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March 4th, 2015
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The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Xentrix 'Dilute to Taste' 2. Scintilla Project, The 'The Hybrid' 3. Suicidal Tendencies 'Suicidal for Life' 4. Suicidal Tendencies 'Still Cyco After All These Years' 5. Suicidal Tendencies 'The Art of Rebellion' 6. Suicidal Tendencies 'Lights... Camera... Revolution' 7. Suicidal Tendencies 'Controlled by Hatred / Feel Like Shit... Deja Vu' 8. Suicidal Tendencies 'How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today' 9. Suicidal Tendencies 'Join the Army' 10. Suicidal Tendencies 'Suicidal Tendencies' 11. In Flames 'Siren Charms' 12. Derdian 'Human Reset' 13. Lord Volture 'Will to Power' 14. Munroe, Ronny 'Electric Wake' 15. Striker 'City of Gold' 16. Flashback of Anger 'T.S.R. (Terminate And Stay Resident)' 17. Angelripper, Tom (Onkel) 'H.E.L.D.' 18. Arda 'Tam, Gde Zemlya Stanovitsya Morem (Where Land Becomes Sea)' 19. Enslaved 'Vertebrae' 20. Moonsorrow 'Verisäkeet'

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Mortal SinFace of Despair


ID: 836 370-2

Thrash Progressive Metal

It's not fast complex music in some Metallica style. In general it sounds like slow Battery (the song) with a bit Progressive direction.

Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day


Under One Flag

Thrash Heavy Metal

This work is slow Thrash (just not fast), in other words it's Heavy with Thrash elements. Sometimes this album is close to Bay Area Thrash.

MortiferTotal Darkness


ID: cdm 1004-2094

Thrash Metal

It's true Thrash that means no moving into other genres, though there is a 'ballad' track with some melodic touches on the album. If you know what early Sepultura was, I can say I found something similar to this band.



Mazzar Records
ID: myst cd 074

Thrash Metal

The bigger part of this true Thrash band is Sepultura (Sepultura of 80-90s of course) and with few Metallica elements (of course the same years with Sepultura). But some guitar solos lead us to other Thrash bands like Megadeth.

MortiisCrypt of the Wizard


Earache Records 

electronic Gothic

I can compare it with late Burzum and other Black/Gothic bands that turned to play keys only oriented dark music, especially if it's a dark without the vocals, a pure sadness and an inconsolable grief inside.

MortiisThe Stargate


Earache Records 

Gothic Metal

Really it's not Gothic, I just don't know what style it is. It's music with the small amount of the vocals and the voices, it's almost totally keys sound in Pazuzu spirit, with the atmospheric music and with the memorable tunes.

MortilleryOrigin of Extinction


Napalm Records
ID: mzr cd 613

Thrash Metal

It's female-fronted Thrash that sounds in the traditions of US Thrash from 80s. The vocals are perfect for such style, the music reminds me of early Overkill.

MortonCome Read the Words Forbidden


AFM Records
ID: fo877cd

Melodic Power Metal

It's very typical Melodic Power album, there is absolutely nothing there to listen to. It's just another average project.

MortusExploring New Horizons


CCP Records
ID: cdm0302-811

Doom Metal

This album is Paradise Lost/Crematory clone with Dark (the band) and Alastis elements. There is nothing new and nothing interesting (for me).

Mos GeneratorSongs for Future Gods


Small Stone Records
ID: SS-075

Stoner Hard Rock

I don't like Stoner especially when the music reminds me of Ozzy by the vocals. It's really something in Ozzy Osbourne style (without Black Sabbath sounding!), maybe it's not bad, but it's not for me.

MoshquitoWorlds End


Morbid Records
ID: cdm 0902-984

Death Thrash Metal

It resembles Slayer and Co, though you may find unexpectedly interesting musical moments.

MostMost (Bridge)



Hard Heavy Metal

It's classic music for Russian bands of 80s. It could be compared with Black Coffee but it has more interesting guitar solos and tunes.

Mostly AutumnThe Lord of the Rings


Legend Records
ID: CRL0854

Art Folk Hard Rock

If someone decides to make a music based on a hackneyed plot, probably the music would be non-original also. This album is confirmation of it. It's ordinary UK Rock in Pink Floyd, Yes, many other famous bands stream. Many parts from their music and the tunes are ordinary for pop music based on 3-4 chords. And a small remark: if this album is dedicated to The Lord of the Rings story, by slow and passive music it isn't about the swift hobbits, it's closer to story about the dendroids mooooooooooving.

Mostly AutumnThe Ghost Moon Orchestra


ID: AUT0341

Art Folk Hard Rock

Sometimes the female vocals sidetrack a music to Gothic. At the same time it's the same Mostly Autumn's Hard Rock with Folk and Art/Prog elements.

Mostly AutumnDressed in Voices


ID: AUT0345

Pop Gothic Rock

I drove a car, listened to this album and wondered what sh*t had I heard instead anything really worthwhile? No, it's simply last Mostly Autumn, a trendy music with pop-Gothic sound.

MotiveRock 'N' Roll Terrorist



Thrash Doom Stoner Metal

It's a mixture of many Thrash bands like Annihilator, Slayer, Kreator, etc., it's something from Doom and Stoner also. This album is very various by the music speed, the guitar works are very good and interesting.

Motley CrueGreatest Video Hits


Universal Music
ID: 0602498143469

Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

Motley CrueShout at the Devil


Elektra Entertainment
ID: ESM/MR 310

Hard Heavy Metal

A lot of time passed since a moment when this album was released. I don't remember my former opinion of this band, I know that they are not an ordinary band, they are world stars. This album is something like The Scorpions + Accept and + something else (btw, I found a lot of Motley Crue elements on Megadeth albums).

Motley CrueLive: Entertainment Or Death


Eagle Records
ID: cdm 0204-1689/1690

Heavy Glam Metal

It's double live album, tracks were recorded in the different places in different time. It's the best of Motley Crue and other stuff.

Motley CrueGirls, Girls, Girls


Elektra Entertainment
ID: 46052670406

Hard Heavy Metal

It's a typical music for that time - US Hard&Heavy with Glam. But this band isn't typical for all times so exactly this music is for comparison, rather than the reverse.

Motley CrueDr. Feelgood


Elektra Entertainment
ID: 460502670234

Hard Heavy Metal

For my pleasure the music of this album is more various than simply Glam Hard&Heavy. At least there are some really deserving songs there.

Motley CrueToo Fast for Love


Leathur Records
ID: 440 067 628-2

Heavy Metal

This debut work is definite early Heavy Metal. The music is interesting and original for that time, many songs from here are known to the world.

Motley CrueTheatre of Pain


Elektra Entertainment
ID: ESM/MR 320

Hard Heavy Metal

This album is typical Motley Crue in my opinion. Some songs are Heavy in some Accept style, other songs are popular US Hard&Heavy.



Metal Is Records
ID: SPV 085-69742 CD

Rock'n'Roll Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.



ID: BVCM-37961

Hard Rock

No comment.

MotorheadNo Sleep 'til Hammersmith


Bronze Records
ID: BVCM-37963

Hard Rock

It's the best of Motorhead songs for that time performed alive.

MotorheadNo Sleep at All


ID: BVCM-37968

Hard Heavy Metal

It's again the best of Motorhead songs for that time performed alive.



ID: SPV 076-72642 CD

Rock'n'Roll Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.



ID: SPV 220-76942 CD

Rock'n'Roll Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

MotorheadOvernight Sensation


ID: SPV 220-18302 CD

Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

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