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May 30th, 2017
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1. Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not for Sale' 2. In Flames 'Battles' 3. Hardline 'Human Nature' 4. Asphyxia 'Exit: Reality' 5. Marcello, Kee 'Scaling Up' 6. Zheleznyy Potok 'Chyornaya Sila (Black Power)' 7. Pretty Maids 'Kingmaker' 8. Kruger 'Dikiy (Savage)' 9. Lithium 'Liniya Krovi (Bloodline)' 10. Kryptos 'Burn Up the Night' 11. Stalwart 'Tectonic' 12. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 13. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 14. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 15. Eden's Curse 'Cardinal' 16. Sodom 'Decision Day' 17. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 18. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 19. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 20. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection'

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InsaniaHymns of Insania II: Sunrise in Riverland


No Fashion Records 

Melodic Power Metal

It's completely the music based on other bands' ideas.

InsaniaFantasy: A New Dimension


No Fashion Records
ID: irond cd 03-479

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's a total mixture of Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma Ray without any attempts of the originality. I don't give other comment for this pla*rism, don't wait for it.

InsaniaAgony - Gift of Life


Sound Pollution

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Four album - it's a copy again for the fourth time of Stratovarius+Helloween+Gamma Ray+some Royal Hunt keys. This album isn't so bad, but there isn't anything there to think that this work must live...

Insania (Germany)One More... One Less


STF Records
ID: 13302

Power Heavy Metal

It's the band from the underground with not the same sound like on major-labels' bands. This music is without limitation from the uncles from label's management, though there is a small limitation in vocals' part which sometimes sound out of tune.

Insania (Germany)Fear


STF Records
ID: 10151

Heavy Power Metal

I expect this is one of the bands that always is (ostensibly) on demo level with (ostensibly) unstable lineup. The music is diluted, not solid, the lead vocals (especially with backing vocals) sometimes are out of tune.



Blower Records
ID: Blower 004-07

Thrash Metal

This band play the music as fast as they can, so this compilation from the demos is short enough. This is US Thrash with some complex sound and few Hardcore touches.

InspectorRussian Prayer


Parachute Records
ID: 883 373-907

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

It's a trendy enough music in the traditions of many pop-oriented Glam Rock bands. The music is absolutely typical and average, there are just few nice guitar solos.

IntenseSecond Sight


Underground Symphony
ID: 3094402

Power Metal

Do you want to know more useful things about UK Power? Intense music in my opinion is closer to US Power than to European traditions, the songs are melodic and sometimes are very good.

IntenseAs Our Army Grows


Underground Symphony
ID: irond cd 07-1308

Power Metal

This release is not only a presentation of English version of US Power, it's entirely Iced Earth music with some Progressive elements. Anyway, this band's songs aren't so disagreeable to listen to because of it.

IntenseThe Shape of Rage


Napalm Records

Speed Power Metal

Yes, this album is powerful, yes, the album is fast and again yes, the album is a bit melodious. Actually the music is typical enough for this genre.

Intense (Hungary)Black Dawn


Kosch-Vox Records
ID: KV 719471

Death Metal

I thought it's a single of UK Power Intense but it's Hungarian Death as it happens. The music is a modern stuff with probably Hardcore elements or something else.

Interitus DeiUnholy


Sidekick Records
ID: irond cd 02-188

experimental Doom Gothic Heavy Metal

It's a mixture of Anticrisis, Skyclad, Therion and Nightwish. There are average female vocals, standard Doom-Death vocals, live violin which is playing constantly. Guitar plays out of place. Sometimes it's similar to Rhapsody in the non-existent tunes.

Into EternityInto Eternity


DVS Records
ID: cdm 0702-900

Progressive Death Metal

There are technique guitars, originally not fast Death, different vocals including female voice. I can't say it's vey memorable, but original without doubt.

Into EternityDead Or Dreaming


DVS Records
ID: cdm 0702-898

Progressive Death Metal

Without doubt this band can rank deservedly among other Progressive Death Metal bands, this music is perfectly for a good reason.

Into EternityThe Scattering of Ashes


Century Media Records
ID: fo637cd

Progressive Death Metal

Actually it's one of the best band in such genre, it's not a joke because Into Eternity unites delicious Progressive with fast melodic Death very skillfully. The variety of the music impresses.

Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy


Century Media Records
ID: myst cd 377

Progressive Death Metal

There is almost no Death Metal at all there, it's something else but Death with just few Death elements. It's more Progressive Heavy/Power than Death, with the clear vocals.

IntrinsicDistortion of Perspective


Cheese Flag Music
ID: 11163

Heavy Power Progressive Metal

It's one of the uncommon US bands which play something unusual. Such music always hasn't any analogies in the world because of the experiments in the music, tunes and the instrument's sound.

IntruderA Higher Form of Killing


Metal Blade Records
ID: 7 72416-2

Thrash Speed Metal

This is US Speed/Thrash act of 80s. Is there anything new or original? I don't think so, but it's really qualitative work in this style.

IntruderLive to Die


Iron Works Records
ID: IW 1023 cd

Speed Thrash Metal

Because it's even so more Speed than Thrash, I like this debut work more than the later band's albums. It's the case this music is perfect.

IntruderPsycho Savant


Metal Blade Records

Thrash Metal

It's a good representative for US Thrash with a complex sound. We have a mixture of many Bay Area Thrash bands in this music with the excellent guitar work.

InvocatorThrough the Flesh to the Soul


Scarlet Records
ID: cdm 1203-1630

Thrash Metal

This music in Sepultura, Slayer, etc. style, it's good classic raw Thrash with good guitars (maybe, is it better to compare with Artillery?).

InvocatorDying to Live


Progress Records
ID: PCD-20

Thrash Metal

This release is close to US Thrash bands' albums. It's a complex music with some Hardcore-like elements, the sound is solid and everything on the album is interesting enough.

InvocatorExcursion Demise


Black Mark Production

Thrash Metal

It's pure European Thrash in Kreator style. It's the same semi-chaotic music, special Thrash sound and few melodic parts that you are able to remember.

InvocatorWeave the Apocalypse


Black Mark Production

Thrash Metal

It's probably a transitional work between true European Thrash and some wholesale US Thrash. The music aren't armed with speed, the sound tends to modern trends.

Iommi, TonyEighth Star



Hard Heavy Metal

This album is various and melodic. If Black Sabbath had been like this solo album, they would have been ten times as great. Hughes is on the vocals again.

Iommi, TonyFused


Sanctuary Records

Hard Heavy Stoner Metal

I always was admired the man who plays define original music many decades and every his works differ from others. This solo work is close to Black Sabbath exactly by its slow course, including something special invisible Stonerish.

Iommi, TonyIommi


Priority Records

Modern Stoner Doom Metal

It's more modern music, it's more boring and less interesting music than I'd like to hear from this musician. Maybe somebody who likes such music can find there something special, I can't.

Iommi, TonyThe 1996 Dep Sessions with Glenn Hughes


Sanctuary Records
ID: 06076-84724-2

Hard Heavy Stoner Metal

It's no question that the similar sessions reflect positively on the songs of any maestro, even more so if it has respect to such high-class maestro. The songs are perfect and recognizable.

IraGesta Heroica



Melodic Speed Power Metal

I hoped this band would open something special in Mexican Power. But there is nothing in this music that can say: it's Mexican music exactly... It's just Melodic Speed&Power in Italian style.

IrencrosAlchemy of Destruction


Adrenaline Records
ID: STH 0512

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's nice typical Melodic Speed&Power, of course in Italian style, and with few Progressive elements. The main feature is very good guitars that also is typical for Italian Melodic Speed&Power.

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