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April 30th, 2017
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1. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 2. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 3. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 4. Sodom 'Decision Day' 5. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 6. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 7. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 8. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection' 9. Epica 'The Holographic Principle' 10. Suicidal Tendencies 'World Gone Mad' 11. Opeth 'Sorceress' 12. Grim Reaper 'Walking in the Shadows' 13. Fair Warning 'Pimp Your Past' 14. Evergrey 'The Storm Within' 15. Kissin' Dynamite 'Generation Goodbye' 16. Hammers of Misfortune 'Dead Revolution' 17. White Wolf 'Endangered Species' 18. Fates Warning 'Theories of Flight' 19. In Extremo 'Quid Pro Quo' 20. ZAR 'Don't Wait for Heroes'

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AmorphisThe Karelian Isthmus


Relapse Records
ID: RR 6045


It's almost that Amorphis which I like, anyway the exciting sound is already there.

AmorphisPrivilege of Evil


Relapse Records 

Death Doom Metal

It's a raw, not very musical for me sound. I don't like this period of Amorhis career.

AmorphisTales from the Thousand Lakes


Relapse Records
ID: NB 097-2

Melodic Doom Death Metal

I think you don't need my comment. It's the best band's album for me.

AmorphisBlack Winter Day


Relapse Records
ID: RR 6918-2

Doom Death Metal

It's a mini album with the collection of very good songs.



Relapse Records
ID: irond cd 01-69

Melodic Doom Heavy Metal

It's the first steps to leave strengthening music style and to search a new music in less heavy music.

AmorphisMy Kantele


Relapse Records 

Melodic Heavy Doom Metal

It was the point of no return, Amorphis's never came back to its early years sound, let's get used to this new music.



Relapse Records

Heavy Gothic Metal

This band's already lost all their powerful sound, it's just like other bands' trendy way to pop music.

AmorphisAm Universum


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 01-14

Heavy Metal Rock

It was fashionable to play such music after Doom/Death past. Amorphis weren't an exception. It's some atmospheric music where Metal and Modern Rock unite.

AmorphisFar from the Sun


Virgin Records
ID: 07243 583923 2 6

Grunge Heavy Gothic Folk Metal

I think this album doesn't differ very much from previous albums. It's close to Tuonela and other last albums. A vocal sometimes was recorded via synthesized filter. Music is calm and melodious once in a while.



Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 06-1144

Melodic Doom Death Metal

Really, I'm glad that many old serious bands which played from the beginning Death/Doom, then trendy incomprehensible music, returned to their roots. Amorphis plays the music of Elegy album time!

AmorphisSilent Waters


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 07-1324

Heavy Doom Death Metal

This album supports the undertaking of the previous work, Eclipse to return to Elegy times. The music is slow, not very brutal for Death, with the clear and growl vocals and not bad songs.



Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 09-1602

Folk Heavy Death Metal

It seems I hear a continuation to the last band's album. There are not fast music, clear and growl vocals, something from Folk, etc. there.

AmorphisThe Beginning of Times


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 11-1785

Heavy Death Metal

It's not bad music with well-known Amorphis spirit. Is there anything new? It's hard to say, but I can say confidently there is nothing from the trendy music there.



Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 2997-2

Doom Death Metal

As for me this work is close to band's albums from 90s. It's more brutal sound without many melodic and Folk elements than we heard during many previous Amorphis releases.

AmorphisUnder the Red Cloud


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 3211-0

Melodic Folk Death Metal

It's a great mixture of Amorphis's Elegy time and late band's Folk traditions. Consequently the music was just perfect, fresh, catchy and truly in Amorphis style.

AmulanceFeel the Pain


New Renaissance Records 

Speed Heavy Metal

It's a forgotten band from 80s with the music based on Heavy of 80s with many Speed elements. This release doesn't suggest us anything new but the spirit of that time.

AmulanceThe Rage Within And the Aftermath


Stormspell Records

Speed Power Metal

Though it's a compilation from the demos and alike things, indeed it could be another band's album. It's very good early Speed and Power with the excellent songs and vocals parts.

Amun ReMagic Kingdom


CCP Records
ID: cdm 0403-1350

AOR Heavy Metal

The main feature of this album is the label - CCP Records that's never been oriented towards Heavy or AOR. All music is usual modern AOR with melodic elements, sometimes this album reminds me of Royal Hunt without the bright tunes and the musicians works.

AnacrusisScreams And Whispers


Metal Blade Records
ID: 3984-14256-2

Progressive Thrash Metal

Where are those limits of the genres?! It seemed everything already played, but I heard another band and the music opened the new horizons. This music could be a principle for modern Prog/Power bands, though there were many things on this album which have never appeared on other bands' music.

AnacrusisManic Impressions


Metal Blade Records
ID: 3984-14266-2

Progressive Thrash Metal

As for Prog/Thrash it's a really very good work especially when it was released at the turn of 80s and 90s. But some tracks from this album made the heart sick.

AnacrusisAnnihilation Complete


Stormspell Records

Thrash Metal

It's a collection of the different demos of the different band life's times. It's not only the songs from not full-length albums, it's live band's DVD also.

AnacrusisSuffering Hour


Axis Records
ID: 7 72432-2

Thrash Metal

I'm not the only person who hear Coroner intonation in the music. This band's debut album is Thrash with some Speed parts, brutal enough and interesting enough.



Active Records

Thrash Metal

After 'Suffering Hour' this work is a continuation of the debut album with few additions of Progressive that appear on succeeding releases in a greater degree. So it's good Thrash of 80s with some complex sound.



Peaceville Records 

Doom Gothic Metal

No comment.

AnathemaPentecost III


Peaceville Records 

Doom Metal

No comment.

AnathemaThe Silent Enigma


Peaceville Records

Doom Gothic Metal

No comment.



Peaceville Records

Melodic Gothic Doom Metal

Probably, it's the most melodic Anathema album for me, this music lies between the past hard music and future modern soft albums.

AnathemaAlternative 4


Peaceville Records

Pop Gothic

It's not Alternative yet but not old Anathema also.



Peaceville Records 

Pop Gothic

It's still not Alternative but not old Anathema also.

AncientDet Glemte Riket


Hammerheart Records 

Black Metal

It's standard Black Metal with all Black Metal attributes: the corresponding vocals, the buzzing guitars, the melodic acoustic parts. The last ones remind me Evol.

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