. Immediately the giants start a fight over how to divide the treasure. One Giant kills the other gets all the treasure. The power of the curse horrifies Wotan.
After the Giant has left the gods turn to greet their new home. The god of Thunder summons a lighting bolt to clear away the fog and a Rainbow Bridge spreads out. Wotan is silent for a moment, as though seized by a novel idea. He christens the fortress Valhalla.
As the gods are walking the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla...)
2. Rheingold
3. The Dark of the Sun
4. Son of Evil
5. Lionheart
6. Circle of Witches
7. The Reaper
8. Valhalla
9. The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)
10. Maidens of War

In the face of the battle, Siegmund, Fathered by Wotan (also father of the Maidens of War), discovers that Sieglinde is his twin sister. Yet, they join as man and wife.
Wotan knows he must kill Siegmund For the violation of the laws of matrimony. But unable to bear the agony of the deed, He sends the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, in his place.
Brunnhilde (one of the Maidens of War) takes mercy on the two lovers. In anguish. Wotan causes Siegmund's death By shattering his sword in battle. Brunnhilde is made mortal as punishment for betraying Wotan, and he surrounds her with a wall of flame that can only be broken by a hero. A portent of the fall of the Gods.)
11. Scotland United
12. Witch Hunter
13. Excalibur
14. Morgane le Fay
15. Knights of the Cross
16. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
17. Twilight of the Gods
18. The Round Table (Forever)
    (Chapter Four: The story of Round Table. It was crafted of the finest wood in Britain. Around this Round Table Arthur gathered the most valiant and noble knights in all the land. The ideals of the Round Table were: Honesty, bravery, daring, magnanimity, being of service to the other Knights of the Round Table, and loyalty. The names of some of the Knights of the Round Table were: Sir Kay, Sir Balin and Sir Balan, Sir Parcival, Sir Gaiwan, Sir Tristan, Sir Irec and, of course, Sir Lancelot. An important aim of the Knights of the Round Table was to find the Holy Grail.)
19. The Grave Digger
20. Heavy Metal Breakdown


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