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January 17th, 2019
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Tyrus - Masters of Revenge

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Masters of RevengeRelease by: Iron Glory Records

Tyrus - Masters of Revenge
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Life Death Mercy


2. Screams in Vain


3. Seafaring Evil


4. Masters of Revenge


5. In the Nite


6. Swords of the King


7. Lady Killer


8. Under Attack


9. Dark Child


10. No One Seems to Care


11. Take Us Away


Life Death Mercy
Reaching far
For your life in the sky
Gonna be damned
To hell before you die
Telling him you've changed all your ways
Soldier of steel
Is a big price to pay

Life death mercy

Started on cherry lies
Your wretched mind
Your eternal fire
You've got to find
Floating in a pool that's thicker than water
Turn to the heavens above forgiveness
For this slaughter

Saviour said he'd safe ya to pull you
Up from your string
But as time runs out
Beelzebub sings
Soul follows you from the gallows
Enemies march, they march
The graves overturn as your life parts
Screams in Vain
Born into a house of pain
Screams of horror rack your brain
Now you're feeling like you've got no control
Now you're thinking that they possessed your soul
Words of terror fill your mind
Feel it now, now is the time
Blaming people for the pain
Now is the hour start your reign

Fire is burning deep inside
A passion for pain
You can't hide
Ravens fill the sky
The killer has broken the chains
Ravens blind my eyes, voices scream in vain

The end is coming down
Blood stains on the ground
Feelings lost you got nowhere to turn
There is no escaping now caught you'll burn
Killer man your time has come
Feeling free you've got to run
Now you've left your stains still lying there
Nothing left nothing to fear
Seafaring Evil
We'll not to mourn
We'll see him in hell
With this arrow of death we cast the spell
This island is ours best stay away
Strangers are welcome but we'll make
Them our prey

Beware - or we'll take your life
Retreat or you'll die

Beyond the sea
Plaguing me
Beyond the sea

We're sentenced to death but don't
Give a damn
The life we lead you'll never understand
Ruling the sea stocking the night
Like shadows we creep before the light

Desecrate - across the sea
Possessed - inside of me

The spirit comes alive again
Does not forgive, only makes sin
This island of damnation
Alive with pain
The demon conceives while the elder's reign

Ooh - seafaring evil

This mystery has ended and it's their
Time to die
In the sky you see a vulture fly
The holy entity has overcome
Who was deceived has now just begun

Defeat begun
Masters of Revenge
You'll get your throat cut out if you
Don't watch what you say
You'll get your eyes torn out if you
Look the wrong way
See over here we're the law
As we see through the eyes of the dead
There is nothing in the skies except a lonesome cry
We fight war with no bloodshed

We're the masters of revenge
To lose is to lose your life
The living soul is what we avenge
Feel the cold steel in my knife

You'll become one of us
Or you'll die
We make the rules over here in no time
You'll overcome
You won't have to hide you'll have
Nothing to fear
We take without giving and
That's how we play
Our fortune is winning anyway
You won't believe what
You're seeing
In the Nite
Lost in a time a make believe
Your mind at large, you're lost in a hole
Not understanding this world at all
It's ripping through you, it's stealing your soul

He's coming at you, can't stop at all
He's going to get you wait for his call
Got to stand up, cannot break
Got to look up, the lord to take

In the nite
Stand and fight

Out for blood break his back
Out for virgins going to attack
Can't turn to love must turn to hate
No turning back, no escape

He's coming at you
You cannot stop
Don't mind the law
You're already caught
Remorse is there you've got to gain
Or live with the eternal pain

Your life is draining
From your mind
You're too far gone no need to look behind
You lost your chances
You turned your back
Nowhere to run from the attack

You're walking down the
Same old street
Evil temptation you've got to beat
You blew your chances you lost them all
Now you're standing with your back to the wall
Swords of the King
Their rode on their horses with swords on their backs
With a vengeance in their eyes they were ready to attack
With the powers of god they could not be defeated
They stood so strong the enemy retreated

In the night they march
With blades of steel
They couldn't be beat
They would not fail

Killing and slaying
All the demons they could
Lucifer angered
But the king still stood
There he walked
With his eyes ablaze
There he died in a total rage

Dying in hell and pleading why
Now ye finds the hole in the sky
As he rode back into the night
The deed was done 'twas evil's last fight
Lady Killer
Everytime I see your face and look into your eyes
I've got you've figured out, I've torn through your disguise
You took away my life, you locked me in this cell
The eternal flame grows higher as I see the gates of hell

Drowning in a sea of emotion
You've got me under your spell
Terminating my bitter existence
Live my life from a wishing well

Look into my eyes
Torn through your disguise
I'm tired of all your lies
Don't know if you are a ladykiller

You toyed with my devotion, I trusted
In your word
The fantasy that we live together was
Something I never heard

Now that I know all your evil ways
And I've seen the way you choose
Destiny just don't let it pass on by
Some day you will lose
Under Attack
Pursued by the evil forces
The dark side of the law
The cry of the banshees
The wings of Satan's soar
Feel the power
The faith in your soul
Turn your back from the warlord

Reach the troll
Under attack

The crime of the world looks through
Wrong and right
Too much darkness can't see the light
Wilderness torched by the ignorance of man
Children scream destruction of the land

From my rotting corpse I see the land
That used to be
The end of time has come, the end of you and me
Revelation number nine going in your head
Don't turn back now 'cause you're dead
Dark Child
There has to be a light somewhere
Shining it rays on me
But as I look to the sky right now
Black is all I see
There has got to be am answer
Buried in this world somewhere
An answer for this riddle
Of the joke life that has played on me

Dark child call
Dark child

There always is a question 'bout everything I say
But no one gives the answer cause no
One wants to play
There never was a reason for anything
I've done 'cause when I start to see the truth
Well I just turn and run

So tell me what has happened to the
Way I used to feel
Well you can never change your life
Because nothing is ever real no no
Now I have no dreams no more
And here is reality 'cause when I pit the pistol to my head
Pull the trigger
I'm free
No One Seems to Care
Somewhere between heaven and hell
Lies the promised land
Things that are going all around baby I
Don't understand
The bear from the east shoots fire
In the sky
For power, hunger and gold
The eagle from the west does the same
But he's not so bold

Somewhere between this and that
I think we are
Going nowhere
Somewhere between this and that
No one seems to care

Somewhere between love and hate a
Trust in man
Things that are going all around baby I
Can't understand
The black guy fights to survive
The white guy for a kind of status
They're both the same they play a
Stupid game
They both have a lack of trust

Somewhere between good and evil lies
One great god
Things that are going all around seems
Caring we forget
The bad guy is free - just leave him
Alone, just let him be
Nothing will change - we'll all feel the
Pain, we'll all see
Take Us Away
Tracy Powers - vocal, drums
Bill Butler - keys, sound effects, back-vocal
Mark Rauseo - guitar, back-vocal
Michael Berardinangelo - guitar, back-vocal
Ken Barardinangelo - bass guitar, back-vocal

John Casoli - drums
Produced by Eric 'Griffy' Grief and Tyrus.
Reissued by Iron Glory Records in 2001 with the bonus track.

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