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February 23rd, 2019
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Cain's Dinasty - Legacy of Blood

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Cain's Dinasty'2008

Legacy of BloodRelease by: Rompiendo Records

Cain's Dinasty - Legacy of Blood
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Legacy of Blood


2. Two Seconds to Forget Your Name


3. Under the City Lights


4. Remember the Tragedy


5. The Journey


6. Tears of Pain


7. Infancia Eterna


8. Come to Me


9. Taking a Look


Legacy of Blood
There was a time empty of hope
And full of misery
Where nothing made sense
I've seen death running before my eyes
Slowly I fall in darkness
That's the last down I'll see
My destiny is to die as a mortal being

And tonight I feel inside
All the power and the force
Of those who preceded to me
Ancient blood runs trough my veins
Fire burns inside my soul
Not a thing will be the same again

I've seen the world condemned
Since the beginning of our time
That's the essence of my pain

In this coldest existence
I've seen the ancient nations fall
That's my legacy of blood

I am walking trough the dark
In this painful eternity
And a dream of a purple dawn
Repeating in my mind
Remaining in the shadows
I'm searching eternal rest
To drink the blood of my own brothers
Is my sentence
Two Seconds to Forget Your Name
Don't you watch me with eyes of sympathy
Don't you think I'm feeling bad
Now I see other exits, and sadness was not the only one
Don't you talk to me with charming words
And listen to me as if I was a victim
Hope is growing inside me as strong as the sea

I will need 2 seconds to forget your name
I will need 2 seconds to breath again
I will need 2 seconds to forget your name
I won't shed any tears for you

Now I walk away from you
And my heart pounds not for you
It should have never had happened
But now it's too late to change

I didn't mean to hurt you
I didn't mean to make you suffer
But my eyes look into another place
My heart beats no more for you
Under the City Lights
Hear this, all what I say
It's a woman story to tell
A hopeless life, just a way was left for her

This night again, it's time to pay for her flesh

So it's her soul the one's working under city lights
And it's her flesh which takes every hit of the life
And suffer will the authority lawless abuse
Tonight she'll dream that everything was part of the past

And the cruel destiny took her dignity
Her wish was to begin a new life full of hope and dreams

She's now condemned to slavery

So it's her soul the one's working under city lights
And it's her flesh which takes every hit of the life
And suffer will the authority lawless abuse
Tonight she'll dream that everything is part of the past

She's now so lonely, so black her fate...
She is now so tired, there's no way out life is a hell for her
Remember the Tragedy
I remember your voice whispering
I'll never leave you alone
I remember you used to say
I'll always be with you

Then she left that tragic night
Then she left forevermore

Every night I see you in my dreams
I return to that tragic place
But I can't save you my love
I just promise to stay with you till I wake.

Now I see your face in my mind every day
I'll always remember your last words
Before you die

Each nightmare shows me the tragedy
But before I wake I see your eyes again
The Journey
A new journey has begun
In the search for a brave new world.
From the place where it started
There are only memories

Why did I have the chance
Of being a chosen one?
There was only death for them
No time to look behind.

So far away from home
One time I will return

I won't forget your voice again
I only smell the scent of death
I won't forget your voice again
This is the time I walk away
But I'll be here again to fight

And so goes on this journey
All life is growing dark
It's time to face my foe
This time I'm in control

So far away from home
My vengeance is to come
Tears of Pain
I will tell you a story, a dream that turns into nightmare
Vanilla flowers, flowers to a dead heart, a sweet voice whispering
An unfinished poem
The torment is over, the anguish has disappeared
Calm arrives in a moment of confusion
How can a person change so fast
And sweetness turns to sourness

Now after all this time
I will remember your tears of pain
Illusions are killed by time
And promises broken for walking in different ways

Blind was the feeling that united us, so strong, so weak
We've been close to insanity
We have our world of love
The flame is over but I can't forget you
Infancia Eterna
Reposa en un lecho de angustia
Navega en un mar de soledad
Tan aislada, tan perdida
Demasiado triste para no llorar

Sus ojos me cuentan que no quiere vivir
Se apagaron y no han vuelto a brillar
Atrapada en un cuerpo
Solo quiere crecer
Atrapada en un momento
Solo quiere cambiar

Encerrada en su mente
En letargo soñara
Es tan grande su dolor
Sus ojos se cansan
De tanto llorar

Su rostro es la tormenta
Su cuerpo la inocencia
Es su condena
Y el tiempo su confusion
Come to Me
Each time you walked further from me, you said it couldn't work
I'd like to forget the moment when everything finished
But you're in my mind I can't forget

And though it hurts I know you won't return
But today I beg you for the last time

Come to me and don't you ever leave me
This time yeahh
Come to me for my lips are thirsty for you
Come to me cause if you ain't coming
I won't go on

I can't bear getting away from you
I don't want us to split this way

Feelings can be pretended
Love is unleashed
Taking a Look
I take a look at the past
In the quest of my life
I take a look at my sins
Digging in my soul...

Which is the meaning of this nightmare
Which is the reason of this existence

But I only know that I can't carry on...
I can't carry on without your blood!

Where are my friends now?
Where are those things by which I was believed in the past?

I take a look at the ashes of my life one more time
I spent the time with a hope, to see the sun

Everything finishes but I go on...
Ruben Picazo - vocal
Roberto Garcia (1) - guitar
J.J. Ruiz Soriano - guitar
Paco Castillo - bass guitar
Marcos E. de Juana - drums

Lupe Moreno - voice

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