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July 3rd, 2015
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L.A.GunsMan in the Moon


Eagle Records
ID: cdm 0904-2011

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

Definitely, it's nice melodic music received from 80s. I say the truth - this band always has its face, new times didn't distort sound and kept original ideas.

L.A.GunsWaking the Dead


Eagle Records
ID: cdm 0904-2012

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

I was afraid to hear what the band looping on music of 80s could create in 21 century, it turned out that their music was not bad also. But there are no new ideas there also.

L.A.GunsGolden Bullets


Mausoleum Records
ID: cdm 0804-1967

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

It's just a collection taken from the other L.A. Guns albums including the live tracks. It's not the best of the band, it's really just a collection...

L.A.GunsLoud & Dangerous


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd417

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

I don't know it is good or bad live album for such bands, it's an ordinary live recording for me. I mean there isn't anything special there, it's live album like other live albums.

L.A.GunsHollywood Forever


Deadline Music
ID: CLP 8504

Glam Hard Rock

It's sporting music, brisk Rock'n'Roll songs, in other words it's about the same as usual. Some songs from this album are really very good.

Laaz RockitCity's Gonna Burn



Speed Heavy Metal

This debut album isn't Thrash, it's Speed with some Heavy songs. Sometimes I hear several elements inherent to Metal Church music.

Laaz RockitNo Stranger to Danger


ID: SPV 04-7148

Speed Heavy Metal

As music from 80s this work is very good example. It's already not simply Heavy, but not Thrash at the same time, it's just some City's Gonna Burn's prolongation.

Laaz RockitKnow Your Enemy


Enigma Records
ID: MAS CD0622

Speed Thrash Metal

It's a perfectly illustrative album of the excellent, melodic, technical, irreproachable in all things early Speed/Thrash. The vocals remind me of Geoff Tate sometimes.

Laaz RockitAnnihilation Principle


Enigma Records
ID: OMR 025

Speed Thrash Metal

The basement is probably early Metallica, but music is more Speed than Thrash because of more sensible guitars. This album can't bother anybody!

Laaz RockitNothing's Sacred


RoadRunner Records
ID: PCCY-00330

Thrash Speed Metal

Almost everything says it's original Thrash of the world standard, but there are too many Speed Metal things there, so the band sounds like many other Speed/Thrash bands of 80s. This album just makes an emphasis on it - it's a top of the 80's music.

Laaz RockitTaste of Rebellion


RoadRunner Records
ID: MAS CD0670

Thrash Metal

It's live band's work. Everything that the band has got is here: speed, aggressive, US Thrash spirit - it's Laaz Rockit in live performance.

Laaz RockitLive Untold



Thrash Metal

This video documentary has the following treasure for me: old band's recordings and old video interview.

Laaz RockitLeft for Dead


Blistering Records
ID: BR009

Thrash Metal

Unfortunately, after more than 15 years between the albums Laaz Rockit gives us average and fadeless US Thrash in the traditions of many local US bands. It's already isn't an annihilation principle of 80s, this music actually was left on the battlefield for dead.

LaBrie, JamesElements of Persuasion



Progressive Metal

Of course laBrie can't leave his Dream Theater mothership, every his project consists of Dream Theater things. But there are some modern elements on this solo album side by side with it, so don't look at this as on another Dream Theater version, it's even so different Prog music.

LaBrie, JamesStatic Impulse



Heavy Death Metal

Bewilderment - Death? Yes, we have many Death vocals on this album so it sounds like In Flames very much. In other respects it can't be called Progressive so James LaBrie made something original indeed.

LaBrie, JamesImpermanent Resonance


ID: IOMCD596-2

Modern Heavy Metal

When Dream Theater singer releases Death Metal album, it sounds intrigue and absolutely uncommon. But this work has just one Death and one Thrash songs, the rest of the release is a simply modern stuff.

LabyrinthNo Limits


Underground Symphony
ID: irond cd 05-968

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's very interesting and uncommon release, though there are some trendy pop keys solos.

LabyrinthReturn to Heaven Denied


Metal Blade Records 

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's the best (yet) Labyrinth work for me, there are so many miraculous tunes and solos on this album, I can listen to this CD again and again.

LabyrinthSons of Thunder


Metal Blade Records 

Melodic Speed Power Metal

The band lose something important in the music. Now it's not very original sound without the bright and memorable features.



Century Media Records
ID: fo274cd

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's a standard level of standard Italian bands music with good guitarist and good keyboardist. The music is a mixture of the previous and the first Labyrinth albums.



Arise Records
ID: irond cd 05-967

Progressive Power Metal

It's one of the few Italian bands, which isn't afraid of its music changing from the album to the album. This album is very various, but the main direction is Progressive music now.

Labyrinth6 Days to Nowhere


Scarlet Records
ID: myst cd 282

Melodic Progressive Heavy Power Metal

Labyrinth passes into softer music during the last albums. This one is almost not Power at all but some unexpected, very aggressive Power rhythms on some songs.

LabyrinthReturn to Heaven Denied pt. 2 - A Midnight Autumn's Dream


Scarlet Records
ID: SC 193-0

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Yes, it's already Melodic Speed&Power without anything superfluous. Unfortunately, this album is without any idea at all, it's just standard Italian Melodic Speed&Power.

Lacrimas Profundere...And the Wings Embraced Us



Doom Gothic Death Metal

It's just a trying to find a new way from standards of Doom/Death with Gothic elements, the band is still in a searching process...

Lacrimas ProfundereLa Naissance d'un Reve


Witchhunt Records 

Melodic Doom Death Gothic Metal

It's the best album of this band for me. The main thing is very good tunes and sad music.

Lacrimas ProfundereMemorandum


Napalm Records 

Melodic Doom Metal

It's a good and calm music, it's not bad result for reaching of the top of sad Doom.

Lacrimas ProfundereBurning: A Wish


Napalm Records
ID: irond cd 01-30

Doom Metal

It's just a trendy version that unfortunately is already standard for such style bands, the version of a commercial mixture of Crematory, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, etc.



Hall of Sermon
ID: irond cd 01-115

Melodic Doom Gothic Metal

The first track was so boring so I thought that all album would be ugly but then music returned to great melodic and melancholic sound with outstanding string and wind instruments.



Hall of Sermon
ID: irond cd 03-429

Melodic Pop Rock

It's already trendy Lacrimosa with joyful music, Alternative-oriented sound without memorable tunes, it's something in the style of late The Gathering.

LacrimosaLichtgestalt / The Party Is Over


Hall of Sermon
ID: irond cd 05-993

Melodic Gothic Doom Metal

I'm not sure but the band follows the strange way, it seems still that Lacrimosa which's well known many years, but in the same time it's the band which can't play anything really good, original and catching. It's just my own opinion, but this album doesn't impress me again. This digi includes a single, but this single has only one (the first) good track, the others are the colorless songs.

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