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February 19th, 2019
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Halloween - Tricks, Treats, And Other Tales from the Crypt

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Tricks, Treats, And Other Tales from the CryptRelease by: Motor City Metal


Halloween - Tricks, Treats, And Other Tales from the Crypt
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Welcome


2. Tales from the Crypt


3. 7 Years


4. Fighting Words


5. Crawl to the Altar


6. Black Skies


7. She's a Teazer


8. Vicious Lies


9. Trick Or Treat


10. Lights, Cameras, Action


11. What a Nice Place


12. No One Gets Out


13. Die Forever


14. Fire Still Burns


"Halloween Stage shows are a trip, you've got to see one.
Midnight is the witching hour for the children of the night."

Hello... do you believe your eyes, oh no... tonight is not your night
Welcome... fear has got you now, last chance... to get away somehow
This is... what you pay me for, loud and vicious... rock you can't ignore
Yes I've... got plans for all of you on Halloween... we'll scare you too!

Welcome to our dream, welcome to our night
I can make you scream, I can make you bite!
I know you're thinking, ain't we quite a sight?
Why don't you stay, and be our guest tonight...

Are you... afraid of me, now you... scream eternally
Little girl... hiding in the dark, you know... exactly who we are
Now you... come to see the show, welcome... I hope you never go

Welcome to our dream, welcome to our night
I can make you scream, I can make you bite!
I know you're thinking, ain't we quite a sight?
Why don't you stay, and be our guest tonight...

Now you've come here, believing all is well
I've got shocking news for you, we've got fear for sale
Let's get one thing straight, time has come for you to pay
Welcome home, little children, I hope you will stay, welcome!

Oh... hello! I've been waiting here for you, scare you shitless, is all we want to do
Last chance... to get away alright, welcome to the show tonight
Tales from the Crypt
I have seen the dead, lying in their bed
I have seen things I shouldn't see
I have felt the fear of the dangers here
And I'm trying to break myself free
Licked in a room in this misty tomb
I have felt the wrath of their grip
All the faces of man, look here in my hand
I have brought you tales of the crypt

The fires below have started to grow
And devil tries to escape
From below in hell he casts his spell
On the innocent men in the grave
Witches roam the earth from the birth
Warlocks celebrate death
I have seen the pain again and again
They will kill kill there's nobody left

I have watched them grow, and I know they're real
I have seen them kill, rape and steal
Fire in their (eyes/hands), blood on their lips
They bring a warning, tales from the crypt
7 Years
Downfall, spinning toward the ground
It's only on the screen
They say that's all
No use hangin' round
To live what used to be
I won't hide
I won't run with the pack
I stand alone, moving on
I won't look back
At seven years
Uproar, we all want the fame
Just 15 minutes more
We're all sorry
Too late to make a change
And get up off the floor
It's all what we long for
We all want better days
But there are no more
I disagree
I refuse to accept, defeat
'Til I die
I will live out all my dreams
Another seven years
One million times
Another seven years

It's only time gone by
While bad luck holds you captive
We al learn how to die
We should learn how to live
Downfall, crashing to the ground
It is only make believe
They say that's all
Might as well not hang around
It can't be like it used to be...
I won't die
I won't stand back and fail
No broken mirrors
No bad luck to avail
Not anymore, no way
I look forward to...
Another Seven Years!!!
Fighting Words
I want, I take what I want
I hate, I kill what I hate
I need, so fuck you and your desire
I play with you in fire

I see, you are blind
When I hurt inside, you will feel my pain
I win, you lose
I rape, I use and abuse

Love and hate... are fighting words

I shoot, you die, I win the game
Total death!!! You disappear I kill again
Media overkill, makes me a superstar
But not you, you're where you are dead!!

Black and white are fighting words

Who cares anybody, anyone?
More lies, with all the power, we have won
Who lives, who dies, when war is done
Sympathy!? What is that? The feeling's gone

Give and take are fighting words

You want, you take what you want
You hate, you kill what you fucking hate
You greed, you ignore, my desire
And now you'll play, with me in fire

Me and you are fighting words!!!
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the altar
To preach molded lies
All confessions
Pray your sins goodbye
Cauldron brewing
Full of holy blood
Who killed the angel
Falling from above
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the Altar
A burning cross temptation's cost
He drinks the blood
Of those who lost
Cesspool of death
Puts you to rest
You live a dream
You fail the test

Crawl to the altar
How deceiving
Total blasphemy
Your collar's bleeding
But only you can see
Raped of your innocence
By your evil greed
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the Altar
Where you feed us lies
False confessions
No one hears your cries
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the Altar
The altar, unholy altar, the altar
Black Skies
She's a Teazer
Blond hair, blue eye, her body was so nice
Her loving ways could fill my days
But her heart was cold as ice
She says she wants to love me
She said she wants me today
She said she wants to please me
But then she turns away, 'cause

She's a teazer, a crowd please, and she knows what to do
But she's a killer, a heart chiller
And she'll be (killing/teasing) you!

Her body moves like a beauty queen
She's got her act all tight
This little lady is the best I've seen
She'll keep you up all night
Her fingers dance like rain on the trees
Her eyes like snakes in the grass
Her mind is working like a sneaky bitch
And your fantasies won't last






She's a teazer
Vicious Lies
Trick Or Treat
Out on the streets at night, the wind is blowing cold
The reapers watching you, the warning has been told
Now you stand in front of me, ask me to spare your life
A wicked smile, I turn away, then cut you with my knife

Demon spirits, hiding from the light
Beggars and liars, roam the windy nights
Witches and warlocks, die in bloody fights
Trick or treat, it's Halloween tonite

If you kneel before me, I'll give you my advice
Run before I kill you, for human sacrifice
Stay away from here, full moon is in the sky
Killers on the loose tonight, trick or treat and die!


Out in the streets tonight in the cold October air
You can't see the light, blinded by despair
Nobody will find you dead, no trace of life at all
Don't be fooled by promises, no deal can stop the fall
Demon spirits die on darkened streets
Cold dead bodies, paying for their treat
Witches and warlocks, die in bloody fights
Trick or treat, it's Halloween tonight

Trick or treat, face defeat, give me something dead to eat
Lights, Cameras, Action
What a Nice Place
Hypnotising and sacrificing, playing on our fears
Eerie sound on dark lit grounds, strangers to our ears
In our homes the spirits roam another night to give
Late at night we hear them sing, what a nice place to live

What a nice place, nice place to live!

Energised and mesmerised we play for you today
Down those halls, turn through those doors,
They search to get away
The moon is watching, minutes wait,
Another night to give
Late at night we hear them sing, what a nice place to live!



Oooh! Penetrate and saturate the darkness of the night
Shrieking cries that mystify added to our plight
Late at night we hear them scream
What a nice place to live!

No One Gets Out
As the winds blow violently
I see a fate only the mirror knows
And the crashing sounds of thunder
Brutal Endings, that's how the story goes
My conscience begs me to look away
Still I look right into his eyes
I feel the power in his stare
It's only then I realise

No One Gets Out!
Face the truth leave your world behind
All your questions gone
Lost in the Unknown
Night and day
Among the unmankind

Everybody wants to know
But who'd believe your story anyway
Dark tales of the vast beyond
Laughing mobs who would turn on you
You have no reason to turn your back
Still you look away believing your own lies
And though they could crush you with their attack
They let your excuse materialise


There's no escape death and rape
Now your in Hell's grasp
No desire we drown in the fire
No more breath for you to grasp
No belief eternal grief
Wishing you'd survive
No more life wrong or right
No One Gets Out alive!!!

Die Forever
And so I tell you, to get it straight, don't push your luck
It's so simple, you can't change fate, do you really wanna give it up
When it's over, you're dead and gone, we can't hear your cry
When you die, you're dead forever, you die forever, when you die
Don't give in, never quit, don't go kill yourself
Fight forever, believe in you, ‘cause no one's ever gonna help ...yeah
When it's over, you're dead and gone, no one hears your cry
When you die, you're dead forever, you die forever, when you die


You're gonna lose, you play the fool, but no one's gonna laugh
C'mon be proud, stand up to the crowd, or you ain't ever coming back
Again I tell you, to get it straight, don't push your luck
It's so simple, to make life great, but you don't give a fuck... do ya?

Don't, die... die... die... don't try suicide... !!!
Fire Still Burns
Brian Thomas - vocal
Donny Allen - guitar
Tommy Vendetta (Tommy Vendetta) - guitar
John Guarascio - bass guitar
Jason Rossvanes (J. Dawg) - drums

Tim Franquist - guitar, bass guitar
V Lee III (V Lee III) - guitar

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