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February 20th, 2019
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Grave Digger - Ballads of a Hangman

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Grave Digger'2009

Ballads of a HangmanRelease by: Napalm Records

Grave Digger - Ballads of a Hangman
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Gallows Pole


2. Ballad of a Hangman


3. Hell of Disillusion


4. Sorrow of the Dead


5. Grave of the Addicted


6. Lonely the Innocence Dies


7. Into the War


8. The Shadow of Your Soul


9. Funeral for a Fallen Angel


10. Stormrider


11. Pray


12. Jailbreak
    (by Thin Lizy.)


The Gallows Pole
Ballad of a Hangman
Scream and die - at the gallows pole
Where the hanged are singing songs of despair
Hope is the last what they have in mind
Songs of revolution are hanging in the air

The master of death, deep in their mind
Stealing their lives and leaving them blind
No mercy, no excuse for all of your sins
You will die in agony, the evil within

Run and hide
As long as you can
The race is started
Let the hangman begin

Kill you - at the gallows pole
Where the brave find their rest and pray for the dead
Ballads are sung and the earth starts to quake
The last supper starts for the slaughter you wait

Run and hide
As long as you can
The race is started
Let the hangman begin
Hell of Disillusion
I'm sitting in my chamber staring at the floor
Hammering my head against the wall
I'm screaming at the mirror scrawling signs into the air
Tears running down my face I'm feeling so scared

Watch me cry
Ask me why
Watch me die
My life is such a lie

Hell, hell
Hell of disillusion
Die, die
Hell of disillusion

My hands are full of blood, the mirror lies broken
What have I done, my guilt is unspoken
My mind stays alone, my fate turns to hate
Lifeless eyes, about a life I did take
Sorrow of the Dead
Undead rise from their graves to the sky
Hell Dogs howl, and on the fields the survivors cry

Undead call, the demons from hell
From the purgatory, where evil dwells

All Saints and sinners
The mask of hate
All Winners and Losers
Look at your fate

A cry without tears
A scream you can't hear
As skies turn to red
Feel the sorrow of the dead
Sorrow of the dead

The dead scream out loud, about the gods of war
Demons of doom, spitting out the gore
Grave of the Addicted
Voices in my head pray for a dream
Pain and agony make me scream
The night and the gods call out my name
No echoes no shadows it's a useless game

I'm not the first and I won't be the last
I am your son you're my devil of the past
The nightmare is you - I am convicted
To step into the
Grave of the addicted

I'm pressing my head deep in the dust
Licking the sand with incredible lust
I take a rest under the old tree
A friend that laughs and speaks to me
Lonely the Innocence Dies
Please take my hand I'm scared of the night
Show me the way back to the light
I'm so afraid I could lose your love
And if you were gone I'd cry like the mourning dove

I brought you flowers black like the night
One for the evening one for the night
But you couldn't say no to the hand of the priest
A liar, betrayer, smiling with the face of a beast

Lonely the innocence dies
No name on their gravestone no cloud in the sky
Without memories the raven will fly
Without love the innocence dies

My hands will not touch you, but they'll bring you pain
I'm feeling so empty, alone in the rain
Can it be a fault, can it be a crime
I take you back home, make you a part of mine

Touch me I'm so cold, I'm pale and grey
My eyes are blood-red, love fades away
I cry and I scream - no words from my mouth
My soul crosses the land, and finds rest in the south
Into the war
Into the War
Hell is covered with sludge and blood
Insanity will kill the last man standing
Now we are back in times of hate
Ignorance will kill the last in line

Wheels keep on turning
They never will stand still

In - into into the war
In - into into the war
In - into into the war
In - into into the war

Men fight men fight day by day
Mankind will die by the hand of mankind
New weapons from hell, will take your last breath
Millions will cross the borderlines of death
The Shadow of Your Soul
My demons watch out to find a sacrifice
The wind blows straight into my face
Sweating hands cover the knife
I try to hide my thrill of the chase

Death could be the end
If pain is your friend
Morning will come
Bad days are gone

I'm out of control
I'm out on patrol
I'm the shadow
The shadow of your soul

Loneliness will guide you through the night
When you hear my whisper at your side
Sleep sweet lullaby it could be your last
Jack's my name - I'm the ghost of the past

When you wake up, I will be there
Ripping your body, touching your hair
A permanent nightmare that's what I am
I shear your skin like an innocent lamb
Funeral for a Fallen Angel
Night after night she would knock on my door
Like a cockroach she crawled on the bloodstained floor
Begging for money for one last glass of wine
Selling her soul she would never resign

Dancing like mad in the darkness of the night
Beauty has fallen far out of her sight

Say farewell to a fallen angel
Funeral for a useless soul
Say farewell to the life I've taken
Funeral for a heart that's forsaken

An immaculate goddess rides on the wings of a devil
The procession moves on and they whisper of murder
Flowers are thrown on the crate of the brave
Tears are falling down from heaven on her grave

Dancing like mad till the rising of light
Dogs howl in the distance as she dresses in white

Funeral for a fallen angel
Funeral for a useless soul
Funeral for the life I've taken
Funeral for a heart that's forsaken
Heading for the north
Heading for the south
Burning the ground we leave behind
We are the scum of mankind

Eye to eye and
Face to face
We scream and shout
We shout out loud

The devil's at our side
Passion makes us wild
Killing is our style
We'll never die without a smile

One second to live
Two seconds to die
Procession of loudness
On steel wings we fly
No one can stop us
We are the law
We never, never, never withdraw
I see myself lying on the bed
My head on the angels fold
An eagle waiting in the corner
To take away - me and my soul
A journey without return
To a land that no one knows
My Avalon my paradise
Where angels dare my soul will rise

Pray - dancing through the night
Pray - until the morning light
Pray - pray for the devil's rite
Pray - because we'll die tonight

I wake up in the hell of Eden
Guardians taking care of me
Out of the haze a shadow moves
A unicorn, black and wild
I open my eyes and look around
My hunger is fed by a lonesome child
It looks like me when I was young
I'm buried alive, my life is done
(by Thin Lizy.)
Chris Boltendahl (Uncle Reaper) - vocal
Hans Peter Katzenburg (HP Katzenburg) - keys
Manni Schmidt - guitar
Thilo Herrmann (Thilo Hermann) - guitar
Jens Becker - bass guitar
Stefan Arnold - drums

Veronica Freeman - vocal
Produced by Grave Digger and Resetti Brothers.

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