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February 21st, 2019
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Grave Digger - Live in Bochum

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Grave Digger'2004

Live in Bochum

(Live at Zeche, Bochum, Germany (12.01.2004))

1. Intro / Lionheart
2. Maidens of War

In the face of the battle, Siegmund, Fathered by Wotan (also father of the Maidens of War), discovers that Sieglinde is his twin sister. Yet, they join as man and wife.
Wotan knows he must kill Siegmund For the violation of the laws of matrimony. But unable to bear the agony of the deed, He sends the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, in his place.
Brunnhilde (one of the Maidens of War) takes mercy on the two lovers. In anguish. Wotan causes Siegmund's death By shattering his sword in battle. Brunnhilde is made mortal as punishment for betraying Wotan, and he surrounds her with a wall of flame that can only be broken by a hero. A portent of the fall of the Gods.)
3. Excalibur
4. Sword
    (Triumph, Glory And Agony

In a cavern in deep wilderness, a dwarfen smith is forging a sword. He is frustrated: no matter how good a sword he forges, his young "ward" Siegfried breaks every one of them. There is only one sword Siegfried could not break: Nothung the enchanted. But Mime cannot forge it anew. He wants Siegfried to slay the Giant (who is now a dragon) so he could get the Ring. Finnlly the dwarf shows Siegfried the fragments of the sword Nothung as a proof of his tale. Siegfried decides to forge Nothung himself. As he forges the sword, the dwarf brews a drugged potion for him. Siegfried forge the steel and with one mighty blow he's cleaving the anvil in two.
Siegfried walks alone toward the Dragon's cave. He sees a beautiful bird - he carves a flute and tries to imitate its singing, but realises his playing does not sound right. So Siegfried decides to give the bird a few notes from his hunting-horn. As Siegfried blows the hunting-horn, The Dragon comes out of his cave to investigate the noise.
A hard fight begins and Siegfried pierces the Dragon's heart very quickly. The Dragon, lust before he dies, asks his slayer's name and tells his stony to the boy. He also warns Siegfried about the evil dwarf who lead him to the Dragon.
Some of the Dragon's blood has been spilled on Siegfried's fingers and as he licks them he realizes he can now understand the bird's speech.
Siegfried can hear the bird's voice: the bird warns him of the Dwarf's treachery. The Dwarf tries to offer Siegfried a drugged potion, but Siegfried can read his mind as if it were an open book. He gets angry and slays the dwarf with one swift blow of his sword. He throws the Dwarf's corpse in the Dragon's cave.)
5. The Grave Digger
6. Morgane le Fay
7. Knights of the Cross
8. Twilight of the Gods
9. Yesterday
10. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
11. The Round Table (Forever)
    (Chapter Four: The story of Round Table. It was crafted of the finest wood in Britain. Around this Round Table Arthur gathered the most valiant and noble knights in all the land. The ideals of the Round Table were: Honesty, bravery, daring, magnanimity, being of service to the other Knights of the Round Table, and loyalty. The names of some of the Knights of the Round Table were: Sir Kay, Sir Balin and Sir Balan, Sir Parcival, Sir Gaiwan, Sir Tristan, Sir Irec and, of course, Sir Lancelot. An important aim of the Knights of the Round Table was to find the Holy Grail.)
12. Heavy Metal Breakdown


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