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February 24th, 2019
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Valley's Eve - The Atmosphere of Silence

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Valley's Eve'1999

The Atmosphere of SilenceRelease by: B.Mind Records

Valley's Eve - The Atmosphere of Silence
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Religion-War


2. Room of Answers


3. My Last Breath


4. When Sun And Stars Refuse to Shine


5. A Raven Beside Me


6. Humans Load


7. Place of Nightmares


8. Close Your Eyes


9. Nostalgia


10. Power of Soul


11. My Inner Vision


Countless years have passed
And we managed it to front proof until today
To left the belief defeat our feelings
Eye to eye, death for death
This is what remains from the men
Which have been holy for us
All of the books which are learned in a wrong way
For the others as firm as a rock
For the one the holy war
And old wounds begin to bleed
Than the hate comes to take by force your soul and mind
We went to honour the holy ground
And returned - the hands covered with blood
The sky turns red and we'll become pale
Like the moon conquers the day
Religion, war, and everyone who don't become aware
Will fall down like a tree cut down to the ground
Room of Answers
It's always varying
Between watchfulness and breakdown
There are moments where the brain precisely clatters
When I concentrate myself
The number of breakdowns is massive
Although less moments
When you can draw up yourself
There lies a massive gray, very lead over all
Again and again I try to perceive the life
But everything is brought to zero
I try to think clearly, but every emotion is like frozen
And suddenly I wonder about the coldness
I have innerly evolved
He is likely to come always there
When you never expect him
All the colours will raise never again
Your loss blows up all dimensions
Values, phantasies
The pain is like a desert, full of brutally force
My Last Breath
Worn out I'm lying in my bed
My head is filled with emotions
I hear the hands of the clock and feel
The coldness conquer my body
Now it is noon and the sun is shining
Through the window in my eyes
Then I saw the man on the black horse
I have never seen him before
And now time is standing still
Who are you? I asked him
He was silent while riding
Towards me a plain black cloth all
Over his head and body
He's coming near and nearer
And my eyes are paralyzed
With the blood on his hands I see him escape
My eyes are closing, my soul is rising over me
And the hands of the clock drown
My last breath, last breath
My last breath
My last breath
When Sun And Stars Refuse to Shine
At the edge of time
In the boundless universe
A fire is burning
It will swallow you
Come to me, an inner voice
The view of an angel looking in the distance
You have seen it
The alchemy of the divine habits on the humanity
Dark deeds, circling around you
At the end of the time
The sun will refuse to shine
At the end of all time
The stars will never shine again
Burning witches
Sisters of the darkness
Where the doubt is reigning
Wickedness against pardon
Good-nature for false wisdom
Sisters in a dance, lost in eternity
Sunk down into chaos The people entangled, defended
And thirsty counties
The dead at the front-line
Antiphagy of the few
Our doubt for tomorrow
The sun, refuse to shine the stars, defrosting the august
Doubt will banish yourself into eternity
Greed will blind you
The unscrupulous, going to the
End with sword and fire
All fates, ignoring you
All fates, killing you
And your never-ending pain
The sun, refuse to shine the stars, defrosting the august
All fates, ignoring you
All fates, killing you
A Raven Beside Me
I hope the night will come today
To bring me to the eternal light
To find the only answer
Since so many years I know
That the moment can come each day
That I am living for I hear them every night
Crying in my dreams - night after night
I don't know what was going on inside of me
So many tears
I will burn in hell
With the pain of others
For my own satisfaction
And I will atone for it until my end
I know that I will die today
Out of the dark - into the light again
Out of the dark - into the light again and again
Deep inside, my burning heart
You have destroyed my whole life
I have to fight against yourself
Kill my emotions
A raven besides me - spreads his wings
Covers the face - like a robe
And the shadow - on the wall
Shows me his face
Out of the dark - into the light again
Out of the dark - into the light again and again
Out of the dark - I see the light again
Out of the dark - inside I'll die
Humans Load
My life is like dust
Gone with the wind in the desert
My soul is burning for love
But my brain is longing for pain and devastation
I wanted to held you light
But I did not manage it
The tears flowing down from your eyes to the ground
Are as dry as dust like my unsteady life
I saw you walking on the water
I could not believe it
I saw dead people
Standing alive in front of you again
And I was astonished Come again, turn back the time
'Cause you know that it is true
Come and take me with you
To the time of the truth I was sitting by your side
Eating out of your hand
Do you know me, do you feel me?
Then put out my inner fire
Yes, I am what you have left behind yourself
Do you still know the name you have given to me?
You have left me alone without giving a sign of yourself
Believe me, I will never change myself
Until the time you will appear again
And then we will walk together hand in hand
Meeting the truth in the ray of sunshine
Place of Nightmares
Here I am again
I can't be extinguished easily
Because I am a part of yourself
I come whenever I want, taking your sleep, the quiet
There will be no way to escape from me
And our story will start once again
Don't turn back, I'll always be in front of you
Look in the mirror: you will get to know
Everything which you always wanted to know
Look out of the window. Do you remember the days?
It has been a long time. You have forgotten me
But I always stayed near by you
Do you remember the night where all the pictures died?
Here is the place of you own nightmares
Firmly in my hands
Black angels will come, black angels will leave
Until the day you have defeated yourself
Did you feel the pain I have injured you?
As your life went by in pictures, like a movie
In only one moment I have effected all of your dreams
Even without having a bad conscience
I'm what you fear most: The other side of your self
And I will stay until you have defeated yourself
Here is the place of your own nightmares
Firmly in my hands
Black angels will come, black angels will leave
Until the day you have defeated yourself
Close Your Eyes
It has been time to come, my friend
Your dreams and illusions will lead
You only to one way: my way
The confusion
You will kneel by the forces of my species
Because you are too weak
Close your eyes, and let me direct you
This way could be the last
Close your eyes and let you guide into a world
You have could be the last
Your brain tries to get aware myself
But you will loose, again and again
Until the time comes when you will
Give me your personality
Your are deeply addicted to my power with all
Of your possession
Close your eyes, and let me direct you
This way could be the last
Close your eyes and let you guide into a world
You have could be the last
I count the years of loneliness
But my soul feels no pain, no wish to return
That want you really want you can not find on earth
Is the chosen way correct?
All of you life you will regret the day
You've made up your mind to leave the place
Which gave you all
Come back, don't think about tomorrow
Come back there where the hearts are full of life
Where you'll find your inner balance
Come back only one more time
Come back and feel the difference in yourself
Up to the sky and look to the clouds
Down to the earth and tell me your feelings
I know my friend the view is the same
In different places
But what your soul is longing for will never happen
When you do not change your view of life
Follow your heart, try to live your own life
But never forget the place which gave you all
Before the long way abroad
To leave all behind
Power of Soul
An inner scream
Pain, I live, I die
How do you explain the escape from the grieved heart?
I live, I die
Don't try it, you can not conquer all the confusion
In the centre of your soul
Over your heart
Unconsciously we follow
Turns us into stone, day by day
It degenerates into wickedness
Everything only because of you
Remote-controlled humans with their hearts
Only with toil they follow the commands
Our hope of life
Becomes rusty from time to time
And with it all the dreams are dying
For him, for her, for all
The power of the soul
Which is dead from the birth
My Inner Vision
Can you hear me?
Do you hear the inner wail out of my soul?
I call for you!
Because I can't go on any longer
My body is dead and I can't feel my own emotions
Come and show me the way
The way I have never known
Come and show me the way
That you have chosen for me
Every morning in front of my mirror
I asked myself who am I?
I'm furious, evil, disgusted by my own
But when?
Please tell me when you will feel my pain
When my sufferings are over
Come and give me a little rest
That I can sleep in silence
And let me drink water out of your hands
To refresh my burning soul
Come and show me the way
The way I have never known
Come and show me the way
That you have chosen for me
My praying became silent
My faith has vanished
But my hope is still there
Like a flicking light in the dark
Now come to me and bring me out of here
To get rid of my inner visions
Come to me, rescue me from
My shackling depressions
Which are always chilling me
Roberto Dimitri Liapakis (Lia) - vocal
Tony Mang - keys
Mario Cavasin - guitar
Martin Albrecht - bass guitar
Markus Krings - drums


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