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May 29th, 2015
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1. Split Heaven 'Street Law' 2. Aska 'Fire Eater' 3. Aska 'Nine Tongues' 4. Ichabod Krane 'Day of Reckoning' 5. Steel Raiser 'Regeneration' 6. Speed Limit 'Unchained / Prophecy' 7. Steel Maid 'Raptor' 8. Armageddon (Yugoslavia) 'Egyptian Suite' 9. Piel de Serpiente 'El Veneno Se Extiende' 10. Rizon 'Masquerade' 11. Rizon 'Sudden Life' 12. Black Hawk 'Straight to Hell' 13. Black Hawk 'The Invasion' 14. Black Hawk 'Dragonride' 15. Deja Vu 'Decibel Disease' 16. Warcry (Germany) 'Revenge in Blood' 17. Zeno Morf 'Wings of Madness' 18. Zeno Morf 'Zeno Morf' 19. Brutal Hand 'Purgatory's Rage' 20. Skelator 'Time of the Sword Rulers'

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Grave DiggerThe Clans Will Rise Again


Napalm Records
ID: NPR 349

Heavy Power Metal

'Again' is a wrong word. 'Again' infests the music by beforehand old and known music and screams 'Well, it's Again the same!' I didn't wait for anything new from this album and was right: it's still the same, Again and Again.

Grave DiggerClash of the Gods


Napalm Records

Heavy Power Metal

The band continues to play in the traditions of the last albums - not fast Heavy with some powerful elements. The songs aren't so catchy in comparison with the past but it's a good songs also.

Grave DiggerHome at Last


Napalm Records

Heavy Metal

This EP/single supports 'Home at Last' by any definition. The new songs are true Heavy, other songs are live versions.

Grave DiggerReturn of the Reaper


Napalm Records
ID: mzr cd 678

Power Metal

Bingo! We have brutal Grave Digger, as fast as reaper's scythe. This music accords with contents perfectly - you feel real reaper behind your back. The bonus CD is also very interesting - there are excellent live acoustic songs there.

Grave ForsakenThis Day Forth


ID: SM015

Heavy Thrash Metal

The vocals are between Death, Thrash and Hardcore sounding. The guitar solos are close to technical US Thrash, but in general the music is complex and various enough to call it the only genre.

GravestoneCreating a Monster / Victims of Chains


Gama Records
ID: Scratch 880 530 CD

Heavy Speed Metal

It's a mixture of the classic traditions of German Metal scene of 80s. It's a mixture of Accept, Bonfire, Mania, etc. - every good things were united in this double re-release.

GravestoneBack to Attack


Gama Records
ID: inak 858 CD

Melodic Heavy Speed Metal

It's one of the very good representative of Melodic German Metal of 80s. This music is in the best traditions of similar bands and sometimes reminds me of Axxis music, though Axxis was created later than Gravestone.

GravewormWhen Daylight's Gone



Melodic Black Metal

This band has done everything to turn Melodic Black Metal into pop music.

GravewormUnderneath the Crescent Moon



Melodic Black Metal

It's mini album and like on the debut full-length work this band has done everything to turn Melodic Black Metal into pop music.

GravewormAs the Angels Reach the Beauty


Last Episode 

Melodic Black Metal

This album tried extremely to change Black Metal in the Melodic side. There are many keys, strings and just nice tunes everywhere during this release.

GravewormScourge of Malice


ID: SR 031

Melodic Black Metal

GravewormEngraved in Black


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 03-599

Melodic Black Metal

I don't know what special is in this music. As for me it's ordinary Melodic Black with all well-known Melodic Black Metal features.



Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 05-943

Melodic Black Death Metal

I have no additional words to say something special about this album. It's still the same Melodic Black from the album to the album.

GravewormCollateral Defect


Massacre Records
ID: irond cd 07-1311

Melodic Black Metal

At last there is something various in the music at least for me. It's the same melodious Black with some good music moments.

GravewormDiabolical Figures


Massacre Records
ID: irond cd 09-1626

Melodic Black Metal

Though it's the same music and it's a bit various music, I can say it's a fairly good album. Unfortunately there is nothing new at all.

GravewormFragments of Death


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 11-1805

Melodic Death Black Metal

This work returns to the originality of the early albums, with many melodic parts and few memorable tunes. The music is the same but it's better than usual.

Great Kat, TheWorship Me Or Die!



Hardcore Thrash Metal

This album is pretty stupid Thrash or even Hardcore, which is similar to S.O.D.

Great Kat, TheRossini's Rape



Speed Thrash Metal

This album is very-high-speed-noisy music where other people's tunes are being used.

Great Kat, TheBloody Vivaldi



Speed Thrash Metal

It's noise with a violin. This is extremely avant-garde music in the finest sense of the word.

Great WhiteStick It


Axe Killer
ID: 3046772 / WAG 329

Blues Glam Hard Heavy Metal

Sometimes it's a mixture of AC/DC and Def Leppard, some version of melodious Hard Rock as it originally was.

Great WhiteOnce Bitten


Capitol Records
ID: CDP 7 46910 2

Blues AOR

They are pillars of American AOR with not bad albums. There are some hints at blues and a lot of good tunes. This is ideal material for this style.

Great White...Twice Shy


Capitol Records
ID: CDP 7 90640 2

Blues AOR

They are pillars of American AOR with not bad albums. There are some hints at blues and a lot of good tunes. This is ideal material for this style.

Great WhiteHooked


Capitol Records
ID: CDP 7 95330 2

Blues AOR

They are pillars of American AOR with not bad albums. There are some hints at blues and a lot of good tunes. This is ideal material for this style.

Great WhiteMy... My... My...


Capitol Records
ID: 07777-40021-9-6

Blues AOR

Great WhitePsycho City


Capitol Records
ID: CDP 0777 798835 2 3

Blues AOR

It may be their best album with a lot of nostalgic and light Blues. There is a song which is one of the most heartfelt ones I ever heard 'Love is a lie'. That's why I consider this album to be not ordinary release.

Great WhiteSail Away



acoustic Blues Hard Rock

It's classical US melodic Rock. Turn the radio on, what's there, Bon Jovi or Great White (or Metallica or Rat Hot Limbit Shit)? The biggest part of the album is the acoustic songs, I love you, you love hamsters, oh-oh... Nevertheless it's very very good album.

Great WhiteCan't Get There from Here


Sony Music Entertainment
ID: 495066

Melodic Blues Hard Rock

Great White can suggest us good music anytime, especially if the music is balladish Blues. I think this album is again ballads-oriented, but there are good energetic fast tracks on this release.

Great WhiteLet It Rock


The Imago Recording Company
ID: 72787-23005-2

Melodic Glam Hard Heavy Metal

This album isn't real Great White, it's a good compilation of Aerosmith, Skid Row, etc. - I mean all those US bands of 80s. This album doesn't support very much Great White tradition to have many ballad tracks on the disk, almost all tracks are mid-tempo (classic) Glam Hard&Heavy with some Funk elements.

Great WhiteGreat Zeppelin: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin


Cleopatra Records
ID: irond cd 04-565/DD70

Hardcore Rock

As you see, it's Led Zeppelin songs performed live by Great White. Sometimes it sounds like Led Zeppelin, sometimes it's worse than Led Zeppelin, so I have to value just the original band's skill after other band's performing.

Great WhiteRecover


Deadline Music
ID: irond cd 03-530/DD35

Hard Rock

No, they don't recover themselves from the past, don't reinvent something forgotten and don't dig the grave. It's just the cover-versions of the old bands - still well-known and already not well-known. I think Great White doesn't need to play the cover-versions...

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