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April 1st, 2015
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Black Widow (US)Satan's Playground


JAB Productions
ID: BW-2218

Heavy Metal

It's lazy, no, it's a sluggish music with the female vocals. That sound didn't lead you to anything catching, there's just something bored for me.

Blackeyed SusanElectric Rattlebone


Polygram Records
ID: 848 575-2

Hard Heavy Metal

It's absolutely common and average US Hard&Heavy with sound of 80s, you already heard such music many times. Was there anything interesting? I don't know, because it's too hard to judge about the music played many times by many different bands.



Mausoleum Records
ID: cdm 0402-827

Heavy Metal

It's Heavy with the female vocals, melodic and original. If I have to compare I'd compare to Warlock.

BlacklaceGet It While It's Hot


Mausoleum Records
ID: cdm 0402-827

Heavy Metal

It's Heavy with the female vocals, melodic and original. If I have to compare I'd compare to Warlock. This second work is more powerful than band's debut album.

Blackmore's KingdomBlackmore's Kingdom



instrumental acoustic Melodic Folk

This music is absolutely in Blackmore's Night style, it's the interesting known songs high-skilled performed.

Blackmore's NightFires at Midnight


ID: SPV 056-72463 CDS-E

acoustic Melodic Folk Rock

Without many words it's another significant Blackmore's Night's work.

Blackmore's NightUnder a Violet Moon


ID: SPV 085-7241A CD


This Blackmore's work is probably the next victory of this mighty musician. It's Folk in medieval style with many songs which partially are already known old songs, at least I recognized many old tunes known by me.

Blackmore's NightThe Village Lanterne


ID: SPV 99702 CD

Folk Hard Rock

It's not only the music of the medieval village, you can find on this album heavy sound - Hard Rock in Rainbow spirit. But still guitar, the female vocals and Folk music even so always dominate on this project.

Blackmore's NightAutumn Sky


Spinefarm Records

Melodic Folk

It's a perfectly performed music in medieval Folk style. Blackmore is at his best again, it seems as if you image that musical and mystical time.

Blackmore's NightWinter Carols


AFM Records
ID: PRE 008

Folk Rock

Blackmore prepared some Christmas songs and some traditional songs for this album. All music as usual is in all other Blackmore albums' genre.

Blackmore's NightSecret Voyage


ID: SPV 91782 CD-E

Folk Rock

I don't know what to comment here, if sir Blackmore wants to play medieval folk music with few Rainbow touches, that is his due. But as usual for all Blackmore music, this work is perfect again.

Blackmore's NightShadow of the Moon


ID: SPV 085-7240A CD

Melodic Folk Rock

Can it be a continuation of Rainbow? Noway. Maybe, a bit partially. It's a collection of new Blackmores's direction - Melodic Folk Rock in a popular performance.

Blackmore's NightGhost of a Rose


ID: SPV 085-74992 CD

Melodic Folk Rock

This work is still the same genre of medieval Melodic Folk, but now it's not that pop stuff of the debut. The songs are light and simple enough - it's a nice music for relaxing.

Blackmore's NightPast Times with Good Company


ID: SPV 092-74492 DCD

Melodic Folk

This is double live album. It's a performance of the known songs for that distance of time.

Blackmore's NightA Knight in York


UDR Music
ID: UDR 0204 CD

Melodic Folk

It's another live album from this unique project. The songs are well-known, the performance is perfect as usual.

Blackmore's NightDancer And the Moon


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 605

Melodic Folk Rock

I can't assert that there are the real hit songs there. The tracks are typical for Blackmore's Night without really anything killing.

Blackmore, J.R.Still Holding on


ID: 784-731

Melodic Hard Rock

Without a shadow of a doubt it's German Melodic Hard Rock in the traditions of Melodic Hard Rock. The music is pretty good and interesting.

Blackmore, J.R.Between Darkness And Light


ID: 784-838

instrumental Melodic Hard Rock

This work is more mature to be real solo work. Blackmore J.R. (aka Jr.) is a talented guitar player with his own concept of the music.

Blackmore, J.R.Voices part I


ID: JRB 710-1811

Melodic Hard Rock

This solos work is actually better than the previous release. It's very interesting and memorable album with many decent songs.

BlacksmithOnce Upon a Star


Massacre Records
ID: MAS CD0231

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's just standard nice Melodic Heavy band from Sweden in Malmsteen/Judas Priest/Primal Fear key. So you should understand there aren't originality there because of it.

Blacksmith (US)Blacksmith / The Fire from Within


Tropical Records 

Heavy Metal

It's reissued Blacksmith albums, 2 in 1 CD. Band's music is classic mid-tempo Heavy with the memorable tunes. Though the lineups of these releases were different, the music in general was the same.



Music for Nations (MFN) 

Hard Heavy Metal

This not bad album is as strong (for Hard&Heavy) as melodic. Bonnet sings very well here, other musicians just make good work.

Blade of SpiritShadow's Race


Steel Gallery Records
ID: SGR CD-013

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Greeks play Iron Maiden, it's good because everything released in Greece is more than just the music. Greek Iron Maiden is more than just other Iron Maiden followers, it's more melodic, more various, more interesting... At last is there Iron Maiden at all?..

Blakk TotemThe Secret Place


Koch Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd695

Modern Progressive Metal

It's an interesting (not by the music) combination - modern Prog. It means a modern music with something from Alternative, Progressive enough sound and some US Hard&Heavy traditions. Sometimes there are some not bad guitar solos there.

BlasthrashNo Traces Left Behind


Force Majeure Records
ID: FMR 002

Thrash Metal

What Thrash school was used by this band in their music? I think it's Tankard. There aren't experiments or anything else, it's pure Tankard's Thrash.

BlazeTenth Dimension


ID: SPV 085-72632 CD

Heavy Metal

Nobody has to like this project but it's better to know this work without doubt. It's some not very interesting mash, Heavy with a modern sound.

BlazeBlood & Belief


ID: SPV 085-69563 CD

Heavy Metal

In comparison with Tenth Dimension there are more interesting songs there than boring mess. This album is little better than but even so better than Tenth Dimension for me.

BlazePromise And Terror



Heavy Metal

This last work is more typical and more traditional Heavy. The music is closer to Iron Maiden, with many nice songs in nice traditional Heavy atmosphere.

BlazeThe King of Metal



Heavy Metal

It's a various and catchy work, Blaze presents us excellent Heavy with the memorable music. Some songs are just outstanding as by the vocals so by other instruments.

BlazeSoundtracks of My Life



Heavy Metal

It's a double CD compilation. 'Soundtracks Of My Life' is very suitable title for this release where is collected everything from Blaze's solo career.

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