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October 23rd, 2018
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Cruise - Kruiz

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KruizRelease by: WEA International

Cruise - Kruiz
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Knight of the Road


2. Brave New World


3. Heaviest in Town


4. Avenger


5. In Flames


6. Dream 5000 Years Long


7. Iron Rock


8. Possessed


9. V Ogon'


10. Culture Shock


11. Killer Logic


12. Hit for MTV


Knight of the Road
These horseshoes of steel sparkle in the moonlight
Blessed is the road I find myself on
Beginnings and endings, sorrow and joy
Your love won't stop me, so don't even try.

Shimmering image of beauty so pure
Torturing thirst for an unearthly light
Powers that push me to the final frontier
Phantom of hope, lost in the night.

Tell me, tell me, tell me
Unknown knight of the read
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Where are you going to
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Unknown knight of the road
Tell me, tell me, tell me

You'll never come back
No need to tell me that everything changes
So many years spent on the run
Whatever you do I will never surrender
I can't cheat the road, I'll die if I stay.

Shimmering image of beauty so pure
Torturing thirst for an unearthly light
Powers that push me to the final frontier
Phantom of hope, lost in the night.


No matter what treasures you offer to give me
I won't betray my faithful friends
My sword, an my horse, and my dusty raiments
The star-light, the wind and my right to be free.

I'm the knight of the road, homeless stranger
No place to stay - I belong to the night
My life is my road, it will never end
These horseshoes of steel sparkle in the moonlight.

Brave New World
Children of the Dead Planet!
Till the far ends of time
This abandoned burnt city
Is all that's left you.

To forget nothing
Teach well the young
As a guide for the lost ones
Let a new fire burn.

Brave new world
Summons the living!

Then the end of the world came
And the day after, men
Who survived the destruction
Were turned into beasts,

Dying man with his last breath
Caught in death bringing rains
Saved a handful of children
From the horrors of hell.

Heaviest in Town
Today it's Metal that's in style
All wear leather, chains and thorns
I'm not your average metal-head
'Cause I stand out from all the rest

I know all that's going on
There's no band I haven't heard
There's no poster I can't buy
There's no record I can't find

Heaviest in town!
Heavy- heavy -heavy!

An expert on the metal scene
I read my Hammer magazine
Crossover, Speed, Hard-Core and Thrash
I know them all - no need to ask.

I'm bored to death with Maiden stuff
I'm tired of Accept and Kiss
I know who is really tough
I'll jet to Moscow for Kruiz!

I sweared by god to live my life
Far away from all the wars
Never kill and never fight
Put my wild sword aside
Many years ago Faithful to the Oath of Might.

But H's my uneasy fate
To never have a rest
Once again steel rules the land.

And I'm ready to requite
Restore the Law of Peace
Time Is right for my revenge.
The die is cast, you can't avoid
Our final fatal fight
The stronger one is always right.
And i bet you are afraid
Of an honest fair fight
Face to face, swords shining bright.

You leave behind on your way
The dreadful bloody trace
But you'll be gone without a sign.
For all your crimes you'll answer once
You'll answer on your knees
Here's the last and final line.
Oh, you will damn that very hour
You've seen the light of day
So beware, devil's son!
I seek revenge, run if you can
Expect no mercy, man
I will get you pretty soon.

How you Justed to control
The human race by evil might
Make the world feel constant fright.
You are weak and you can't change
Life. And holy sweet revenge
Now your punishment's in sight.

In Flames
The living share a common fate
To meet the test of flames
You think that you can get away
They'll burn you in the end.
Flames of desire, evil flames
Consume you - no way out
Blessed are the chosen who possess
The flames that burn inside.

In flames!
In flames!
Dare to come in flames!
Crash magic crystal ball!
You'll see!
Almighty in his sacred rage
In flames
The Metal God is born!

The evil demon circles high
The blackness of the night
Chameleon deadly Satan's fire
Completely kills the light.
Evil for evil, eye for an eye
Intensifies your fright
You must preserve the fire of life
And warm it deep inside.

Dream 5000 Years Long
Five thousand years long mysterious sleep
Out of reach of Death
It's so easy to dream- not to live
Even among the blessed.
The trick of living after death
Is hidden in the Book of Witchcraft
The day is predicted long ago
And the sleeping king will wake from endless

Dream five thousand years long!

No one can stop me. I'm a black random star
I'm your unexpected guest
Rise if you can. Rise and come back to life
With no chance to regret.

Idols guard the unseen boarder
Sombre sphinx worshipping Death
Waits for the sign of ancient curse
To start a new Infernal endless

Iron Rock
Inside my soul lives Iron Rhythm
And Metal - deep within
I've met the burning test of fire
I'm tougher than true steel.
You who believed that Iron Rock
Just couldn't ever die
You helped me with your faith so strong
To bear my pain and fright.

Iron rock!

Don't let our Metal just be sold
Like all their stupid stuff
The heavier the sound of your guitar
The harder our enemies' life.
I managed to overcome
The monstrous bloody lies
In my homeland I made a stand
For you to have a chance.

By the evil demon.
I'm possessed!

Full of nightmares comes the night
Full moon is laughing in the sky
I always hear his beastly cry
The crazy world shouts out "hurrah!"

By the evil demon.
I'm possessed!
The crazy world fights war with war
There are so many ways on earth to summon hell
The blind messiah'll save us all
All! Hot winds of death will blow away
Radioactive rust

How can I break out of this spell
I see death coming for my soul
See death coming for my soul
Death coming for my soul.

The crazy world shouts out "hurrah!"
I always hear his beastly cry

How can I save my sanity
And recreate the will to live.
V Ogon'
Vsemu zhivomu suzhdeno cherez Ogon' proyti
Kto trizhdy oboshel Ogon' - sgorit v kontse puti
Ogon' zhelaniy, zloy Ogon', nastignet - ne spastis'
Udel nemnogih na zemle - v sebe Ogon' nesti.

V Ogon', v Ogon'
Voydi v Ogon'
Razbey! Razbey!
Magicheskiy kristall!
Smotri - zhestokiy i svyatoy
V Ogne rozhdaetsya Metall!

Vo mrake nochi nad zemley kruzhitsya demon Zla
Stolikiy d'yavol'skiy Ogon' vershit svoi dela
On otvechaet zlom na zlo, preumnozhaya strah,
Ukroy v sebe zhivoy Ogon', sogrey v svoih rukah!

V Ogon', v Ogon'
Voydi v Ogon'
Razbey! Razbey!
Magicheskiy kristall!
Smotri - zhestokiy i svyatoy
V Ogne rozhdaetsya Metall!
Culture Shock
Killer Logic
Hit for MTV
Valeri Gaina - guitar, vocal
Fyodor Vasiliev - bass guitar
Sergei Efimov - drums, percussion

Produced by Lothar Meid.

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