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May 27th, 2016
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1. Batio, Michael Angelo 'Shred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio' 2. Act of Defiance 'Birth And the Burial' 3. Battlecross 'Rise to Power' 4. Queensryche 'Condition Hüman' 5. Riverside 'Love, Fear And the Time Machine' 6. Detonator 'Excelsior' 7. Enslaved 'In Times' 8. December XII 'Twelve Candles' 9. Borealis 'Purgatory' 10. Graveworm 'Ascending Hate' 11. Mavrin, Sergey 'Neotvratimoe (Unavoidable)' 12. Wildestarr 'A Tell Tale Heart' 13. Atland 'Marboré' 14. Moonlight Circus 'Madness in Mask' 15. Visigoth 'The Revenant King' 16. Great Discord, The 'Duende' 17. Estate 'Fantasia' 18. Native Construct 'Quiet World' 19. Alkasar 'Al'kasar' 20. SBK 'Voodoo Press'

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Haven DeniedIllusions (Between Truth And Lie)


SG Records

Modern Thrash Metal

This is type of the music where Metal meets different modern stuff like groove, Stoner, etc. This music has just few interesting moments for me.

HavocElimination Process


American Line Prods
ID: LA-097

Thrash Metal

Such Thrash usually is inherent to US bands. It's noisy Thrash without some definite structure, fast and loud but without hearable difference between the songs.

Havoc (US)The Grip


Auburn Records
ID: SPV 60-7583

Heavy Metal

It's some sort of early US Heavy/Power with several Bay Area Thrash elements. There are some special guitar solos there that reminds me of early Metallica.

Havoc MassKilling the Future


Massacre Records

Thrash Metal

It's a classic Thrash in Coroner, Sepultura, Kreator, Destruction, Pestilence styles. A music has many technical guitar solos in Coroner, Destruction styles.

HawaiiThe Natives Are Restless


ID: SPV 60-7581

Hard Heavy Metal

This album has the only merit - Marty Friedman on guitar, in other respects this album has nothing unusual.

HawaiiOne Nation Underground / Loud, Wild And Heavy


Reborn Classics
ID: RC 1006

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

These albums are better than 'The Natives Are Restress' (they are Melodic Heavy, sometimes with Speed parts like Cacophony), guitar is simply excellent, tunes are unique. There are a lot of instrumentals here.
Vixen - Tunefulness here is very fresh, Marty Friedman is on guitar. This is guitar-oriented album with female vocals.



Metal Mayhem Music
ID: MM00014

Heavy Metal

Hawk presents us so nice for me Heavy of 80s. As usual it's very good songs with the admirable vocals and true Heavy sound without Glam or anything else.



Mausoleum Records

Heavy Metal

It's traditional for Germany Heavy Metal which is correctly to compare with Accept and Running Wild of that time. The songs from this album are good enough without doubt.

HeadhunterA Bizarre Gardening Accident


Major Records International
ID: MRI 018/043-2

Speed Thrash Metal

It's more original and more melodic variant of Destruction. It's similar to Desperados in their insertions of old tunes into their songs.

HeadhunterParody of Life


Major Records International
ID: TECP-25442

Speed Thrash Metal

This work still depended from Destruction sound - the same people couldn't at once change the music of another project. But Headhunter was more Speed oriented, with the nice guitar solos and not bad melodic parts.



Major Records International
ID: cdm 1107-2766

Speed Thrash Metal

It would be higher rate without track Disco, so accept my regrets. It's a really very interesting and various music, the band went over the top with that Disco, what a shame...

HeadhunterParasite of Society


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0408-2875

Power Speed Heavy Thrash Metal

It's one of the outlets for the musicians to play something different from their main bands. Though Headhunter even so is close to Destruction by the style, nevertheless it's more melodic and less Thrash, it's closer to Living Death though it's more various by the music than Living Death.

HeadlessGrowing Apart


Lion Music
ID: LMC342

Hard Heavy Metal

Actually it's an average enough band without anything special in the music. They play modern type of soft Metal/Hard Rock with few Progressive elements.

HeadlineVoices of Presence


Nothing To Say (NTS)
ID: 3053112

Progressive Heavy Metal

Doro-like vocal, a terrific French accent, Proggy music, all this is Headline. I can say nothing about the features of the band, there are no observable guitar works, no visible inimitable tunes during the album, but their Prog doesn't copy any other well known Prog Metal bands.



Nothing To Say (NTS)
ID: 3079272

Melodic Power Progressive Metal

I think it's more powerful and speedy album than another one that I've got. Though album is fast, there is a place for Beethoven's music pieces for the increasing of melodiousness.

HeadquakesFallout Diaries


Crash & Burn Records
ID: C&B014

Heavy Power Progressive Metal

If you'd like to hear something fresh Headquakes is your rescue. It's good melodious Heavy with few Power and Progressive elements and many interesting songs.

Heads Or TalesEternity Becomes a Lie


Black Mark Production

Power Metal

It's classical Nordic Power Metal. There aren't any snotty trendy Italian Melodic Power on this album, you aren't able to find something from German style Power Metal there also. I think their music is in the style of Nocturnal Rites, Tad Morose, etc.

HeadspaceI Am Anonymous



Progressive Metal

It's gentleman Progressive in the traditions of UK Art Rock. The music is interesting, impressive, various, the band beautifies this genre without doubt.

Headstone EpitaphWings of Eternity


Noise Records 

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

I can't express my thoughts about this stunning album, as I listened to this album at the first time, as I listen to it now, I can say this band is superb!

Headstone EpitaphPower Games


Noise Records 

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

This wonderful band is from the wonderful German bands which play wonderful German Melodic Metal. Everything in this band catches your attention, especially the great tunes and guitar solos.

HeartJupiters Darling


Eagle Records
ID: cdm 0904-2020/d

Pop Funk Glam Hard Rock

I didn't keep a check on this band in 80s, as far as remember they've always played such music. This is music of Aerosmith, Extreme but with trendier sound and of course with the female vocals.

HeartRed Velvet Car


Legacy Records
ID: 88697 73800 2

Pop Rock

Maybe, it's a significant music for the people from 60s-70s but not for me. This album is withered soft Rock with the sound of those times and totally wasted (for me) songs.

Heart of SunHeart of Sun


Galileo Records
ID: mals 237

Progressive Metal

It's not good idea to be the musicians of Time Machine and to follow Dream Theater ideas ignoring the history in practice. It's melodious partially semi-experimental Progressive in common traditions of the genre.

Heat, TheThe Heat


Long Island Records
ID: LIR 00006

Hard Heavy Metal

This German Hard&Heavy is closer to US Hard&Heavy by some commercial sound. Nevertheless there are some not bad songs and some very good guitar solos there.

Heat, TheGoldfinger


Long Island Records
ID: 85008

Hard Heavy Metal

At last it's real German Hard&Heavy without any trendy US Hard&Heavy influences. It's very good music in the traditions of the genre.

HeathenBreaking the Silence


Combat Records
ID: 66045-2

Speed Metal

It's like Helloween of the same time, anyway it's another band with other very good features of US Speed of 80s (e.g. something from Agent Steel, etc.). The music is really fast, it's not Heavy with fast guitar solos, btw the Heathen's guitar solos are very good.

HeathenVictims of Deception


RoadRunner Records
ID: APCY-8046

Power Thrash Metal

This release is closer to Bay Area Thrash bands than debut album I think. It's a technical music with many interesting fast songs, Heathen is the band that has a look of its own beside others.

HeathenThe Evolution of Chaos


Mascot Records
ID: M 7257 2

Power Thrash Metal

Being Bay Area band Heathen cannot but compared with all those Bay Area Thrash bands. It's a complex enough music with many Thrash elements and with many interesting songs.

Heathen's RageThe Years of Rage


Rock Dream 

Speed Metal

This is a compilation of all (?) band's songs, from EP and demos. Sometimes a quality of the sound isn't alright. The music is typical for wild 80s - fast, aggressive but somewhere melodic and catching.



Metal On Metal Records
ID: MOMR10021

Doom Power Metal

I think I can compare this band with different Swedish slooow Power Metal bands and with Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, etc also. There are some Progressive elements in the music also - it's a necessity to the band.

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