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February 14th, 2016
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1. Arena 'The Unquiet Sky' 2. Ariya 'Geroy Asfal'ta (Hero of a Speedway)' 3. Ariya 'S Kem Ty? (With Whom Are You?)' 4. Ariya 'Maniya Velichiya (Megalomania)' 5. Majesty (Germany) 'Generation Steel' 6. Moonspell 'Extinct' 7. Arida Vortex 'The Illustrated Man' 8. Universe (Germany) 'Mission Rock' 9. Blackwelder 'Survival of the Fittest' 10. Faith No More 'Sol Invictus' 11. Shadowquest 'Armoured IV Pain' 12. Bio-Cancer 'Tormenting the Innocent' 13. Acid Reign 'Obnoxious' 14. Acid Reign 'The Fear' 15. Wind Rose 'Wardens of the West Wind' 16. Riot on Mars 'First Wave' 17. Statue 'Comes to Life' 18. House of Lords 'Indestructible' 19. Lynch Mob 'Sun Red Sun' 20. Vexillum 'Unum'

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MorningstarWeight of the Hammer


RIP Records
ID: D&L10

Speed Heavy Metal

Long Li-ive Running Wi-ild, Long Li-ive Running Wild!
This album is totally dedicated to Running Wild music with many their own melodic features. This album sounds like one that was released in the beginning of 80s (by music, not by quality). Kasparek can live happily while his music gives other people the source for creative activity.

MorningstarKalevala Mysticism


RIP Records
ID: D&L 13

Heavy Metal

It sounds like slow Running Wild + Iron Maiden with some Folk elements. Music is more powerful than Heavy, but the band doesn't use it for playing Power or Thrash (though there are some Iced Earth elements there also).

MorningstarFinnish Metal


Northern Sound Records
ID: NSR 016

Heavy Metal

It's still the continuation of Morningstar's Heavy Metal history, post Black-Folk Finnish Heavy Metal. The music is mid-tempo with the few touches of Folk.

MorriganForgoden Art



Melodic Power Metal

I don't know what really is special in this music?! It seems everything was played many times before and after this band, but music doesn't release me from itself, these nice riffs and tunes catch for long.

Mors Principium EstThe Unborn


Listenable Records
ID: cdm 0905-2406

Melodic Death Metal

This work is in the borders of In Flames and Graveworm with many keys and with not very various music. I'm not sure that this band can play something special, at least I couldn't determine it.

Morse Portnoy GeorgeCover to Cover




Morse, Portnoy and George performed the songs which I think inspired them in their childhood/springtime. Everything of course is in Prog style inherent to the music of these men.

Morse, AlanFour o'Clock And Hysteria



instrumental Progressive Rock

It's an instrumental variant of Spock's Beard music. This album is soft enough Progressive Rock with typical for such music ideas.

Morse, Neal?



Art Progressive Metal

Yes, it's that Morse who used to play in Spock's Beard. But this solo album is closer to Art Rock roots of 70s. Even all these guest musicians can't compel to sound this music modernly.

Morse, NealSola Scriptura



Pop Art Progressive Rock

It's correctly to say Art AOR because it's something in spirit of 70s, bored moldy AOR + bored moldy Art Rock. There are few interesting things on these tracks but it's not enough to like me...

Morse, NealTestimony 2


Metal Blade Records
ID: 3984-150007-2

Melodic Art Progressive Rock

There's no need to dramatize, surprisingly this album likes me at one blow. Supposedly there was nothing very special for me there but the songs especially from 2nd CD caught me.

Morse, NealMomentum


Radiant Records
ID: 3984-15119-2

Art Rock

I can't say that the music has fundamental change, it seems to me there are no changes at all in comparison with his other solo albums. We just have very good and interesting guitars on this calm album.

Morse, SteveMajor Impacts 2


Magna Carta
ID: MA-9070-2

Melodic Progressive Rock

I have no doubt that this album should please me and I wasn't wrong. If album is instrumental, it's 100% chance to be very good album. This release is in a stream of US Hard Rock with some Prog elements, with a dominant instrument - guitar and with calm and peaceful music.

Morse, SteveMajor Impacts


Magna Carta
ID: irond cd 07-dd510

instrumental Progressive Rock

It's really a soft version of Progressive wave, even for Magna Carta's releases. It's a good calm guitar-oriented music without the vocals and superfluous musical instruments.

Morse, StevePrime Cuts


Magna Carta
ID: irond cd 07-dd509

Progressive Rock

We face again with the wish of the label to make money by the secondary material. Secondary doesn't mean bad, it means that everything already was released, it's just resale the same in a new box. Prime Cuts is just a compilation of Morse's songs from his different projects, no more!

Mortal SinPsychology of Death



Thrash Metal

This Thrash isn't in true well-known form, there is Power elements in the music also. Generally this sound is close to German Thrash though the music goes beyond the space of it of course.

Mortal SinMayhemic Destruction


Mega Metal Records
ID: 832 747-1

Thrash Metal

This debut album is a mixture of early Metallica and some German Thrash bands like Kreator of the same time. The music is good but actually not very original.

Mortal SinFace of Despair


ID: 836 370-2

Thrash Progressive Metal

It's not fast complex music in some Metallica style. In general it sounds like slow Battery (the song) with a bit Progressive direction.

Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day


Under One Flag

Thrash Heavy Metal

This work is slow Thrash (just not fast), in other words it's Heavy with Thrash elements. Sometimes this album is close to Bay Area Thrash.

Mortician (Austria)Mortician


Pure Steel Records

Heavy Power Metal

Though it's still Heavy Metal in the core, there are some Power elements, even Thrash elements. Also after all there are some really catchy songs there.

Mortician (Austria)No War & More


Pure Steel Records

Heavy Speed Metal

It's a good and nostalgic music from 80s. The music reminds me of Metallica and Megadeth if they would play simply Heavy Metal in 80s. This music is pure Heavy Metal with few fast songs.

MortiferTotal Darkness


ID: cdm 1004-2094

Thrash Metal

It's true Thrash that means no moving into other genres, though there is a 'ballad' track with some melodic touches on the album. If you know what early Sepultura was, I can say I found something similar to this band.



Mazzar Records
ID: myst cd 074

Thrash Metal

The bigger part of this true Thrash band is Sepultura (Sepultura of 80-90s of course) and with few Metallica elements (of course the same years with Sepultura). But some guitar solos lead us to other Thrash bands like Megadeth.

MortiferBessmyslennaya Voyna


ID: MR 007

Heavy Thrash Metal

It's a demo and it sounds like semi-finished Thrash correspondingly. The guitar noise isn't assertive yet, with all the trimmings in any aspect of Thrash.

MortiisCrypt of the Wizard


Earache Records 

electronic Gothic

I can compare it with late Burzum and other Black/Gothic bands that turned to play keys only oriented dark music, especially if it's a dark without the vocals, a pure sadness and an inconsolable grief inside.

MortiisThe Stargate


Earache Records 

Gothic Metal

Really it's not Gothic, I just don't know what style it is. It's music with the small amount of the vocals and the voices, it's almost totally keys sound in Pazuzu spirit, with the atmospheric music and with the memorable tunes.

MortilleryOrigin of Extinction


Napalm Records
ID: mzr cd 613

Thrash Metal

It's female-fronted Thrash that sounds in the traditions of US Thrash from 80s. The vocals are perfect for such style, the music reminds me of early Overkill.

MortonCome Read the Words Forbidden


AFM Records
ID: fo877cd

Melodic Power Metal

It's very typical Melodic Power album, there is absolutely nothing there to listen to. It's just another average project.

MortusExploring New Horizons


CCP Records
ID: cdm0302-811

Doom Metal

This album is Paradise Lost/Crematory clone with Dark (the band) and Alastis elements. There is nothing new and nothing interesting (for me).

Mos GeneratorSongs for Future Gods


Small Stone Records
ID: SS-075

Stoner Hard Rock

I don't like Stoner especially when the music reminds me of Ozzy by the vocals. It's really something in Ozzy Osbourne style (without Black Sabbath sounding!), maybe it's not bad, but it's not for me.

MoshquitoWorlds End


Morbid Records
ID: cdm 0902-984

Death Thrash Metal

It resembles Slayer and Co, though you may find unexpectedly interesting musical moments.

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