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July 26th, 2016
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Logar's DiaryBook I: Iostros


Metal Fortress Entertainment
ID: cdm 0402-852

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's as common as dirt cheesy Melodic Speed&Power album. There are good vocals, arrangements and some interesting music parts there.

LonewolfUnholy Paradise


ID: GOI 2003 23

Speed Power Metal

I know many people think that this band is Running Wild copy, I don't think so though 70% of this album is Running Wild. Maybe, it could be close to Killer (from France too) that plays Running Wild-like music too.

LonewolfMade in Hell


Eat Metal Records
ID: EMR 016

Speed Power Metal

After Rolf Kasparek official retirement what band can be instead of glorious Running Wild? Lonewolf is the best choice to be the first on this wave! If you missed Running Wild music - listen to Lonewolf, it's the best traditions of such genre.

LonewolfThe Dark Crusade


Karthago Records
ID: KR048

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Hail Victory, the band again won the battle who's worthy to occupy Running Wild throne. This excellent album unites guitar sound and songs of Running Wild with the sound and the vocals of Grave Digger.

Loomis, JeffZero Order Phase


Century Media Records
ID: myst cd 379

instrumental Heavy Power Progressive Metal

I waited for another music but this album exceeded my expectations! It's not average solo album with the average music and many guest musicians, it's a really high-qualitative work with the excellent guitar technique and amazing songs!

Loomis, JeffPlains of Oblivion


Century Media Records
ID: mzr cd 546

Speed Power Heavy Metal

Do you know Jeff Loomis as a guitar master well? This work acknowledges his guitar skill, his music is various and very interesting again!

LoonatikkGorilla Beat


MDD Management

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

It's Rock'n'Rollish music but in the standard of 90s. Probably, such music could be called Punk - who plays such familiar Rockabilly in 2001?

Loosely TightFightin' Society



Hard Heavy Metal

This work is something between normal NWoBHM and Hard Rock of 70s. It reminds me of Judas Priest of the same time on some songs. If after all to compare this band and the bands from NWoBHM direction (not trend-makers) or similar sounded bands, Loosely Tight is better or many of them.




Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal

It's a demo where you can find a various music from experimental Progressive to powerful Heavy. The guitars on this work merit special focus.

LordA Personal Journey


Modern Invastion Music
ID: MIM7345-2CD

Heavy Metal

Without doubt it's a solo album, not another project of Dungeon guitarist/vocalist. There are many instrumentals with very good guitar work, the songs with the vocals sometimes remind me of Queensrythe a bit.

LordSet in Stone


Riot! Entertainment
ID: RBNCD-1025

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This is true Speed&Power without doubt. It's not only a good fast music, there is very impressive guitar work during the album.

Lord BrummellPh-Aces


Event 99th Floor
ID: EVR300

Heavy Power Metal

Italian Heavy Metal bands don't fall behind US bands to play something really original. Lord Brummell is typical Italian Melodic Heavy/Power/Progressive band with own elegant features.

Lord GreyLady of the Lake


Shire Records
ID: SR-0001

Hard Heavy Metal

This album is in style of many US Hard Rock, Hard&Heavy, Glam bands of 80s-90s, but it's also something from European Melodic Hard&Heavy of 80s. There is nothing new, though there isn't anything bad in this music, it's just music for those who's got a nostalgia for Hard&Heavy of the past.

Lord VaderGoliath


Karthago Records
ID: KR 001

Heavy Thrash Metal

This album sounds raw, something reminds me of early Running Wild. It could be classic Speed / Thrash unless many Heavy tracks existed on album, all other elements of Speed / Thrash was there: Kreator-like vocals, semi-chaotic music and the cyclic tacts repetitions.

Lord VoltureWill to Power


Mausoleum Records
ID: 251154

Heavy Metal

It's Heavy without doubt, mid-tempo Heavy, pure Heavy without Power or alike elements. Unfortunately it's a typical music without anything remarkable or catchy.

Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheThe Lord Wierd Slough Feg


ID: HPL 007

Heavy Metal

I failed to say exactly what I heard. It's Heavy, powerful Heavy, almost Power. It's US sound, almost Funk, almost Ozzy Osbourne. It's sober Angelripper or Skyclad. Finally it's Black Sabbath and early Metallica. The music is slow (usually) and sometimes boring, though there are good tunes and riffs there.

Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheTwilight of the Idols


Dragonheart Records

Heavy Power Folk Metal

Finally I met the band which is close to my loved Skyclad and Manilla Road. This album probably has more from Skyclad, but there is something burning from splendid Manilla Road there also.

Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheAtavism


Cruz del sur Music
ID: cruz12

Melodic Power Heavy Progressive Metal

I can't stop being pleased with such bands like Slough Feg and other US bands playing in the traditions of 80s. Everything is special for the good and advanced listeners - catching solos, very nice tunes and very memorable music which I always want to listen to again.

Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheHardworlder


Cruz del sur Music
ID: cruz24

Heavy Power Metal

This band is that band which follows old Metal school without any modern trends. This album presents us a continuation to all band's previous albums.

Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheApe Uprising


Cruz del sur Music
ID: cruz36

Heavy Power Metal

It's slow, almost Doomish music, full of epic. It's a fresh variant of the old Metal ideas of the different epical bands of the past.

Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheDigital Resistance


Metal Blade Records
ID: fo1056cd

Heavy Metal

This music is an amazing mixture of 70s guitar sound and some powerful, speedy and epical touches of our time. The songs are in the traditions of the band, epical Manilla Road and alike which is as it should be.

Lordian GuardLordian Guard


Jurgen Hegewald Productions
ID: PR 0001

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

So... I hoped it would be like Warlord or not worse. I was mistaken. This album (let it be debut album of the new band) sounds like a school band with raw rarefied music and drum-machine. Of course this band's got good Melodic base, but it's so amateurish...

Lordian GuardSinners in the Hands of an Angry God


Hellion Records
ID: HE 050697

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's still the same amateurish sound with the weak enough vocals. This band presents again US epic Heavy/Power with the special keys sound and very good guitar work.

LorienSecrets of the Elder


ID: cdm 0902-970

Heavy Power Metal

Everything is ordinary. Manowar + Blind Guardian + something else + some of their own good ideas.

Los Asesinos del PentagramaDuenos del Universo


Ixiol Productions
ID: IXP-002

Heavy Metal

This album is in the traditions of the bands like Mago de Oz and Tierra Santa (at least I hear these bands in this music) with Iron Maiden foundation. Los Asesinos del Pentagrama and similar bands can't play bad music because it's hard to spoil fundamental Iron Maiden ideas.

Lost Boyz, TheDiamond Dust


Communique Records
ID: PRO 032

Glam Hard Rock

It's a considerably common music for me. But maybe it's a good gift for those who still follow popular at one time Glam Hard Rock bands.

Lost CenturyPoetic Atmosphere of Seasons


ID: TT 0018-2

Progressive Thrash Metal

This album is boring enough because the sound of the album is quite monotonous. This music is powerful Progressive with many complex, even experimental things.

Lost FateWhere Dreams... Have No End


Secret Port Records
ID: SPR 0013

Heavy Metal

Heavy, Heavy, it's not something from 80s, it's something not turned into Power. Music is good meaning just harmony in music, but by memorable scale it's music with an average memorability.

Lost HorizonA Flame to the Ground Beneath


Music for Nations (MFN)
ID: KOC-CD-8956

Melodic Power Metal

This Star Wars album continues their previous one. Iron Savior fights Powergod somewhere in Rhapsody forest. Music is standard for Melodic Power.

Lost HorizonAwakening the World


Music for Nations (MFN)

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's a mixture of Gamma Ray and Running Wild with some Manowar and The Scorpions elements. As usual they play the standard music of these styles, but with the good melodious tracks and the original tunes.

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