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September 19th, 2014
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The last 20 albums entered are:

1. R.I.P. Soldier 'The True Soldiers Never Die' 2. Flotsam & Jetsam 'No Place for Disgrace 2014' 3. Stonehand 'Evil Machine' 4. Antikira 'Soldat' 5. Majesty (Germany) 'Banners High' 6. Mavrin, Sergey 'Protivostoyanie (Confrontation)' 7. Suicidal Angels 'Divide And Conquer' 8. Flash of Aggression 'Seed of Hate' 9. SeaGall 'Hidden Ego' 10. Aquarius, The 'Melodiya Planety (Melody of the Planet)' 11. Hame-leon 'Poprobuy na Vkus Etu Dushu! (Taste This Soul!)' 12. Cruise 'Volchok (Humming-Top)' 13. Nightfall 'Astron Black And the Thirty Tyrants' 14. Van Canto 'Dawn of the Brave' 15. Leviathan 'Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then' 16. Altair 'Lost Eden' 17. Axxis 'Kingdom of the Night II' 18. Black Hawk 'A Mighty Metal Axe' 19. Sage's Recital 'Sage's Recital' 20. Javelin 'Fragments of the Inner Shadow'

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And OceansThe Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts


Season of Mist
ID: cdm 1201-762

Black Death Metal

There are some interesting riffs and musical parts but in general everything is mediocre.

And OceansThe Symmetry of I the Circle of O


Season of Mist
ID: cdm 1201-764

Black Death Metal

There are some interesting riffs and musical parts but in general everything is mediocre.

AndemMayatnik Zhizni (Pendulum of Life)


ID: irond cd 08-1436

Heavy Metal

They would like to be Gothic/Power band, Gothic - probably because of the female vocals, Power - yes, there are some Power Metal touches on their debut album. But for the most part it's Heavy with the typical songs.

AndemDoch' Lunnogo Sveta (Doughter of Moonlight)


ID: irond cd 09-1585

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's again a typical enough music, sometimes it's close to a crowd of Italian Melodic Speed&Power band. I found nothing new there in the music.

AndemZimnie Slyozy (Winter Tears)


Sound Age Productions

Melodic Heavy Metal

There are many female-fronted bands in the world that play such music. It's a typical enough album without anything special in the music.

Andersen, AndreChanging Skin


North Point Productions
ID: amg 192

Melodic Heavy Metal

I think it's just another Royal Hunt album in band's best traditions with different musicians but with Royal Hunt atmosphere totally.

Andersen, AndreBlack on Black


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 0602-884

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

This release is better than last Royal Hunt album but weaker than the first Andersen's solo album. There are good tunes, many guitar and vocal works but with the keys in the background.

Andersen, AndreOceanView


North Point Productions
ID: amg 145


It's just some old songs and some new songs performed on piano. I don't think that this album opens new horizons for Andersen or Royal Hunt,original songs sound more exciting for me, new ones are just Royal Huntish repetitions with using of classic arpeggios and tunes. This album is instrumental.

Andersen, Andre - Laine, Paul - Readman, DavidIII


Frontiers Records 

Melodic Hard Rock

I can't say anything bad about Laine and Readman but all this album is based on Andersen's favourite sound - Royal Hunt everywhere. It's like another Royal Hunt album from 90s without any cardinal changes in the music.

Andersson, RichardThe Ultimate Andersson Collection


ID: cdm 0705-2318

Melodic Power Metal

It's a collection of Andersson's songs of all his projects. It's just the best of his works's compilation with the different musicians.

Andi Deris And the Bad BankersMillion Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads


ID: 0209059ERE

Hard Heavy Metal

If the first track is modern Metal, the rest of the album is trivial Hard&Heavy that you can find on Pink Cream 69 and Helloween albums wholly. There is absolutely nothing special there at all for me.

AndrallsFasthrash Live 2003


Marquee Records
ID: MR004

Thrash Metal

It's unstoppable fast Thrash, it's of course music of classic Sepultura way. I can't analyze this band in details because this album is short, live and all tracks are very similar.



ID: NRL 093

Thrash Metal

Not all Thrash from Brazil is Sepultura only. Unfortunately Andralls songs sounds like Sepultura very much from the music to the vocals.

Andromeda (Sweden)Chimera


Massacre Records
ID: myst cd 198

Progressive Metal

It's an average Progressive in the traditions almost every Prog bands which don't know how to be original so they play like other unknowing ones what and how to play. The music is very ordinary for me, without any positive-original things.

Andromeda (Sweden)II=I


Century Media Records
ID: myst cd 356

Progressive Metal

Does it mean two Andromaeda's albums = one Dream Theater album? Nevermind. It's not very bright but not very bored Progressive, this work is for very-very true Progressive Metal fans.

Andromeda (Sweden)Extension of the Wish


Century Media Records
ID: myst cd 363

Progressive Metal

It's the first and probably (still) the best band's album. No, there is nothing special and original, it's as usual Dream Theater, but there are some very nice guitar works which catch my fancy.

Andromeda (Sweden)The Immunity Zone


Nightmare Records
ID: NMR-462

Progressive Metal

This band's work doesn't hit fresh highs, it's simply good Progressive with an interesting sound. Anyway this album is better than many similar works of different Progressive Metal bands.

Andromeda (Sweden)Manifest Tyranny


Inner Wound Recordings
ID: IW83015

Progressive Metal

It's the last (for 2012) band's album and at last it's the best Andromeda's work for me. It's a melodious enough music with the memorable songs and pretty good guitars.




Art Rock

There is good sparing and bleak soundinf of this album. We can consider this music as a sonic aspect of loneliness, depopulation and desolation. There aren't any frills and treacly sentiments there, everything is simple, clear and sad.




Progressive Metal

It's something depressive-progressive-atmospheric. If you can prescind from music standards you can enjoy. Anyway it's a music of feeling.

AnekdotenFrom Within







Art Progressive Alternative Metal

Maybe I've got a good mood when listening this album but I liked it. It's Progressive mixture of Cemetary (Sundown), the late 'The Gathering', the late Anathema, etc. The music is very calm and slow. Sometimes they play very good and interesting riffs and tunes.

AnesthesiaThe State of Being Unable to Feel Pain


ID: 37936-422

Thrash Power Metal

This work is powerful, even melodic but probably with some Punk touches. Maybe they would play something more interesting in the conceivable future, but it's the only album and the band is no more.

Angel DustBleed


Century Media Records 

Power Metal

Angel DustBorder of Reality


Century Media Records
ID: 8039-2

Power Metal

This music is still in the best Angel Dust traditions of the previous years.

Angel DustEnlighten the Darkness


Century Media Records
ID: 77343-2

Heavy Power Metal

This album turned out to be better than I thought. First of all everything is because of very catching music and non-standard decisions how to make the music better.

Angel DustOf Human Bondage


Century Media Records
ID: 77443-2

Power Doom Gothic Metal

It's heavy and tedious (because of Doom elements) music with the clear vocals, many keys which can't be heard behind the drummer work. So we have a rhythm section only. There is good music there - above all others on the slow tracks.

Angel DustInto the Dark Past



Speed Thrash Metal

I hope I don't need to introduce this band. Their inflammable sound can fire everything around. It could be compared with Agent Steel, Coroner (by some guitar solos), etc. There are no ballads or slow tracks on this album and that's very good!

Angel DustTo Dust You Will Decay


ID: CD 10008

Speed Power Metal

I'm ready to contend that Angel Dust is the one of the best bands of the 80s. The main feature is of course the incredible Coe's vocals. Metal of True Metal is where Coe is.

Angel of EdenThe End of Never


Lion Music
ID: irond cd 08-dd586

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

It's faster Malmsteen-like music with some similar guitar technique, arpeggio and music sound. But it doesn't deprive some charm of the music.

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