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April 24th, 2019
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Custard - Forces Remain

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Forces RemainRelease by: Mausoleum Records

Custard - Forces Remain
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Ancient Views


2. The Dragonslayer


3. Creature


4. Heaven Strikes


5. Poke the Flames


6. Enter the World


7. Warcraft


8. Kind of Peace


9. Angel of Sorrow


10. Final Stand


11. For the Cross


12. God of Storm


13. Forces Remain


Ancient Views
The Dragonslayer
The Dragonslayer Blessed by the light
The Dragonslayer the holy might

I've been sent by the almighty god of fire
All my weapons are blessed by the light
Holy runes are glowing on my shield of thunder
As I scream my war cry to the sky

I call the wind and rain
I stand in storm and thunder

By the sun and by the moon
I will slay the dragon soon
Hold my spear up to the sky
I can see that dragon fly

Hold my sword into the wind
Holy fire is my friend
With my godlike power force
Slay the dragon no remorse

The dragonslayer blessed by the light

Mighty dragon creature of the night and evil
Now my steel will taste your flesh and blood
Feel my wrath before my anger you must prevail
A holy strike and in darkness you will rot

I call the wind and rain
I stand in storm and thunder



Chorus (repeat)
An untamed beast is unleashed
From its wicked iron chains
Out of sight out of light
Surrounded by black flames

Here it comes hunter in the night
Here it runs with unholy might

Ten feet tall muscles overall
Coming from the deepest hell
Leathered wings darkness brings
A nightmare bad as well

Here it comes hunter in the night

Creature creature
Hidden by the night
Ripper of the innocent
Destroyer of the light
Creature creature
You must be unreal
With glowing eyes the evil rise
With claws made out of steel

An undead roar freeze your gore
Hear its scornful laughter
On ghastly hooves the giant moves
Horror comes here after

Here it comes hunter in the night
Here it runs with unholy might

Blood red horns sharp as thorns
The beast is coming nearer
With splinted tongue and scaly tail
Now you see it clearer

Here it comes hunter in the night

Heaven Strikes
At the end
Of all times on wasted land
An epic war
The winner rules for evermore
Good and bad
Both sides required to be ahead
But who will win
The light or the darkest sin

Heaven strikes
Which side will win this fight
Heaven strikes

Coming up with fire
Burn the holy liar
Let the flames reach higher
To heavens gate
With possession and aggression

Holding swords of lightning
Their holy choral singing
Let all fires freezing
Heaven strikes
Holy anger with a prayer

Heaven bring all angels

Unholy might
Rage against the force of light
Hear the holy sounds
And demons melt down because
Heaven strikes
Which side will win this fight
Heaven strikes

Wants to rule forever
The chance is now or never
So demons charge together
Into the light
Hear their voices raw and restless

Today this word means nothing
All angels ruled by something
Like wrath of god on white wings
They are coming down
Like a thunder holy hunter

Heaven bring all angels
Demons hell is waiting

Demons angels rage in fury
Slain each other for gods glory
They don't understand fight will never end

Spears of light and forks of fire
Fighting for the new messiah
Who will win or fail one side will prevail


Heaven strikes...

Which side will win this fight
Heaven strikes
Poke the Flames
There stand three piles across the market place
All people come to see the flames
A smell of oil and wine is in the air
The mob is waiting see them stare

Wait for the glowing light the witches burn tonight

The only way is the holy fire
To purify their souls
They are guilty no one can deny that
We have no remorse

They seduced men with their witchcraft eyes
They forced the witness to tell us lies
Under the torture they confessed it all
Brides of Satan that's what they are

The inquisitions wrath the court had sealed their death


Fires burning high
Filled a blood red sky
Poke the flames
Burn the witches
We must purify
Let all evil die
Save our souls
Burn the witches

The executor let the flames arise
All the sinful have to pay the price
Dance with the devil and you slowly burn
A lesson for them all to learn

They look so innocent touched by the devil's hand



You can see the tears fear is in their eyes
Helpless and resigned

And as the flames are raging higher
Screams of pain addicted to fire
Stench of burning flesh in the air now
With their last breath they will curse you


Redeem thee... Chorus (repeat)
Enter the World
There is a place, I'm almost there
I fight the dragon in his lair
And in my dreams I'm always there
Other worlds I just don't care
We are all heroes here
And we fight all together
No time to live in fear
This bond will be forever
We head for unknown lands
Adventures are still waiting
We kill and fight so tough
For this were proudly bleeding

In this world of warcraft
All heroes standing proud
In this world of warcraft
The real world's fading out

Entering this world of warcraft
Bound us all together
Quest for honour
Fight in battles there is no surrender
In this world of warcraft
We stand all together fight for glory
Take the challenge there is no surrender

The paladin is well
Great hammer holy might
The warlock might's from hell
His demons are his guide
A mage, a holy priest
For damage and for healing
A warrior at least
Defense and battle screaming





There is a place I want to be
An endless world of fantasy
And in my dreams it's real for me
The only place I will be free
Kind of Peace
All my fears come true, all my pain
I sit beside you but I don't know who's to blame
You look still pretty with eyes so cold
It seems not so cruel as they ever told

Nothing makes a sense, it is a disgrace
Nothing but the smile frozen on your face

So you lay there your body soft and warm
You look beautiful but the needle in your arm
All my dreams and hopes ended in this night
And I ask myself what kind of peace you find

No more restless thoughts no more shame
No more emptiness you'll cry never again
I didn't read the signs you ever show
How could I be so blind I think I had to know

Nothing makes a sense, it is a disgrace
Nothing but the smile frozen on your face



Chorus (repeat)
Angel of Sorrow
All my memories fade away
Slowly darkness rules
My mind and my soul try to leave
So I feel lost forever more

Something grows inside my mind
It takes control by hour
I'll lose my humanity soon
I've been lost forever

Lady of darkness a black covered princess
My angel of sorrow your kiss left a hollow in me

Does the sunlight really hurt
It seems like cursed
How could it be so dark in me
That the daylight makes me flee

Since my angel is kissed me well
I feel a strength inside
That raises me up to the night
I know it is forever

Nothing is real but the hunger I feel inside
Now I need blood to survive hunting for human life



On black wings I'm flying humanity's dying
With red eyes I'm searching for blood under warm skin

Angel of sorrow...


An angel of sorrow that's me
That's me...

Final Stand
The right place the right time
Here we stand to hold the line
I know it well it must be done
Soon they are falling one by one

Here we stand to hold the line
The enemy appears

Loading fast take the aim
Pull the trigger once again
Next to me the man screams loud
Without his life he smacks the ground

Here we stand to hold the line
The enemy is near

Until we die we hold the line
Here we wait to make our final stand
We hold the line
No retreat no surrender no place for disgrace
Prepare to fight

Standing proud side by side
In the smoke a flash of light
I feel the blow I see the blood
As I fall into the mud

Here we stand to hold the line
The enemy appears

See the flag in the sky
I know my time has come to die
No regrets we save the day
While my life's fading away

Here we stand to hold the line
The enemy is near



Until we die
Death is close at hand
Until we die
Fight to save our land
Until we die
No surrender no place for disgrace

Prepare to fight
For the Cross
In this century
Of fear and death of war and sickness
We all have the chance to wash our sins away

It's our destiny
We march or die across the wasteland
Undaunted we ride to join the pilgrimage

All we're standing here
Armoured knights with chains and weapons
Were the chosen ones of Christianity

On this holy ground
We are all prepared to battle
Who will live who dies only God can say

We carry the cross - and you get the loss
Redemption and grace - my sword in your face
Save the holy land - your blood on my hand
Just do like god will - for atonement I kill

For the Cross in the name of Honour
Here we fight in the sand of a land far away
For their Doom we bring death and slaughter
Let them die in the sun one by one and decay
For the Cross in the name of Honour
In search for Christ's grave we prove our faith
For their Doom we bring death and slaughter
For Gods glory high ten thousand must die

Now the charge begins
Like one man we bow (sink) our lances
We can feel the ground shake beneath our feet

Banners in the wind
The cross in sign on silk and iron
Hungry for the fight the enemy must bleed

We pray to the lord - they tasting my sword
Forgive us our sins - the rape just begins
Our Weapons are blessed - I stab in your Chest
Gods work we do well - Your soul burns in Hell


God of Storm
Far beyond the darkened sky
The kingdom of eternal night
Slaves of doom obey his call
He will come to take your soul away

Ancient rhymes awake the force
Of death and fear there's no remorse
The wind blows fast the sea is tough
Where is the one who's strong enough

Clouds fill the sky feel the pain he'll descent
God of storm
See his eyes with the rain he'll descent
God of storm

He's back to reign our race will die
There's no escape the children cry
We lived in fear since we were born
Afraid of him the god of storm


The end is near no turning back
The final wave his last attack
Some magic words of violence
A mighty burst eternal silence

Chorus (repeat)
Forces Remain
I hear the voices
They're calling me
I can't ignore this
My destiny

And so I'm riding on
My confession is still strong
The Forces who remain
Call me to arms again

I will never lose my strength
I will ever be untamed
And to no one I should kneel
I stand like steel

I will ever standing proud
Sealed with blood this holy bound
Every menace I should dare
Oh I swear, I swear

All the eagles will guide me if I die
To the hall of glory in the sky

But as long as I live
All my power I will give
Just to be
Forever free
Oliver Strasser - vocal
Robert Resinek - guitar
Carsten Reichart (Oscar) - guitar, back-vocal
Michael Marquardt (Magga) - bass guitar, back-vocal
Christian Klapper - drums, back-vocal


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