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March 30th, 2017
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1. Fair Warning 'Pimp Your Past' 2. Evergrey 'The Storm Within' 3. Kissin' Dynamite 'Generation Goodbye' 4. Hammers of Misfortune 'Dead Revolution' 5. White Wolf 'Endangered Species' 6. Fates Warning 'Theories of Flight' 7. In Extremo 'Quid Pro Quo' 8. ZAR 'Don't Wait for Heroes' 9. Derdian 'Revolution Era' 10. Tarja 'The Shadow Self' 11. Tarja 'The Brightest Void' 12. Q5 'New World Order' 13. Dust Bolt 'Mass Confusion' 14. Sunstorm 'Edge of Tomorrow' 15. Evil Masquerade 'The Outcast Hall of Fame' 16. Volch'ya Sotnya 'Pechal' Angela (Angel's Grief)' 17. Jorn 'Heavy Rock Radio' 18. Denner - Shermann 'Masters of Evil' 19. Karmakanic 'Dot' 20. Faith No More 'We Care a Lot'

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Eniac RequiemSpace Eternal Void


Shrapnel Records 

Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal

Though Malmsteens unite Prog very often, this project is a mixture of Malmsteen and Symphony X, nevertheless their tunes and sound have atmosphere charm.



ID: cdm 0302-816

Black Gothic Folk Metal

It's a mixture of Empyrium and Dark Reality. It's very-very interesting release, the male choirs are real, the instruments are real, the music is real.



Musea Records
ID: mals 181

Progressive Metal

This Progressive is bored enough. The music is slow, with some Black Metal vocals, who knows about their originality? Actually, not me.

Enola GayStrange Encounter


Century Media Records
ID: 77286-2

Power Thrash Heavy Progressive Metal

This band plays in US Metal style, neither headless Thrash, nor primitive Punk, it's a mixture of non-melodic oriented Power, Heavy and some Prog. I'm not sure this band can turn the world over but there are not many such bands there, so it's a pleasure to hear this rare musical combination.



Osmose Records 

Black Metal

It's good chaotic Black with some good melodic components.



Osmose Records 

Black Metal

It's good chaotic Black, somebody calls it 'true Black Metal'.

EnslavedMardraum - Beyond the Within


Osmose Records
ID: OPCD 100

Black Metal

It's classic Black with various music elements that turn the sound into something Jazzy-Proggy in the guitars and the rhythms (it's hard to hear in Black noise). An album has many acoustic guitar insertions with plain vocals.



Indie Recordings
ID: fo749cd

Black Progressive Metal

It's absolutely uncharacteristic Black Metal with discernable Progressive aspect. This music sounds like Progressive Rock with Black Metal elements, Black Rock - it's a curious thing.

EnslavedAxioma Ethica Odini


Indie Recordings
ID: NB 2635-2

Melodic Black Metal

I think there is much less Progressive than we've become accustomed. So it's melodious Black with some clear vocals that's closer to different 'viking Metal' albums.



Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 2932-2

Progressive Black Metal

In my opinion Progressive outbalances Black in the music for once in a while. Enslaved demonstrate excellent union of famous band's Black Metal principle and innovativeness.

EnslavedIn Times


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 3467-2

Progressive Black Metal

At first sight I decided that the band returned to its roots, I mean unmerciful Black. No, it's still Blackened music with Progressive, atmospheric, even melodic structure.

EntombedLeft Hand Path


Earache Records 

Doom Death Metal

This music is standard for the end of 80s - it's more powerful than Slayer's Thrash with growl vocals, but it's still chaotic oriented Thrash music.



HTH Productions 

Thrash Metal

Genuine Thrash recognizes by really fast tracks and short album's length. Entrace confirm this fact hundred per cent. Study under this band what is our great and memorable Thrash Metal!



ID: irond cd 10-1696

Progressive Heavy Thrash Metal

It's more experiments in the music than experimental Progressive, all the more reason it's not Thrash. This band is a various and experimental music, very interesting music with the successful and challenging decisions.

EntwineThe Treasures Within Hearts


Spinefarm Records
ID: Naula 002

Gothic Doom Metal

It's a light version of classic Gothic/Doom, it's just something from Sentenced stream with some Depeche Mode elements.

Ephemera's PartyLamento Ostinato


Dioxzion Records
ID: DR0002

experimental Progressive Metal

Though I marked it as experimental Progressive, it's not the band from Magna Carta bands series. It's based on bluesy music of US Hard&Heavy, but with Stoner sound and very experimental music ideas.

EpicaThe Phantom Agony


Transmission Records
ID: TME-036

Melodic Heavy Gothic Metal

It's a feckless attempt to copy Nightwish, The Gathering, Within Temptation, etc. A female vocalist sings out of tune, music is a copy of Nightwish. Although it's good that they use live strings.

EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 07-1336

Melodic Speed Power Death Metal

Let it be Nightwish clone in the core, but the music is more aggressive and less trendy as it's usual for female-vocals bands. Death appears because of some brutality in the music and the growl vocals.

EpicaDesign Your Universe


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 09-1647

Melodic Heavy Gothic Metal

If it's a result of the emotional factors, this is largely due to everything. It seems the description could be similar to my description of The Divine Conspiracy, but everything on Design Your Universe was so boring for me to listening...

EpicaRequiem for the Indifferent


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 2558-8

Melodic Heavy Metal

Now it sounds as a mixture of Therion and Nightwish. It's a melodious music when the female vocals meet the symphonic parts and the male brutal vocals.

EpicaThe Quantum Enigma


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 3222-2

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

More orchestration, more arrangements, more grandiosity, more Epica! This work presents all that in plenty, it's routinely Epica's mixture of Therion and Nightwish performed on a grand scale.

EpidemiaEl'fiyskaya Rukopis'


Moroz Records
ID: MR 04631 CD

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This is another fkn opera about elves, heroes of might&magic and other popular creatures. A sound is standard Melodic Speed&Power style, with nice tunes and memorable music.

EpidemiaZhizn' v Sumerkah (Life in the Twilight)


ID: cdm 0305-2198

Melodic Power Metal

Tolkien's world rises again in the music, this album's dedicated completely to this story. This is not Blind Guardian, it's just common Melodic Power with the standard chords, ordinary ideas and memorable refrains, but with the good musician's work and with the very good vocals.

EpidemiaHroniki Sumerek (Twilight Chronicles)


ID: cdm dvd 056, cdm dvd 055

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Epidemiya 'Hroniki Sumerek - 10 Let Puti'
It's a live video. If you know this band you aren't able to find out something new there, it's just the songs collection performed alive.

Epidemiya 'Hroniki Sumerek - El'fiyskaya Rukopis'
Melodic Speed&Power. Forget Avantasia - this live version of Epidemia's Metal opera is twofold better than live Avantasia! It's not jumping Matos, walking Lande and permanent Sammet, it's a real action with the swordsmen, scenery and live singers acting.

EpidemiaEl'fiyskaya Rukopis' - Skazanie na Vse Vremena


ID: cdm 1107-2745

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's the second part of the same: Metal fkn opera about elves and other forest beasties. The music is standard Melodic Speed&Power.

EpidemiaDoroga Domoy (Way to Home)


ID: -CD 718/10

Speed Power Metal

There is nothing to catch me by the music on this album. Everything is the same and forgettable in an hour, the music shows not a spark of interest.

EpidemiaVsadnik iz L'da (Rider from Ice)


ID: MDS-CD 60/11

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's a compilation of the re-recorded songs with the new singer. By chance there are the ballads or ballad-like songs on this release.



ID: E05-1

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's seems to me I hear light Helloween on this album of this Czech band, at least many similar guitar works and the pieces from Helloween songs but this music is less fast and solid. Anyway, there are some so excellent songs there so you forget about anything wrong!

EpitafiaPerevyornutyy Mir (Inverted World)



Heavy Metal

It's Heavy in not the best genre notion. It's again not very good version of bored popular Heavy ideas without bright guitar solos, catching tunes and refrains.

EpitafiaZalozhniki Sistemy (Hostages of System)


ID: cdm 1008-2921

Heavy Metal

Who knows maybe the guest musicians helped to perform better music than on the debut album but in sober fact it's not bad Heavy. The songs aren't very original but it's actually not bad to listen to them.

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