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May 27th, 2017
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List of the albums from Denis own collection

The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not for Sale' 2. In Flames 'Battles' 3. Hardline 'Human Nature' 4. Asphyxia 'Exit: Reality' 5. Marcello, Kee 'Scaling Up' 6. Zheleznyy Potok 'Chyornaya Sila (Black Power)' 7. Pretty Maids 'Kingmaker' 8. Kruger 'Dikiy (Savage)' 9. Lithium 'Liniya Krovi (Bloodline)' 10. Kryptos 'Burn Up the Night' 11. Stalwart 'Tectonic' 12. Serious Black 'Mirrorworld' 13. National Suicide 'Anotheround' 14. Charred Walls of the Damned 'Creatures Watching over the Dead' 15. Eden's Curse 'Cardinal' 16. Sodom 'Decision Day' 17. Crystal Ball 'Déjà-Voodoo' 18. Winterstorm 'Cube of Infinity' 19. Hammerschmitt (Germany) 'Still on Fire' 20. Operation: Mindcrime 'Resurrection'

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Morbid SaintDestruction System


Red Light Entertainment Group
ID: GRIND CORE 89808-2

Thrash Metal

It's unpretentious old school Thrash. The music doesn't sound original or fresh, it's simply typical aggressive Thrash in European traditions of the genre.

Morbid SinSins of the Flesh


Stormspell Records 

Heavy Thrash Metal

Though it's a demo collection, the sound is pretty good. This work is Heavy with Thrash elements, with the fast rhythm and songs in spirit of 80s.

MordredThe Next Room


Noise Records
ID: N 0211-2

Pop Progressive Metal

It was the first and the last Mordred's album I've ever heard. It's sh*t with vinyl rasp, rap and the other waste products. Yes, there are some Progressive and some Metal there, but even Faith No More is much better than Mordred in this context.

MordredFool's Game


Noise Records
ID: WK45182

Thrash Metal

It's not so solid and fast Thrash as usual for many Thrash Metal bands and there are just few Funk/modern elements there. The vocals sometimes reminds me of Mustaine.

MordredIn This Life


Noise Records
ID: 4829-2-U

Pop Modern Metal

If the first album was more or less close to Thrash, the last one was an absolute sh*t, this transitional album is already closer to sh*t. It's rap with dying Metal sound absorbed by a modern noise.

More I See, TheThe Wolves Are Hungry


ID: SPV 085-69592 CD

Modern Heavy Progressive Metal

It would be not bad though not very original powerful Progressive, maybe Progressive/Power if this music wasn't with the modern sound in *core and Alternative way. They have really some not bad songs where all those modern stuff doesn't appear.



Elevate Records
ID: MHR 042

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's standard Italian Speed&Power, I don't know what else to say, it's Skylark with its primitive, ugly keys, more or less good guitars and average vocals.

Morgana (Italy)Rose of Jericho


Nadir Music
ID: NDR_0006

Heavy Metal

This Morgana is the best band called Morgana that I know. The music is various and interesting, there are many instrumental parts, acoustic parts there, the female vocals are surprisingly good.

Morgana LefayMaleficium


Black Mark Production 

Power Doom Metal

This dark album is in Savatage, Nevermore, Evergrey, etc. key doesn't break away from other Morgana Lefay / Lefay albums. It's a slow gloomy music with the sad tunes (like early Lake of Tears) and thre great vocals.

Morgana LefayKnowing Just As I


Black Mark Production

Power Metal

I said many times there are many bands in the world which music's perception depends on the mood, at least my mood. I bewared that this album wasn't able to be conceived from the first time, but the danger is over, I like it straight off the reel.

Morgana LefaySanctified


Black Mark Production

Doom Power Metal

It's one of those mooonoootooonooous Morgana Lefay albums which I can't listen to without yawn. It's a powerful gloomy music, more Doom than something else with the songs bored for me.

Morgana LefayGrand Materia


Black Mark Production

Power Metal

Not in vain Morgana Lefay was renamed, then disbanded, then reunited under the classic name. Time tells it's not in vain, because the music is really very good. Everything is in classic band's style, but the music, the sound, the solos, etc. catch me stronger than on the previous their works.

Morgana LefayAberrations of the Mind


Black Mark Production

Power Thrash Metal

The music of the band becomes more and more aggressive, now it's very close to Thrash! But in other respects it's still the same Morgana Lefay with the same vocals and the same musical direction.

Morgana LefayMorgana Lefay


Black Mark Production
ID: NEMS 176

Stoner Hardcore Metal

I understand now why the main Morgana Lefay's musicians don't declare this work as one of the band's albums. Because it's really crap. The synthesized, filtered vocals and something slow and boring in modern and unknown/vapid for me groove (?)/sh*tcore (?) - it is this work.



Napalm Records 

Folk Metal

It's a mixture of In Extremo and a bit of Ataraxia. It's just another band playing melodious 'medieval' Folk Metal.

MorifadePossession of Power


Loud n'Proud Records 

Melodic Power Metal

It's exactly melodic-oriented Power with some trendy sound but with some good tunes.



Hammerheart Records
ID: fo149cd

Power Metal

It's a rather average album, but it's better in comparison with their previous work.



Karmageddon Media
ID: Karma005X

Melodic Power Metal

It's trained Swedish Power with the songs you'd like to hear. Though it's not the most original band, the music is very good enough.

MorifadeEmpire of Souls


Rock It Up Records
ID: IWR-11

Melodic Power Metal

Learn from this band! It's Melodic enough and Power enough Metal with many interesting guitar solos, vocal parts and memorable songs.

MorningHour of Joy


Black Lotus Records

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

It's a mash of a music, I don't know is it a slow mixture of Nightwish, early The Gathering and Polish-like Gothic bands? The music is based on the female vocals, all other instruments are only for the background, for the rhythm and for the decorations.



RIP Records
ID: D&L 05

Heavy Power Thrash Metal

This album is raw and primitive enough, there are many repeating tacts in the tracks, Thrash vocals and raw sound of the beginners on this album. Sometimes this album sounds like Black because of the special guitar sound.

MorningstarWeight of the Hammer


RIP Records
ID: D&L10

Speed Heavy Metal

Long Li-ive Running Wi-ild, Long Li-ive Running Wild!
This album is totally dedicated to Running Wild music with many their own melodic features. This album sounds like one that was released in the beginning of 80s (by music, not by quality). Kasparek can live happily while his music gives other people the source for creative activity.

MorningstarKalevala Mysticism


RIP Records
ID: D&L 13

Heavy Metal

It sounds like slow Running Wild + Iron Maiden with some Folk elements. Music is more powerful than Heavy, but the band doesn't use it for playing Power or Thrash (though there are some Iced Earth elements there also).

MorningstarFinnish Metal


Northern Sound Records
ID: NSR 016

Heavy Metal

It's still the continuation of Morningstar's Heavy Metal history, post Black-Folk Finnish Heavy Metal. The music is mid-tempo with the few touches of Folk.

MorriganForgoden Art



Melodic Power Metal

I don't know what really is special in this music?! It seems everything was played many times before and after this band, but music doesn't release me from itself, these nice riffs and tunes catch for long.

Mors Principium EstThe Unborn


Listenable Records
ID: cdm 0905-2406

Melodic Death Metal

This work is in the borders of In Flames and Graveworm with many keys and with not very various music. I'm not sure that this band can play something special, at least I couldn't determine it.

Morse Portnoy GeorgeCover to Cover




Morse, Portnoy and George performed the songs which I think inspired them in their childhood/springtime. Everything of course is in Prog style inherent to the music of these men.

Morse, AlanFour o'Clock And Hysteria



instrumental Progressive Rock

It's an instrumental variant of Spock's Beard music. This album is soft enough Progressive Rock with typical for such music ideas.

Morse, Neal?



Art Progressive Metal

Yes, it's that Morse who used to play in Spock's Beard. But this solo album is closer to Art Rock roots of 70s. Even all these guest musicians can't compel to sound this music modernly.

Morse, NealSola Scriptura



Pop Art Progressive Rock

It's correctly to say Art AOR because it's something in spirit of 70s, bored moldy AOR + bored moldy Art Rock. There are few interesting things on these tracks but it's not enough to like me...

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