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May 29th, 2016
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List of the albums from Denis own collection

The last 20 albums entered are:

1. Batio, Michael Angelo 'Shred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio' 2. Act of Defiance 'Birth And the Burial' 3. Battlecross 'Rise to Power' 4. Queensryche 'Condition Hüman' 5. Riverside 'Love, Fear And the Time Machine' 6. Detonator 'Excelsior' 7. Enslaved 'In Times' 8. December XII 'Twelve Candles' 9. Borealis 'Purgatory' 10. Graveworm 'Ascending Hate' 11. Mavrin, Sergey 'Neotvratimoe (Unavoidable)' 12. Wildestarr 'A Tell Tale Heart' 13. Atland 'Marboré' 14. Moonlight Circus 'Madness in Mask' 15. Visigoth 'The Revenant King' 16. Great Discord, The 'Duende' 17. Estate 'Fantasia' 18. Native Construct 'Quiet World' 19. Alkasar 'Al'kasar' 20. SBK 'Voodoo Press'

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Previous 30 albums

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RainbowDifficult to Cure



Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

RainbowStraight Between the Eyes


ID: 521 709-2

Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

RainbowBent Out of Shape



Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

RainbowStranger in Us All


ID: 74321303372

Hard Heavy Metal

No comment.

RainbowLive in Munich 1977


Eagle Records
ID: cdm 0805-2569/2570

Melodic Hard Rock

This live release doesn't stands out from another official live album On Stage of the same year. It's again a brilliant collection of the songs with the excellent solos and improvisations.

RainbowBlack Masquerade


Eagle Records
ID: ER203262

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's a double live album with many band's hits. There isn't very special or rare on this recording, it's just Rainbow in later life.

RainspawnNo Escape


Temple of Noise Records
ID: TON003

Thrash Progressive Metal

It's not the Thrash/Prog that you can find on Mekong Delta or Sieges Even, this is different thing. It's just Thrash with many chaotic, unexpected musical ways, that could be perceived as Prog elements. Sometimes something melodic breaks through the music so everything in general is not very monotonous.

RaintimeFlies & Lies


LifeForce Records
ID: LFR 071-2

Melodic Death Heavy Metal

Probably it's a good trend to change over from Death to Heavy, from the growl to clear vocals. At least the band can suggest a variety of music, to show more possibilities of their ideas materialization.

Raising FearEternal Creed


Crash & Burn Records
ID: C&B 007

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's non-typical for Italian Speed&Power school music, it's recognizably music of the different schools of other European countries. Sometimes the music reminds me of Iron Maiden.



AFM Records
ID: AFM 293-2

Heavy Metal

Is there anything that you've never heard? It's series of bands' songs like Metal Church, Solitude Aeturnus (not Candlemass!), Judas Priest, King Diamond, etc., it's just nice traditional Heavy.



Metal Blade Records
ID: fo905cd

Heavy Metal

It's the same nice traditional Heavy in style of many famous Heavy Metal bands. The songs are as typical as good for listening for the evening.

RampartVoice of the Wilderness


Inferno Records

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's a traditional music in spirit of Manowar and Iron Maiden. We have melodious Heavy with some Power elements and many respective songs.

Random DamageRandom Damage


Mascot Records
ID: M 7014 2

Heavy Thrash Metal

This work is in Metallica and Megadeth style, Megadeth dominates (the vocals, the rhythm). Such music is typical for US (-oriented) bands which play Heavy/Thrash, not very fast but with some complex features.

Rapid TearsHonestly / Cry for Mercy



Hard Heavy Metal

It was a standard for that time to make the albums not longer than 30-40 minutes, so the last reissues of 80s music unite 2 (or even more) albums on 1 CD. This band didn't bring in the world anything special, but 80's music is very nice to hear over 20 years.

RapidfireSettle the Score


Stormspell Records

Heavy Metal

It's modern Heavy with slow modern Thrash elements to be just Heavy. It's hard to say it's very original music because it's simply not bad album.

Rata BlancaRata Blanca


Polygram Records
ID: PHILIPS 836 596-2

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's VERY Melodic Metal. It's Argentinean X-Japan (without the keys)! It's one long various tune from the beginning to the end. The guitarist is very high skilled and sometimes he reminds me of Malmsteen. A vocalist has very interesting vocal's feature, when he takes high notes his voice becomes to vibrate very interesting. Unfortunately the quality of recording is poor, the vocal and the guitars are in the background, you hear only the bass guitar and the drums noises.

Rata BlancaEl Libro Occulto



Heavy Metal

This mini album is again sometimes close to Iron Maiden but trace, the vocals are similar to Dickinson and all music is mid-tempo.

Rata BlancaEntre el Cielo Y el Inferno



Heavy Power Metal

This album is not as slow as mid-tempo Judas Priest, it's close to many bands which like Judas Priest and play like Judas Priest, but play more powerful. The music is mot very melodic, it's better to say, nobody strives to make tempting music, it's just good powerful music with good guitars and Halford/Udo vocals.

Rata BlancaEl Camino del Fuego


Tocka Discos
ID: TD 2020-2

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's a various music on this album which sounds like AC/DC (on the first track), as usual like Iron Maiden and Malmsteen. This band is so closer and closer to mature Hard&Heavy - sometimes it sounds like Rainbow / Axel Rudi Pell.

Rata BlancaThe Forgotten Kingdom


ID: 8869 760769-2

Melodic Hard Heavy Power Metal

Actually Hard Rock dominates here but fast Power Metal songs aren't to be sneezed at. The music on this release is very trendy and foreseeable, there is nothing interesting there.



RoadRunner Records
ID: RR 7863-2

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

The first track was more or less not bad Hard&Heavy but then everything came back to the same boring Glam. So we have again the same Glam Rock that's played anyone who will take the trouble.

RavenMind Over Metal


ID: 16088CD

NWoBHM Heavy Metal

It's a compilation, I don't know if it's the best of or just random selection. Anyway, this is a classic UK band, so you can find there many bands: Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Slade, etc.



Hellion Records
ID: HEL 025-2

Heavy Progressive Alternative Metal

I'm not sure that I face with the experiments in music of this band, but something tells me that such things are not very common for this type of music. Maybe they tried to follow Alternative way to be successful in the UK?

RavenEverything Louder


Zero Corp.
ID: XRCN-1295

Heavy NWoBHM Metal

Louder and slower, it's the same Raven, the band with the sound of Judas Priest, Saxon and other UK artists. I get tired again to listen to this sound.

RavenArchitect of Fear


ID: SPV 084-76282

NWoBHM Heavy Metal

Not bored and not draggy UK music is here! This album is such powerful that there are many Thrash elements there. Was it the best Raven album of 90s for me?

RavenRock Until You Drop


Neat Records

NWoBHM Hard Heavy Metal

This debut album sounds like many other similar albums in the classic traditions of NWoBHM of early 80s, with some Judas Priest and Iron Maiden elements. This album is full of Metal energy.

RavenOne for All


Massacre Records
ID: MAS CD0206

Hard Heavy Metal

A part of this album is Rock'n'Roll-like music in spirit of many bands of early 80s so the music sounds in early Saxon, Judas Priest, Motorhead, AC/DC style. It's not bad album for old band.

RavenNothing Exceeds Like Excess


Combat Records
ID: 66043-2

Heavy Speed Power Metal

It's a pushy but contagious music, very true NWoBHM with some guitar sound of 70s and many powerful parts, almost Thrash. Nothing can be better than Raven of 80s!

RavenWalk through Fire


ID: SPV 308212 CD

Heavy Metal

This album is like a great jump to Raven's past. We have youth and recklessness of 80s sound and sagacity and skill of the mature music.

RavenWiped Out


Neat Metal Records
ID: NM037


Actually, we have many 'the best of NWoBHM albums', this album is one of them. It's as usual excellent and catchy songs with some speedy sound.

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