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June 1st, 2016
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Evidence OneThe Sky Is the Limit


AFM Records
ID: cdm 1107-2757

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

The bands' names change but the musicians are still the same so the music can't be new and original at all. It's the same German Melodic Hard&Heavy you've already heard many times.

Evil MasqueradeWelcome to the Show


Frontiers Records
ID: cdm 0604-1879

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

In general this release is Malmsteen-like (by music) with some Queen and Royal Hunt elements. This album consist of many popular classic composers' tunes in non-standard performance. As I said before, the music is similar to Malmsteen, the keys are very similar to Johansson of Malmsteen times, fortunately, Brockmann's vocals resemble none of Malmsteen singers.

Evil MasqueradeTheatrical Madness


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 05-dd265

Melodic Heavy Power Progressive Metal

This album became more powerful and less Malmsteen-like than previous one. The music is still various with many wonderful songs and the catching tunes.

Evil MasqueradeThird Act


ID: amg 306

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

The band understands that melodiousness and powerful sound can give them an excellent result - this work is really perfect! Even some not fast tracks were composed in Black Sabbath style - not in bored monotonously slow Black Sabbath-like style, but in very good variations of Iommi's guitar style and that band's singers way.

Evil MasqueradeFade to Black


Escape Music
ID: ESM182

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's not bad melodic music with some nice and interesting parts. So it's the only what can I say because what else is in this music new, I really don't know, it's just nice album altogether.

Evil MasqueradePentagram


Dark Minstrel Music
ID: DMM201201

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

Actually it's Black-Sabbath inspired music again. The sound is slow and powerful, the songs are interesting, with various sounding.

Evil MasqueradeThe Digital Crucifix


Dark Minstrel Music
ID: irond cd 14-1854

Melodic Folk Hard Rock

To my joy, Evil Masquerade show again the music that can't annoy to death, because it's again something different, something special. Now it's a superb mixture of Deep Purple, Dio, Rainbow, Folk Rock in company with great melodism.

Evil SurvivesMetal Vengeance


Heavy Artillery Records
ID: HA5502122

Heavy Metal

Iron Maiden is a guiding light for this band, there are many Iron Maiden's elements there. Indeed, this band is similar also to many NWoBHM bands and US Heavy of 80s bands.

EvildeadAnnihilation of Civilization


ID: SPV 084-76032 CD

Speed Thrash Metal

It's Thrash of 80s, fast, famously, readily. There isn't Kreator's complexity, Coroner technique, Destruction gaudiness. It's simply Thrash of 80s.

EvildeadThe Underworld


ID: SPV 084-76362 CD

Thrash Metal

It's already more mature Thrash with Death elements. It's some mixture of Slayer, Kreator and Pestilence.

EvileEnter the Grave


Earache Records

Thrash Metal

It's not old band, it's better to say young band plays Thrash of classic 80s traditions. Probably the music is somewhere between Metallica and Slayer of 80s.

EvileInfected Nations


Earache Records

Thrash Metal

It's modern Thrash in spirit of Slayer. This band didn't bring anything new in the music but a powerful sound of not bad Thrash with some brutal sound.

EvolThe Saga of the Horned King


Adipocere Records
ID: CD AR 026

Doom Gothic Black Metal

This album is slow enough for some Black music. Nevertheless, this album already opens us very talent band with their unique sound and melodic ideas.

EvolAncient Abbey


Adipocere Records
ID: AR 044

Black Gothic Metal

This mini album unites fast Black and great melancholic instrumental parts, everything is in the best of the Evol.



Adipocere Records
ID: AR 046

Melodic Black Gothic Metal

This band alway was the best standard in such music. This sound combines classic Black elements and outstanding melodic, melancholic, thoughtful Gothic/Dark components with the superb instrumental parts which are very original and interesting.

Evolution (Germany)Dark Dreams of Light



Heavy Stoner Power Metal

They play slow music in Metallica / Rage style, but on Black Sabbath speed and without good and interesting guitar solos. A vocalist is very similar to Helfield / Wagner.

Excalibur (UK)One Strange Night


Active Records

Heavy Metal

In comparison with their early EP it's a next-higher order. The music is powerful enough, it's already not very typical (Hard&)Heavy of 80s, it's something more significant.

ExcalionPrimal Exhale


Sound Riot Records
ID: SRP.033

Melodic Power Metal

It's a mixture of Nightwish (especially by the keys), Stratovarius and many other Melodic Power bands. The songs as usual are good for such music.

ExcelThe Joke's on You


Rotten Records
ID: 3011-2

Punk Thrash Metal

Supposedly the music would be not bad for US Thrash but almost all this album's crammed by Punk (or even Alternative!) elements. So I have more negative impression from this album than something else.

ExcelsisKurt of Koppigen



Heavy Power Metal

It's a raw and less catching version of Blind Guardian with some Melodic Heavy Metal elements. Almost all album consists of the mid-tempo tracks.

ExcelsisTales of Tell



Melodic Power Heavy Folk Metal

It's still the same slow, balladish songs in Blind Guardian style. A folk component completes the music very harmonically.

ExcelsisThe Legacy of Sempach


Aurora Music
ID: AUR 10001-2

Power Heavy Folk Metal

The band aren't going to change their not fast but powerful music. It's still Power with Folk like the songs from the depth of the forest.

ExciterViolence & Force


Megaforce Records
ID: SPV 076-18452 CD

Power Heavy Metal

This album is close to early Grave Digger with Black Sabbath elements. The album isn't fast but there is enough speed for a good music.

ExciterExciter (O.T.T.)


Maze Music
ID: MEGA1989

Power Metal

It's one of my favorite Exciter album. It's not very fast but melodic enough music, with very good guitar solos and tunes (something like early Helloween).

ExciterKill After Kill


Noise Records
ID: N 0192-2

Speed Thrash Heavy Metal

This album doesn't leave anybody without positive emotions. Fast and strong music, a singer who sings as if somebody's cutting him at that moment - in other words it's the best attributes of the Speed/Thrash of 80s.

ExciterThe Dark Command


Osmose Records 

Speed Thrash Heavy Metal

It's still classic Exciter but the music sometimes is not fast, something like Thrash/Hardcore/Stoner, in other words it's close to Slayer or modern Judas Priest.

ExciterBlood of Tyrants


Osmose Records 

Speed Thrash Metal

This music is in my favorite style - fast and loud. Strictly speaking it's Judas Priest on high speed.

ExciterHeavy Metal Maniac


Shrapnel Records
ID: MEGA1995

Heavy Speed Metal

It's nice early Speed when Heavy isn't a core style yet but the music already claims something faster. We can find some similar sound on early Metallica also.

ExciterLong Live the Loud


Music for Nations (MFN)
ID: MEGA1986

Speed Thrash Metal

This album is like other Exciter albums of 80s - fast and aggressive enough, but it's not pure Thrash. Though it's a release of 1985, the music generally fast exactly, not Heavy with one fast song.

ExciterUnveiling the Wicked


Music for Nations (MFN)
ID: MEGA1987

Power Speed Heavy Metal

I don't keep my thought from anybody that fast Exciter is more attractive for me. This work has very good guitars and catchy tunes also so this album is at the level of all Exciter's early albums.

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