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May 25th, 2017
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List of the albums from Denis own collection

The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not for Sale' 2. In Flames 'Battles' 3. Hardline 'Human Nature' 4. Asphyxia 'Exit: Reality' 5. Marcello, Kee 'Scaling Up' 6. Zheleznyy Potok 'Chyornaya Sila (Black Power)' 7. Pretty Maids 'Kingmaker' 8. Kruger 'Dikiy (Savage)' 9. Lithium 'Liniya Krovi (Bloodline)' 10. Kryptos 'Burn Up the Night' 11. Stalwart 'Tectonic' 12. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 13. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 14. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 15. Eden's Curse 'Cardinal' 16. Sodom 'Decision Day' 17. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 18. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 19. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 20. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection'

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Daylight TornNew Skin


CCP Records
ID: cdm 1101-742

Heavy Gothic Metal

It's another female-fronted band in The Gathering spirit. There are nice tunes, in other respects there is nothing interesting.

Days of YoreThe Mad God's Wage



Speed Power Metal

It's one of the independent bands which plays raw enough but good enough music. It's very not bad Speed&Power with the high-pitched vocals.

De RosUniverse


Megahard Records
ID: MHR 005

instrumental Melodic Progressive Metal

This is the music in the borders of US instrumental Prog projects. But Brazilian roots gave the music some special melodic shades, when melodic music is more than just Prog, the sound and the guitar technique are very good.

Dead HeadKill Division


Displeased Records
ID: D-00188

Thrash Metal

If this band hasn't more modern (more powerful) sound, it would be pure Kreator. The music, the vocals, the riffs, etc. everything reminds me of Kreator on this release.

Dead HeadDepression Tank


Displeased Records
ID: D-00183

Thrash Metal

It's more aggressive than Thrash, something in modern Slayer style. Everything's on a high speed, sometimes it's difficult to tell one song from the other ones.

Dead Means NothingNothing of Devinity


SAOL (Service for Artist Owned Labels)

Hard Stoner Rock

Dead Means Nothing is so long, Motorhead is shorter and more correct for describing this music. The guitars are very similar to Hendrix's guitar sound.

Dead PoeticVices


Century Media Records
ID: 33103-2

Alternative Punk Progressive Metal

I hope there would be more Progressive but it's Alternative/Punk, in other words it's a popular modern music with few Progressive elements. So without many words it's not for me.

DeadlineDressed to Kill


Underground Symphony
ID: US CD-043

Heavy Progressive Power Metal

In general howsoever I tried to say something about this band everything brought us to Queensryche resemblance words. It's the brightest comparison for this album with many Iron Maiden rhythms, some Speed/Power tracks and even so not bad songs.

Deadly BlessingAn Eye to the Past


Hellion Records
ID: HE 360405

Speed Power Heavy Metal

Though it's a compilation, but main thing is that Deadly Blessing was and is an excellent band with wonderful Ski's vocals! The music varies from Heavy to even Thrash but it's no difference because almost all songs are very good (in spit of poor quality of many songs' sounding).

Deadly FateShine Again


PRW Distributions
ID: P&W 006

Melodic Power Metal

Though this album sounds like a demo - a poor sound recording, not very sharp instruments' tone and not edited vocals (sometimes they are out of tune because of it), nevertheless this music found a path to my heart. I can't say this music is able to turn the world but at least it can make me to listen to this melodic music with pleasure.

Deadly Sin (2)Sunborn


Nightmare Records
ID: NMR-00022

Melodic Power Metal

Let's greet the band which (amongst other Deadly and Sins) presents us very talented album in late Rage style, including something from classic Metallica and something from other good bands. The main catching feature is very melodious and non-standard musical steps in the conquest of Metal scene, I'm just already ready to remember some especial good tunes and sing them myself when I'm in a mood.

DeadnaturePure Impressions


Overload Records
ID: OVR001

Power Heavy Progressive Metal

It's very various music in spite of everything. It's sufficiently Power with some Heavy and few Prog elements and many interesting songs.

DeadringerElectrocution of the Heart


Grudge Records
ID: 4512-2-F

Hard Rock

It's typical enough US Hard Rock. Sometimes it's half-AOR/Funk with the standard genre's elements, nice but not bright songs.

Deadsoul TribeDeadsoul Tribe


ID: 6 93723 41862 9

Alternative Heavy Progressive Metal

This debut imparts the spirit of Psychotic Waltz. There everything from every this old band's albums.

Deadsoul TribeA Murder of Crows


ID: 6 93723 65572 7

Alternative Heavy Progressive Metal

This album is very close to Black Sabbath - it's a slow Doomish music with the modern sound. I think this music's more melodic than it was on the previous album.

Deadsoul TribeThe January Tree



experimental Progressive Metal

This project grows musically from album to album (at least for me). It's still slow, Doomish music with many experimental and modern touches, but sound atmosphere makes big work for creating very positive sensation.

Deadsoul TribeThe Dead Word



experimental Progressive Metal

I'm surprised I've never had the thoughts to find the similarities between Queensryche and Deadsoul Tribe (read Psychotic Waltz). But this album sounds like slow, experimental Operation Mindcrime number N. Anyway, this release is a direct contribution to Progressive so the music can't frighten away true Progressive Metal fans.

Deadsoul TribeA Lullaby for the Devil



experimental Progressive Metal

Probably, all previous works aren't worse than this last one, but Lullaby hits my fancy on the first try. There are various music, spellbinding vocals and many flutes, it's a majestic music.

DeadxheadRegressive by Default


Mazzar Records
ID: myst cd 088

Thrash Metal

It's not quite Thrash, this release is in the spirit of US Thrash (especially it sounds like Megadeth) with some parallel sub-genres. This music is good enough for such type of Thrash.

Deafening SilenceEdge of Life


Brennus Association
ID: cdm 0404-1787

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's sadly, but the band from France plays primitive music with standard chords. This music can't bring anything positive or hot in music life, but this music just diverts your time away from more important deeds.

DealerFirst Strike


ID: HTH004-14

Heavy Power Metal

You probably won't believe me but it's very impressive music, some powerful Heavy, sometimes even with Thrash elements. The band keeps old school traditions, and does it perfect.

Dearly BeheadedTemptation


Fierce Recordings
ID: 11099-2

Stoner Thrash Metal

Slow as Stoner, but punchy as Thrash this album reminds me of slow Metallica at least because of the vocals. But Stoner component doesn't give me to feel this music quite.



Combat Records

Death Metal

I've always admired this band - it's not only vivacity and effortlessness of the music, almost every song is something special!

DeathScream Bloody Gore


Relativity Records
ID: fo352cd

Death Metal

It's splendid, when extensive music style is called by band's name. This early release is already true Death with small-small Thrash touches and with some technique guitars.

DeathSpiritual Healing


Relativity Records
ID: fo372cd

Death Metal

This album is one of classic band period. I hope this album doesn't need new reviewing or re-intelligence.

DeathIndividual Thought Patterns


Relativity Records
ID: fo351cd

Death Progressive Metal

Probably, it's the best Death album for me, firstly, because of Prog elements which are everywhere on the release. I think, laRocque is not just a string in the booklet, his work on this album is very noticeable.

DeathThe Sound of Perseverance


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 01-107

Death Metal

The band presents us this album in very powerful format, it's already not that classic Death of 80s, it's something like Sweden Death Metal. The guitar technique is still important thing on the album, the album itself still continues the traditions of using Prog elements.



Relativity Records
ID: fo380cd

Death Metal

After many years after this album releasing such music seems light and harmless in comparison with modern Death bands with their roars instead of music. This album sounds like normal... Death.



RoadRunner Records
ID: irond cd 2600943

Death Metal

This band is a real example of Death music, there is nothing superfluous on this album. An aggressive sound with very good guitar work were the band's features.

Death AngelThe Art of Dying


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 04-793

Thrash Speed Metal

It's wonderful when an old band appears again suddenly. It's splendid that the next old band was Death Angel. This brightening album is just great US Thrash/Speed of 80s with the juvenile, ebullient and speed music and with the great guitars.

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