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May 25th, 2016
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1. Batio, Michael Angelo 'Shred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio' 2. Act of Defiance 'Birth And the Burial' 3. Battlecross 'Rise to Power' 4. Queensryche 'Condition Hüman' 5. Riverside 'Love, Fear And the Time Machine' 6. Detonator 'Excelsior' 7. Enslaved 'In Times' 8. December XII 'Twelve Candles' 9. Borealis 'Purgatory' 10. Graveworm 'Ascending Hate' 11. Mavrin, Sergey 'Neotvratimoe (Unavoidable)' 12. Wildestarr 'A Tell Tale Heart' 13. Atland 'Marboré' 14. Moonlight Circus 'Madness in Mask' 15. Visigoth 'The Revenant King' 16. Great Discord, The 'Duende' 17. Estate 'Fantasia' 18. Native Construct 'Quiet World' 19. Alkasar 'Al'kasar' 20. SBK 'Voodoo Press'

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Gilbert, PaulAcoustic Samurai


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 04-dd195


It's live album performed in acoustics. I like Gilbert, his acoustic work's done with no less skill than his other works.

Gilbert, PaulSpace Ship One


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 05-dd290

Hard Rock

As usual Mr. Gilbert plays a different music from Rock'n'Roll to Hard&Heavy, he doesn't miss Art/Jazz Rock also. His guitar works on this album are close to the guitar technique of 60s-70s.

Gilbert, PaulGet Out of My Yard


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd408

instrumental acoustic Hard Rock

At last all Gilbert's music of this album is instrumental, no words but the music, what could be better for an excellent guitarist? This album actually is on of the tops of his work.

Gilbert, PaulSilence Followed by a Deafening Roar


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 08-dd648

instrumental Hard Rock

Another Gilbert's instrumental work doesn't prepare us anything very special or unexpected. It's still that good Gilbert's songs of his own style.

Gilbert, PaulGet Out of My Yard (DVD)


Mascot Records
ID: irond dvd 07-dd18


It's a self-teaching guide how to play like Paul Gilbert or how to assemble your own Get Out of My Yard album. Indeed, it's very interesting to hear how Paul plays, what he plays, listen to his comment and his life stories.

Gilbert, PaulFuzz Universe


Shrapnel Records
ID: SH 1208

instrumental Hard Rock

What's better: solo Gilbert with the vocals or the instrumental music only? It's another Paul's instrumental work without anything new, it's just very good guitar technique.

Gilbert, PaulVibrato



Jazz Rock

In my opinion this work differs from other Gilbert's solo albums very much. It's a mixture of Jazz, Rock and Blues with the old-fashioned sound.

Gilbert, PaulStone Pushing Uphill


ID: IECP-10291

instrumental Blues Funk Rock

I can't bring myself to tell that it's cover collection's album. Actually it's simply new music with Paul Gilbert guitar mastery.

Gilbert, Paul & Kidd, JimiRaw Blues Power


Provogue Records
ID: irond cd 04-dd202

Blues Rock

I say confidently it's not my music. I was bored of listening to such music, I've got it only because of Gilbert's participation on this release.

Gilbert, Paul & Nelson, FreddieUnited States


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd767

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

Paul Gilbert is Brian May and Freddie Nelson is Freddie Mercury indeed. So this excellent project is very good try at a renaissance of Queen.



Ariah Records
ID: 001

Heavy Metal

This music belongs to those bands which follows the way of traditional mid-tempo Heavy with some Thrash elements (like some US Thrash bands). Sometimes this slow sound turns into Doom-like songs.



ID: SPV 92732 CD

Rock'n'Roll Punk Hard Heavy Metal

This album is more Punk than Motorhead but less heavier and gloomy than Black Sabbath, both of them are presented on this release in the persons of these bands. It's just not bad cheerful songs with some memorable tunes.



Bronze Records
ID: UICY-93878


It's hard to call this sound Hard Rock because the music is soft even for Hard Rock. It's Rock'n'Rollish mainstream Rock of 70s with Motorhead influences and with some not bad songs.

GirlschoolHit And Run


Bronze Records
ID: UICY-93879

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

Nothing changes in the music, it's still the same Rock'n'Roll music, but I hope it's at last more 'brutal' for just Rock.

GirlschoolScreaming Blue Murder


Bronze Records
ID: UICY-93880

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

A habit to hear the same in Girlschool music was now well established. It's again just Rock'n'Rollish music with Motorhead influences.

GirlschoolPlay Dirty


Bronze Records
ID: UICY-93881

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

Probably I'd like to think than it is in point of fact but the music seems to me is closer to Hard&Heavy at last. In other respects it's still the same sound without any changes.

GirlschoolNightmare at Maple Cross


GWR Records
ID: 7 75348-2

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

It's cheerful Rock'n'Roll and nothing else. The music keeps all previous traditions of this band without any changes in the music.

GirlschoolTake a Bite


GWR Records
ID: 7 75406-2

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

This band is for morning time, at least I perceive this music better after the waking. Though the music is the same, it doesn't matter.



Progressive International
ID: PRO 014

Hard Rock

Again the band presents more than simple Rock'n'Roll, there are some engaging ideas also there. The sound veers round in towards more heavy sound and variety in the music.

GirlschoolRunning Wild


Mercury Records

Hard Rock

Every band's album shows us a careless life of 80s. It's a simply nice music that's close enough to many similar bands and many NWoBHM bands of that time.



Communique Records

Hard Heavy Metal

Maybe it was the right time and the right place to listen to this album that likes me on the first try. The music is interesting and catchy without anything gloomy.



MCA Records
ID: 3052172

Melodic Hard Rock

Giuffria is a keyboardist and his keys sound sometimes very nice, sometimes in the trend way of 80s pop music. Anyway, this debut album is good enough in spite of everything.

GiuffriaSilk And Steel


MCA Records
ID: 3063662

Melodic AOR Hard Rock

It's really nice enough album, though it's AOR/Hard Rock in the traditions of the similar bands from 80s. The vocals on this album are perfect!

Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project II


Giuntini Records
ID: AG 2001

Heavy Power Metal

It may be funny but this album was produced by Dario Mollo. But Giuntini is better than Mollo, I think. His music is more powerful and playful. It's a mixture of Rainbow/Dio, Judas Priest and many other great bands.

Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project vol.1


Dig It International
ID: DCD 10280

Hard Heavy Metal

Though this album is without Tony Martin and music is classic Hard&Heavy, a leadership of the guitarist helps in any situation. Giuntini is very good guitar player, his solos are impressive, so it isn't important here who sings or what music style is, the main is his skill in guitar playing.

Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project III


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd362

Hard Heavy Metal

Again and again Tony Martin dominates on the albums with his participation, though it's a guitarist project and the guitar must be the main instrument... Do you ask for the music? Do you think these famous musicians just bought the votes by their names only? Of course the music is excellent.

Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project IV


Escape Music
ID: ESM253

Hard Heavy Metal

I listen to this project for the fourth time. If the first works were interesting enough, this one is interesting too but already I'd like something more.

GladiatorsBound to Steel


Black Arrow
ID: 20362

Speed Power Metal

It's a mixture of Grave Digger, U.D.O. and Running Wild by music. The vocals are close to Udo/Boltendahl but sometimes they are more hoarse, close to Thrash vocals.

GladiatorsSteel Vengeance


Black Arrow
ID: Bestell Nr. 20261

Speed Power Heavy Metal

Stylistically this album doesn't differ from previous one. It's still Udo (I heard not simply Udo, but something from early Accept) on Grave Digger speed with some Running Wild riffs.



ID: VICP-5239

Hard Heavy Metal

It seems to me we have a mixture of German Melodic Hard&Heavy and early Queensryche. But this album doesn't reach to Melodic, doesn't reach to Queensryche too.

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